Putting the Cart in Front of the Horse

Is it me? Why am I not very worried about Detroit? Suh is a beast, and Mergatroid is outstanding. After that? Ehhhh . . .  Frankly, I think the Niners can win this game. Not easy, by any means, but something in the area of 28-17. Some shit like that. Stafford, among all his slow starts and comebacks, is fairly inconsistent. Detroit’s running game doesn’t worry me that much, and they haven’t exactly played a boatload of stellar opponents, either. Chicago was their toughest foe, and among all that ineptitude on the Bears’ part, Chicago was in it most of the way. Lost in Detroit’s win were a shitload of penalties called on them, a lot of missed passes, and the home run to Mergs.

Detroit may get another big play out of him, but the key is to take advantage of all the other opportunities they seem to offer up. They are going to pass a lot, so I’m thinking the Niners will play a lot of nickel and also have Aldon Smith in while they primarily run a 4-3 defense. This puts the onus on the linebackers to watch for screens and delays. That being said, Bowman and Willis are both in the top 7 in tackles, and they are doing a great job of staying at home and not overpursuing plays. A vast difference from last year. How they rotate these guys around as they go from 3-4 to 4-3 will be something to watch. The secondary has made geat strides, even from the start of the year. As many yards as the Eagles gained in the air, the DBs were making plays downfield. And they were tackling guys after catches. The TB game was a study in tight coverage.

The Niners defense is gaining a reputation as a tough, hard-hitting unit. Laying the bricks on Mergatroid may slow him down a hair. I thnk they should jam CJ early and often. Culliver has good size to match up with him on the line. Jam him with help over the top, and they can minimize his impact. I have the same feeling about this game as I did about the Tampa Bay game. They are both good, but I think we out-play and out-coach them.  God, what a weird feeling. It has been too long.


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  1. winder says:

    Chuck, I think we got em too if we play mistake free ball. I believe we have the confidence to play with these guys and maybe we’ll need a ball to roll our way but whatever the case if we play like we did last week we should be fine.

  2. Kevin says:

    As long as everyone keeps it in perspective, this is not a make or break game for the season. And it does not spell doom and gloom for Alex. It would be a nice feather in the cap to hand Detroit their first loss but if the Niners do lose i am not going to cry over it. The Niners do have the ability and talent to win this game.

  3. Del Mar Dennis says:

    You guys need to put down the Kool-Aid. “Cart in front of the horse.” “Not very worried.” ” (Detroit) hasn’t exactly played a boatload of stellar opponents, either.”

    First off, neither have we. Detroit’s opponents have a combined record of 10-14 thus far. The Niners’ are 11-13. Not exactly the Monsters of the Midday for either. And least us not forget, the Lions beat the Cowboys in Dallas. We lost to the Boys at home.

    Our offense is still ranked 27th overall, 28th in the pass. We’ve given up the 6th most sacks, and we just lost our most productive WR for the year. Our saving grace has been the turnover ratio. At +10 we lead the league. Do you think we’ll lead the league at the end of the year? That shit tends to even out over time.

    I think our luck runs out Sunday. The clock strikes midnight for Cinderella. More specifically, 10:00 AM Pacific for the Niners in Detroit. *poof!* We’re a pumpkin again.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      “Midway” Midday is the favorite for the Fillies & Mares Turf for the Breeders’ Cup.

    • winder says:

      When did they start putting worms in Kool-aid? I’m drinkin the real stuff man. Your right about losing Morgan though, he’s been a big play, blocking maniac for us this year and he will be missed greatly.

  4. barleyfreak says:

    I have the opposite feeling Chuck. I have the worry that Alex and our offense will take a step back and our D won’t be able to hold them down enough. Close, but we lose. However I also acknowledge that when it comes to predictions, I can’t even accurately predict the direction the sun will rise, so there’s that. Shit, I predicted 5-11 this season.

    I’m lovin’ me some Harbaugh, but Singletary scarred me. If he gets them to win, on the road, again, at 10am, against a 5-0 team, then I’ll take a swig of that koolaid shit.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    I’ve been screwed by this team so many times, I know how Dennis’ dog feels.

    But, hey, I think they are for real now. They had their stupid loss vs Dallas. I think they roll for a little bit.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    You were picking 1-4, Dennis. I’d change my tune a little if I were you . . .

  7. phil fan says:

    Naw Dennis doesn’t change his tune. But that’s okay, he’s working for Harbaugh and the Niners front office as Chief Shin Kicker AKA the anti-Kool Aid agent. Just doing his job, looking for the next raise and a promotion, that’s all.

    • phil fan says:

      Plus if my diagnosis is correct they’re giving him a fat bonus based on the weekly total of disses he can dump on old noodle arm Smith. Front office is shrewdly employing Del’s services to try drive down their labor costs before giving Alex his new 5 year contract. Hey this worked for years people. I’m not bullshitting you…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You got that right, Phil. No changing my tune here. The only guy allowed to change his tune was Sinatra. And that’s was when he got back on top in June. That’s Life!

  8. phil fan says:

    Guy’s a master of reverse psychology : )

    Now my equally insightful analysis of Sunday’s game: It will turn on turn overs. There will be a fumble or a pick that will swing this baby. I didn’t watch or hear Monday’s game against Chicago but Detroit is vulnerable if they let the Niners get on a roll, watch out. Martz is no Roman. His slow developing plays are tailor made for the Lions pass rush… Us not so much and our attack is much more varied. With Chilo’s butt warming the bench our OL is playing much more effectively, fewer penalties and more cohesion. This will limit the home/crowd noise advantage. As the game progresses our run game will take advantage of a tiring Detroit D following the familiar (new) script of get a lead and make ’em play catch up.

    I see no danger of Harbaugh reverting to the old grind ’em out run game first type offense now that he knows what they have in their players. We’re gonna run the West Coast Offense and wear the Lions down in the second half. 28-21.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    That sounds about right. Chicago/Martz plays right into the strength of Detroit with their 7 step drops and slow delevoping plays. Still and all, Chicago almost beat Detroit. Despite all the pressure, all the false starts, and all the general ineptitude of da Bears. The Niners showed last week that they can strike quick. I’d use screens and slants at the outset to slow down their rush. ALL quick hitters. Throw in a couple delayed draws. Getting past the first level should really open up the run game. They CAN get on top early and take the crowd out of it.

    Interesting to say the least. God knows it’s nice to have on offensive strategist on our side for a change.

    • phil fan says:

      Wish I had seen the Bears game, that would make this clearer. I’ll be paying as close attention to this one as a man can at 1 AM. Still don’t see coaches backing down to a vanilla offense or a passive D. This is going to be a punching match and I think we wear ’em down in the later rounds, uh, 4th quarter.

      Our talent level on O and D are getting there. Rest of the season barring injuries it’s gonna be about coaching where we rule seems to me. The best strategist would have to be an offensive one, har har Harbaugh. Sorry couldn’t resist…

  10. Flavor says:

    I predicted that we’d mow through Tampa so it pains me to say this but I think we lose this game. Not because I think Detroit and certainly not better than us. But we do not match up well with them. I’m not on board yet with our offensive line but I have appreciated their improvement. They haven’t gone up against a D-line like this though. I think Detroit takes away our running game and then forces Alex into making some mistakes since he’s going to have no time to throw and in that dome you’re dead without time.
    Hey, a loss is hardly the worse thing in the world. This team is still getting better and by the end of the year maybe they can handle a D-line like Detroit’s. Who knows, maybe we beat them, what the fuck do I know?
    I’ll say Detroit by 10 or so………..

    • phil fan says:

      Supposed to be the best D line we’re gonna face all year so you could well be right. WE’re all just guessing on what seems likely cause hell, we hardly know our team’s potential at this point. I’m sure our coaches have some neutralizing tactics for these guys but can we execute them effectively? Dunno. If not yet then yeah the cart is in front of the horse for the moment.

      Our edge is coaching and I figure that’s good for 10 points extra. Will it be enough on the road. East Coast start time? Stay tuned…

  11. Flavor says:

    Fuck. As usual Dennis has us getting destroyed. Dennis is always wrong about this team. Hmmm, and yet I can’t shake this angle, our OL is going to get dominated by their DL. Oh well, Dennis, looks like for this week you and me are in the same sad boat. Who’s bailing water this week, you or me?

    • phil fan says:

      Remember Del Mar is drawing fat bank as the Niners FO Chief Shin Kicker. Or is that ‘shit kicker’? Either way his job is to try to keep the fans and team humble. Guy’s gonna get that raise swear to god.

  12. Flavor says:

    Chuck, I’m surprised you’re not “worrying about Detroit this week.” THey have the best WR in the game and a QB who could be the best one day. And where the game is actually fought, on the line, we could get destroyed by their DL. I am not at all on board with our OL’s development right now. Changing out Chilo for Snyder (or whatever it was) should have fixed those offensive *line wide* missed blocks. Every play, most of those guys were on their heels.
    But, I am also prone to admit when I am wrong (Dennis this is a post tutorial for you). Maybe they have jelled the way it looks like they have. After careful consideration, I have decided that this week I will not be issuing any death threats for anyone on the OL.
    Go team.

  13. Flavor says:

    still making iPhone mistakes. For those taking notes:
    Dennis: I meant to say “who is bailing PRETEND water this week.”
    Chuck, I meant to say, “”changing out Chilo for Snyder SHOULDN’T have been enough to fix those offensive line-wide missed blocks that seemed to be their patented move.”

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Well, I’ve seen a little of Detroit, and the game Monday night, Detroit looked very beatable. They hit the one big play, and had one more dcent drive. The rest was penalties, missed passes, and not much running minus one blown play. Our D line is worlds better than Chicago’s. We’ll get more pressure. Plus our secondary is coming into its own.

    On offense, I think the Niners will go quick passes and screens to beat their aggressiveness. Fairley was a non-factor. Suh is Suh. They HAVE to account for him, and I think they will. CJ will get some passes, but they can minimize his impact by getting pressure.

    • Flavor says:

      You’re discounting their D-Line to just say “Suh is Suh”. That’s way too simplistic, they’re fucking good. They are rock solid all the way across with vets and 1-picks making that line up.. And since I consider our weakest link to be our OL, I think we are fucked. We’ll see how it plays out.
      And our weakest link is not our WR core. Morgan’s skill was in blocking down field. His catches can be made up by Crabs or someone else. VD and Walker are our 2 main threats (with Gore as the…….wait for it……checkdown!). If that’s the case, don’t expect to see to many *slants* to VD and Walker, though I love the play and have harangued about it at least as long as you have…….
      This will be a tough game, in their yard, I could easily see a 10 point or more loss. Again, I don’t really give a shit about one game, especially in our division. We will win the NFC West easily. The development as the year progresses is what I focus on. Others focus on some stupid ass dispute that Sing and Smith had a year ago. If that’s how you handicap the races it’s clear to me why you lose money……..
      I agree with the rest of your post, I just think the DL/OL bad match up dooms us………

      • phil fan says:

        Like your perspective: it’s the progression through the year that counts. So far so good but their D-line is serious. Coaching schemes and turnovers to be the difference. We make mistakes we’re dead, agree

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Maybe I’m basing too much on the Chi game, but they fell behind by 20 to Minnesota AND Tampa. They are slow starters. Get on ’em and don;t let ’em back.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Like I said, Minnesota and TB figured them out, partially. The Niners can do a better job for 60 minutes.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Crabs does have to get his shit together regarding hot reads. He’s been slow as shit to pick up on that. VD barely gets it, and that was one thing Morgan did well. As well as the slants.

    Suh gets doubled. He’ll do some damage. Like CJ will. Quick plays negate a lot of Suh’s impact. I think they’ll use their aggressiveness against them.

    • Flavor says:

      and that was my point, I don’t think they have anyone to make these “quick slants.” Their best chance is to somehow establish the run and have the D shut the Lions down, maybe score a TD or set up a few FG’s.
      I’m assuming that Crabs is healthy enough right now. He could have a huge game if Disease and Walker get locked up and Gore gets checked-down.
      But I don’t think Crabs is ready for a breakout game, another reason I think we get “Dennis’d” this week……….

  18. Flavor says:

    Yeah, and those could be two clear har(baugh)bingers but I don’t think so…..I don’t like to handicap games by *who did what against which team*. That’s why I’d never play in a fantasy league like the one you guys are in. Week to week, anything could happen. You know who players are over the course of a season. Rotisserie rules. Sounds like something Dennis got you guys into…….
    I look at a game and just that game, especially in football. Where is your greatest weakness? Where is your opponent’s greatest strength? To me, that’s how you break football games down, it’s a complicated mix and match. It’s not about breaking it down to a single death threat each game like some would try to make you believe……
    But Dennis has his mathematical approach and it’s rock-dead-solid at least in his mind. As I understand it, here is the formula: Take Smith’s draft round number and the number of his previous head coaches. Then take his offensive coordinators and multiple them by 1. Seems easy enough. Take the number of his injuries, add 5 to that, and then divide that by pie and then subtract that number by the exact number of times Dennis made death threats to Alex Smith. Add the number of times he’s talked about being at “The Catch Game” and then subtract the number of times he’s rooted for the Cowboys this year. Huge, HUGE divide for the number of times he’s beaten off to Tony Romo for no know reason. And to finish this simple formula all you have to do is subtract and add the number of times he’s said “fucking mook” at this blog. Boom. You’ve got you’re self the 3rd highest QB rated quarterback in the league….
    Dennis, you need a new formula, this one is making you look stupid……….

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      y2(x) + Ay(x)y((a − x)/(1 + bx)) + By(x) = He’s still a fucking mook.

    • phil fan says:

      Alex, to mook or not to mook? Not the point, that’s old history beaten to death. He’s okay, mook or not. Point now is COACHING, Staff, JH and their abilities to acquire good talent, develop same and build a cohesive TEAM, the big pixture, right?

      Think back now. Remember coaching? Ok then. How ’bout Team bigger than individual? Feeling better? Yeah okay, good. Drafting? Teaching, developing talent? Kicking the shit out of opponents, standing on their necks until they cry uncle?? I thought so!

      Well good, okay then…because you have seen it for the LAST THREE WEEKS.

      Feeling better now, har har…you know? Yeah thought so. You’ll be okay, just watch

  19. Del Mar Dennis says:

    And the NFL passer rating is so passé. ESPN’s Total QBR tells the real story. There the mook ranks 16th at 53.2. Tony Romo? 6th. 72.8.

  20. Flavor says:

    ha, thanks, That’s about the exact post I’d expect from you. Try to determine a formula, in between the 12 pack, that rates your idiocy on a scale of 1-10. Feel free to use your betting slips as a frame of reference. Dennis, I’m going to try to not be mean right now since you are such a fucking easy target and I had about 5 zingers that were going to send that scale into minus territory. But I will continue to target you here since you are too clueless to ever admit failure. When I assess a man, it’s not whether they are right or wrong about shit, it’s whether they can admit failure. That is the sign of the strength of a man. I’ll await your response as you re-watch the Smith-Sing face-off for the millionth time and attempt to determine meaning (and not your 3rd grade version).
    Dennis, this could be a big week for you. The Niners could lose (which would make you cum in your pants especially if they lose by the spread you bet) and it will give you a chance to fire off a fresh new set of death threats to Smith. If the Cowboy’s win that’s Nirvana, right dude?
    Now, the response I am accepting to get? Something that says “It is what it is, I can’t change how anyone thinks….Smith is a pussy from some dumb ass interaction I am imaging happened, everyone is a fucking mook and now I have to go beat off to my Romo porn. Goodnight………”

  21. Flavor says:

    And another thing, do you think you could try to avoid your Nipper impersonation? All your posts are like a dozen words with no point and no start or conclusion. I am spending a great deal of pixel space making you look like *a fucking mook* (whatever that is) and it would be nice to see if you could present an a cogent argument that was, well, an actually argument. I’m deeply unimpressed with your logic and debate skills………..

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Watch and learn you fucking mook. And remember, “we don’t pay mooks.”

  23. Flavor says:

    Posting videos instead of words. That’s fucking classic, I love it. Whatever a “mook” is i think you just defined it. What’s next? Stick finger cartoon arguments? You cant post an argument because of two possible reasons: 1) you cant write one 2) there isnt one. The next time I respond to one of your ramblings it will be because you made an actually point. Still waiting on that.

  24. Flavor says:

    And keep your drivel here, if you utter one “Alex smith” ramble at my blog, it’s “see ya in cowboy land!” shit you’ve been there all year what kind of a threat is that? I’m disappointed that I was ever fooled into believing you were a niner or giants fan. And don’t give me those antiquated examples from 30 years ago. You’re a romo fan and that’s it. Pathetic for someone who claims to be a part of the Niners history. Goodnight….

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Now I’m not a fucking Giants fan either? Next you’ll be telling me I’m not a Catholic.

      I’m going to bed. They’re running early tomorrow at Ascot. Frankel is the headliner. Now where did I put my Tony Romo doll?

  25. Flavor says:

    Dennis, I enjoy arguing with you because it’s so easy. It’s like one of my cats playing with a rabbit they found. I target you because you piss me off– you don’t have the first clue of how to assess talent and your idea of basing on opinion is to blather out all your death threats and hopes and dreams of failure for your starting qb and, ultimately, your team. Keep it up. You’re easy to make look like a fool considering you post nothing but anecdotes, one liners and videos. I think you were probably a niner fan for most of your life but the Internet ruined you. You found a venue to vent and it morphed into a venting venue for your life. If I rooted for my football team the way you do I’d take up dust collecting as my new hobby. And now I can’t wait for you’re predictable retort….

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, the Niners might get slaughtered. I just don’t see Detroit being as big and bad as the hype suggests. Then again, the Niners may not be either. I think our defense matches up pretty well with their offense. As long as the pass rush can get pressure. They have a good O line. Our D line play will be very important as the Niners will show a lot of nickel. Aldon Smith gets a lot of reps.

    Chicago’s O line isn’t very good, and they did pretty good against Detroit. Chicago ran pretty well, and passed pretty well, even with Martz’s slow developing shit. 360 yards, and no one mistakes them for a high-powered offense. We seem to be getting there.

    I definitely think we can score on their defense. I like our chances getting back to the run this game. Delays and misdirection. Which sets up play action. I think Harbaugh is the difference in the end.

    • Flavor says:

      Chuck, I don’t think they’re “big and bad” either. It’s that one specific match up I don’t like. I’m also wondering how in the fucking hell we are going to cover C-John.
      But whatever, I hope I’m wrong. I can’t wait for this game to start.

    • phil fan says:

      Coaching, coaching already! JH the diff? Hell yeah. But see, our problem is we haven’t had any offensive coaching for what? 200 years? Fuck, that’s the only problem I see here. That and us spectators have completely forgotten what the hell that might be. Been living on vanilla so long chocolate seems impossible. But IS IT? No, because we the blessed have witnessed and experienced the glory of the Bill W years. It happened and we’re gonna be lapping up our chocolate again. Just like the three past fucking weeks.

      Fasten your chin straps people!

  27. grumpyguy says:

    The 49ers have been sky high the last six quarters. It’s reasonable to expect them to have a down week sometime, and this might be it. I don’t think we play horribly; just misfire enough for Detroit to win at home. It likely won’t be a blowout though; we’ll make a run at some point and come up just short. 20-17ish. No reason to panic, even if it plays out that way. This team will still win the division and go to the playoffs. Who knows, we might even see the Lions again in January.

    Ways to avoid losing: slants, traps, draws. Get them off balance, don’t get more than a TD behind at any point. It will be tough, as this is a very good defensive team with a world class weapon in CJ. A win would be huge for the 49ers, who would immediately have to be taken seriously into the playoffs and beyond. Just not sure we can contain Suh running or passing against them. Adam Snyder versus Suh is not a matchup I dream about except in nightmares. Should be an interesting, tough game.

  28. winder says:

    I think it’s time to pay Detroit back for “57” they’re all a bunch of F-ing mooks.

  29. phil fan says:

    COACHING!! Once upon a time in a land farfarfar away WE the lonely had that thing, coaching. But a serious mook fired the Mooch and serious shit happened when the dynasty was killed.. For eight goddamn fuckin’ YEARS!

    Those days are gonna go if not already gone. Because we got fucking COACHING again. You remember? Teaching the position, tactics, overall strategy of winning games, beating opponents. You forgot? Standing on their necks until they scream for mercy? Yeah me too. But here we are ready to take the Lions by the balls and see just who is better.

    The fuckin Lions? Better get ready for our DL because we’re over due and we are pissed.

    Lol, well yeah we owe you Lions for ’57 too.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      I wonder who Mooch will be rooting for Sunday? His tenure in Detroit was pretty much a disaster, but he is from Michigan. Eh, Mooch is probably a closet Cowboy fan.

      • phil fan says:

        Good question Del Mar….He’ll root for the 9ers Del. He coached at Cal, had success. He coached the Niners at the end of The Dynasty, had success. His peak at the professional level and went down from there. Due to the Official Mook York senior. You think Alex AKA the ‘unmentionable QB, the UQB” is a Mook? Take a gander at the 49er heir of Eddie’s Dynasry: the original Mook!

        I understand, really. This has been hard, it has hurt! But our time is come or soon will.

        The time of the mooks is ova!

      • phil fan says:

        ‘Sides Mooch an I share a birthday: November 4. Not that this has anything to do with my humble opinion. Oh hell no. Like Maiocco I’m a dispassionate, clinical observer of things 9ers. So scientific analysis has led me to conclude the rebirth of our boys is inevitable, a lawful force of Nature! Which is why I, humble and calm Phil, gently predict the Forty Niners will rip THE SHITHEADS OF DEEETROIT A BRAND NEW ASSHOLE!!


  30. winder says:

    Yeah, and remember the Alamo too. If they had football back then good ol Davie, Sam, and Jim woulda been Niner fans even though they lived in F-ing Texas. Go Niners.

  31. twinfan1 says:

    Denny cites that the Niners are 28th in passing. Well, that’s just yardage. By passing efficiency (QBR ), they are 3rd , 2nd in the NFC. What do the Niners and the other top 5 Passing efficiency terams in the NFC have in common? All five are in the playoffs if they started today… where do dem ‘Boys fit in- OUT…
    As to tomorrow- it’s a one score game, I like SF 20-17. This defense is gaining converts as one of the physical defenses in the NFL. I look for Ginn to break one, ball security, and Frank up the gut this week…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      The NFL passing efficiency is antiquated. The ESPN TOTAL QBR tells the whole story. Your boy ranks 16th there. Which is actually better than I just finished in my handicapping tournament. 17/20. Looks like the mook has some company.

  32. twinfan1 says:

    Yeah, quite antiquated.
    GB 5-0
    SF 4-1
    NYG 3-2
    NO 4-1
    Det 5-0
    That’s the top 5 in the NFC by QBR. they’re 21-4, all are in the playoffs as of today. Move along, mookenstein..Dallas, BTW, is 6th in the NFC by QBR- but out of the playoffs as of now, undoubtedly due to Pizza Boy’s turnovers…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You know goddamn well if for whatever reason your mook was atop the ESPN charts you’d be screaming from the mountain top that he was #1. Don’t give me any of your lip.

  33. Del Mar Dennis says:

    And Ted Ginn is gonna break one? Shit. He hasn’t caught a pass since the day Tony Romo changed his clothes in a phone booth at the ‘Stick. You remember that day, don’t you?

  34. twinfan1 says:

    YOU know damn well you you will lie,threaten, anything to distort Smith’s record. Fact is, punk, the ESPN rankings have hardly been shown to be more reflective of performance.They’re not even a recolgnized stat Again, the top five teams by QBR in the NFC are 21-4 and all in the playoffs.Now STFU, troll.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      “If the playoffs started now.” Well they don’t. That’s the stoopidest goddamn thing you’ve said in awhile. And that’s saying something.

  35. twinfan1 says:

    To show a fundamental disagreement with QBR, Death Threat would need to dispute more than Smith’s rating. In fact, he has no problem with the ratings of the rest of the top group- only Alexs’..and Romo’s of course. QBR is the standard for ranking QBs and the records of the teams with the highest QBRs spreaks for itself. This is typical of the lowlifes who have cited Smith’s QBR whenever it speaks poorly of him- now that he has moved into the upper echelon, QBR is suddenly meaningless. He is now 7-5 over his last 12 games, with a QBR of approximately 95 over those 12 games,with 18 TD and 4 INT…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      His career QBR is 74.6 Romo’s? 95.3 He *might* finish with one good year out of seven. Reminds me of Andres Torres. Flash in the pan. Once a Gomez, always a Gomez. Why don’t you tell me again how Tejada was gonna go .270/15/70 this year. That’s one hell of a bedtime story.

  36. twinfan1 says:

    Poor Death Threat. By the end of the Giants’ season he was wagering on the opposition by pitching his fantasy pitchers against them, he’s made death threats against our QB, now he’s actually crowing about players who slumped and making ethnic slurs. Such a pathetic troll he’s become. Take the Ledger, Dennis- all will be well in minutes…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You don’t even know WTF you’re talking about. I had that POS Surkamp on my team since we brought him up. That worked out well. If he’s in our starting rotation next year we in trouble.

      Just about as much trouble if they sign that POS Coco to leadoff and play CF. Shit, listening to “Byrnsie” the other night on KNBR you woulda swore he was already signed up. Just what we need, a guy who had his lowest OBP and OPS in over five years. Kind of hard to be stealing bases when you’re walking back to the dugout after your 6-3 putout.

      • twinfan1 says:

        I’ve already posted against signing Crisp-several times. The only times you are ever right are when you mimic my thoughts.
        And you bragged about throwing your FL dicks against the Giants.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        “I’m only right when I mimic your thoughts.” You use that same line when you respond to Chuckles. Give me sumthin’ different than mimic. Speaking of which, ever see the movie “Mimic” starring Mira Sorvino? There’s a girl worthy of being a “BB” or “TT” or any other double letter. I think “DD” fits Mira well, Denny’s Delight.

      • twinfan1 says:

        If Surkamp was on your fantasy team, he hardly hurt you, nimrod. He was 2-2. It’s little things like that that show you’re lying.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Yeah, 2-2 w/ a 5.74 ERA, 1.84 WHIP and he avg. < 1/2 K/inning.
        All three which are fantasy stats. He hurt me. He hurt me bad.

        And stop calling me a liar. You did it the other day and I provided the quote where Vernon Davis said he "steered" Alex into going back and talking to Singletary to stay in the Philly game.

        Don't slander my name. I've sullied it well enough on my own.

  37. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Calvin Johnson says Detroit must score early to beat the 49ers on Sunday. “It’s definitely big to be able to put points up there at the end of the game,” he said. “But with a faster start, maybe we could bury some of our opponents.”

    Bury some opponents? Sounds like Calvin has this in mind…http://tinyurl.com/3drjs8l

  38. twinfan1 says:

    He’s probably mostly referring to the 27-3 lead that Dallas had before Romo led the stirring Lion comeback..

  39. twinfan1 says:

    There are plenty of Smith skeptics, understandably so, but I really don’t know of any alledged 49er fan, other than Denny, who would deny that he’s played well this year. It’s fair to think he’ll “revert to form”, but it’s preposterous to claim he’s performed poorly thus far.

  40. Flavor says:

    Twin, Dennis is finally right. Surkamp, if given a full season, would be a dagger to a rotisserie fantasy team that measures the 5 main pitching stats.
    Dennis, I don’t think you lie, at least from what I know about you. But you are stubborn as a mule. Discuss with your therapist why it’s so impossible for you to admit when you’re wrong. Squawking about the espn ratings over the qb ratings that every uses just makes you look like you’re grasping at straws. Pull anything out of your ass to avoid facing the fact that Smith has been nails this year. He’s helping this team you supposedly root for win games. Celebrate something other than misery for once.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    What’s your end-game Dennis? Hoping Smith flames out? Right. Hoping the Niners screw up another season? Crowing about Alex having a bad day? Really? Do you think Smith going down now would help the team? If Smith goes down now, say good bye to the playoffs this year, and quite possibly next year. 3 years down the road, who knows what happens? For all the talk of one and done this year, one and done is better than none and done on 1/1. You know what might happen? Smith takes this team to the playoffs, has some success, and the Niners sign him to a 2 year deal. Let me be the first to say, wrap your head around that, skippy. That is, if it doesn’t explode.

    “His (Smith) career QBR is 74.6 Romo’s? 95.3.” Your quote. How’s about this year, Dillmar?
    104.1 to 92.9. It doesn’t count THIS year? How fucking obtuse of you.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      No, Upchuck, it DOES count this year. Those are the current QBR’s for both Smith and Romo as of today. If you recall, Smith entered the year with a QBR of 72.something. I guess my angle isn’t as obtuse as yours. Hello, 179 degrees.

      And you’re one to talk. You’re a bigger waffler than the short order cooks at I-Hop. During the off and preseason you were doubting and railing on Smith’s ass almost (I said ALMOST) as much as I was. Now he plays six good quarters and all is well in Dixie? Hello, Mr. Leopard. I guess the people were wrong, you can change your spots. I haven’t seen anyone jump back on a bandwagon that fast since the Clydesdale horses rolled through town after they Repealed Prohibition.

      And one last thing. You can question my bull and horseshit all you want, but don’t question my integrity. That slap you took at me in our fantasy league was out of line. I may not run the best league, but it’s fair, honest and hopefully droll, witty and sometimes downright hilarious.

      Shit. Between you calling me a cheat and TF calling me a liar, sounds like you two want me to go bunk with Bernie Madoff. I wasn’t made for prison. I’m too goddamn good looking.

      • Flavor says:

        we can’t question your integrity? Ha, that’s a laugh, I explained this to your drunk ass last night but you didn’t understand it: Men that I honor can admit when they are wrong, with dignity. Anyone can be right or *win* and celebrate, that’s just easy human nature. But when you turn out to be a dumbass over some dumb fuck things you’ve said or done, then it’s time to say “yes, you were right. I was a dickhead dumbshit dumbfuck on that particular issue.” But you don’t get that from Death Threat Denny. Just more of the same manufactured idiocy. Actually, now it’s become entertainment for me so keep it up. And you can’t argue with anyone, that’s been proven in the archives, you haven’t once EVER refuted a debate successfully. We get a lot of “I’ve learned you can’t change anyone’s minds” and “you’re entitled to you’re opinion” and “death threats” and “mooks” and stupid ass videos. THAT is what your retorts are. Why do others bother formulating arguments? I dunno, it’s funny to watch you diddle around with all that other shit….

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Flav, first off, you’re not perceptive at all. ” I explained this to your drunk ass last night ” Sorry, Charlie. I didn’t have a goddamn thing to drink yesterday. Tonight? I’m goddamn drunk. You’d make a bad Sam Spade. Hell, you’d make a bad Sam Spear for that matter.

        And just what is it that you want me to admit? Obviously you think I was wrong in some regard, but what? I think you’re confusing actions and feelings. I only acted on the way I felt, the way I spoke from my heart. That is mine and mine alone. You can call a person on their actions, but not their feelings. Ant definitely not on their emotions.

        Flav, you’re trying to change the way I feel about something.
        Not going to happen.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    What happened then Dennis? I put in a waiver claim on Graham 2 days ago. You ended up with Graham.

  43. unca_chuck says:




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