Bye Week . . . I Hate the Bye Week

But, the good news is, I’m going to Washington DC with my son for a little bit of Americana tourist fun, so it was either pick the bye week, or try to get tickets to the Skins game in DC in mid-November. We opted for the bye week. I haven’t been to DC since 1973, so it should be fun.

Anyhow, back to football, it looks like the Niners aren’t going to do anything before the traade deadline in 5 minutes. Going for Brandon Lloyd, who ended up costing the Rams a conditional pick (6th round?) in 2012, would have been cheap, but they didn’t. He had a fair-to-middling career here, making some spectacular catches and dropping some easy ones, but they do have Braylon Edwards coming back from his knee injury for the Cleveland game.  Last I heard anyway.

Speaking of WRs and such, hopefully Edwards’ return will spark the return of the deep passing game. The Niners have not thrown a lot of deep balls, but have ratcheted up the mid-range game. This is necessary to stretch the defenses and to open up running lanes. But atill and all, we need to at least show that we can try it. Williams is fast. He should be good for a couple deep sideline passes.We’ll never become the 1984 Miami Dolphinis, but they need to show it at least a couple times a game. Brett Swain is fast as well. Get all the speed guys in for a few plays a game.

Speaking of bye week, I wonder what new wrinkles they will come up with. Maybe it is the deep game.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    To continue the discussion of the previous thread, yes to both. Alex Smith is playing better /minimizing mistakes because he’s not in the constant 3rd and forever situations he was in during the Jimmy-Hat era. Yes, things improved incrementally under Mike Johnson, but the results weren’t all there. It was still the overarching blandness of the Singletary offense. Under Harbaugh/Roman, things are better. Yes, Alex needs positive reinforcement. He doesn’t need to be yelled at on the sidelines, or yanked every other week as the starter. Harbaugh gets it. Having been in that situation before. Smith is NOTHING like Harbaugh in temperment or style, but Harbaugh understands that Smith doesn’t HAVE to be. The same goes for Vic Fangio for that matter. The defense got more of a make-over than the offense, but for all intents and purposes, it is the same system with the same guys. With the exception that the base D is doing worlds better than last year. The biggest diff is the defensive backfield. Int’s aren’t the rare occurence they once were. Guys are flying around making plays, and not worried about losing their job because of one misstep or screwup.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    When did ESPN follow the Fox News model and start turning sports news into random moronic talking points?

  3. unca_chuck says:

    You’d think Harbaugh spit on Schwartz’s hand instead of shake it.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    Well, the missing piece is the alledged obscenity. If it happened, who uttered it? Schwartzes’ ire becomes justified if it was a “handshake”, a slap on the back, and “fuck you”..

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Jazzed or not, I’d find it hard to believe that Harbaugh is going to drop a ‘fuck-you’ into Schwartz’s ear after beating him. It’s like the goddamn Zapruder film at this point.

    I mean, there’s 8 different views of it, and through none of them can you see Harbaugh even come close to mouthing anything other than ‘yeah!’ and ‘woo!’ Was there someone else? A second talker near the grassy knoll?

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Can’t we go back to how lousy Smith is doing?

    hyuk . . .

  7. Kevin says:

    Lets face it, emotions were running high, Harbaugh, another road win against a 5-0 team. and then you have Schwartz, 5-0, first loss is at home against a SF team that has not done anything for the last oh 7 years or so. So Harbaugh runs up shakes his hand, slapps him on the back and says something to the effect of great fucking game. Everyone made a bigger deal out of it than need be. Especially Schwartz.

  8. winder says:

    I hope this whole incident comes back and bites Schwartz in the ass. What a croc, even if Jimbo said to put it where the sun don’t shine, so what. I have spent some time today on a blog where it’s mostly Lions fans and let me tell you they are some screwed up and delusional people. All of a sudden their coach is a saint and was totally dissed by a (he’s been called some things that just don’t make sense) no etiquette loser. Yeah, like Detroit is the center for etiquette, paleeezz. I hope we get the chance to play em again in the playoffs.

    Chuck – Have a great time in DC.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I almost waited to go when the Niners were playing there, but I didn’t want to get caught in crap-ass weather.

  10. phil fan says:

    Don’t you love a honeymoon? I sure as hell do. I’m in no hurry to see our win streak end, for someone (else) to get hurt, for, as Ray Ratto says, the ‘times to change’ and Doom, doom! to fall on our sorry asses (he sez). Chill the fuck out RR, enjoy this sunshine or if that’s too damn much then just shut the fuck up, fat guy. Jeezus old moron sounding more like negative nancy everah day…

    What does fat ass know of Harbaugh, his record, the new coaching staff, our players or their potential? What does fat ass, dumb ass and all dem negative nancys know about the future, what it will bring to the 5-1 San Francisco Forty Niners? No more than you and me and prolly less due to the gigantic negative bias old fatso got. The good times will end? Fucking brilliant, asshole. Gotta newsflash for ya- the good times ALWAYS end, moron. So what? That’s life! We should sink back into depression, assume the nowin position, the singlemoron attitude, without enjoying This? This rebirth, this resurrection of our guys, our beloved 9ers? Rally?

    EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME! While I whip out my shades, squeeze out some serious suntan lotion and kick back in the shade savoring some 49er brand sunshine. It’s about goddamn fucking time! We long suffering fans earned this moment of glory with our crushed hopes, destroyed dreams, outraged intelligence, betrayed trust.

    I’ll be damned if some negative nancy is gonna wreck my honeymoon when we’re just gettin’ started. Pull out now? Fucking moron,..

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Ratto is an asshole of the highest order. If he isn’t pissing on someone’s parade or stealing candy from babies, he’s dogging every local team, good or bad.

    • phil fan says:

      So it seems Chuck. I had no idea we shared such an opinion of this guy. But you are of course a man of erudition, wit, impeccable good taste, keen insight and superb judgment. So it figures. Ha har har

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