Niners Gut Out a Tough One

The Jim Harbaugh era got a huge confidence boost and redemption for recent losses to the Eagles when the 49ers caught up to, and passed the Eagles in the 4th quarter of a hard-fought game. Down 23-2 early in the 3rd quarter, the 49ers scored 21 unanswered points for the win. The Niners, even more impressively, were able to run the ball down Philly’s throat with 2:06 left in the 4th quarter by getting 2 rushing first downs to keep the ball out of Vick’s hands. Frank Gore shook off the ankle sprain and rushed for 127 yards, and Alex Smith passed for a season-high 291 yards (and 2 TDs) by connecting 21 times to 8 different receivers after shaking off a pretty flat first half. Kendall Hunter added 38 yards on the ground as well.

The defense, which gave up 513 yards, actually played well. They constantly dogged Vick, and kept the pressure on him, even though he ran for 70, and threw for 405. The Niners should have had 3 more sacks on him, but Vick got loose for some big scrambles and dodged Brooks AND McDonald for their first TD. Rogers had a nice pick on an early drive, and the DBs made a lot of defensive plays, even though Philly connected on a lot of big passes. Vick threw 46 passes, but the Niners were able to break up 7 of his passes plus the pick. The rush defense, minus Vick’s scrambles, was fine. Justin Smith, with his strip of Maclin, iced the game for the Niners. Bowman had a huge game as well, stopping Vick on a would be scramble for a 1st down, breaking up a pass, and generally playing all over the place.

Special teams were a mess. 1 miss and 1 blocked FG for Akers (with some obvious Philly jitters), Ginn had -6 yards in punt returns, and the obligatory holding call on a kickoff return.

All in all, a big victory for this Niner team that is trying to find its identity. Alex Smith had one of, if not the best, game of his career. The much maligned offensive line did well for the most part. Anthony Davis’ huge struggles with Jason Babit (and a false start) notwithstanding.  164 on the ground was very solid. Smith’s second half won the game for the Niners. Philly wore down in the end, and the run game sealed the deal.


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  1. twinfan1 says:

    There ya go- it’s not that hard to be stoked about their biggest comeback in 15 years without a “yeah, but..”
    Great win . Now they play an inferior Tampa team and QB at home. It might be a bigger test than today, not stumbling after a huge and unexpected ( by most) win.

    • unca_chuck says:

      How many threads did you go back to post your drivel Mike?

      Tit for tat I should be deleting your posts.

      • phil fan says:

        I don’t have a quarrel with twinfan or anyone for that matter. But what’s with the ragging on Chuck? Even Del Mar has toned it down. With Spit gone I thought things would settle down and we could enjoy the amazing start to this season. Maybe I don’t have enough history around here but I’m not letting anyone rain on this parade. And it’s a hell of a reason to celebrate and be happy! Let’s go get the Bucs!

      • twinfan1 says:

        Listen. pal- write this down- Chuckles was and is getting “ragged on” for making a huge fucking deal out of ONE turnover and then being stupid enough to also say the team won “in spite” of it. Chuck and Spitfuck’s comrades ( NONE of whom had a problem with death threats until Flavor and I called Chuck on it) have always made this a mutual we hate Smith forum- my error has been contradicting it with fact. He has two turnovers this year, he is the 8th rated QB in the NFL now, largely because he doesn’t turn the ball over, they’re 3-1 and leading the division, he was BRILLIANT leading the greatest team comeback in 15 years- it ain’t me pissing all over a fantastic win..
        Chuckies, you want to delete my posts, ban me, what fucking ever- you were already getting close to the bullshit you had before- you don’t like dissenting opinion and you and the meth heads strike back at it with vengeance.

      • twinfan1 says:

        And what the fuck are you even tallking about, Chucklette? I’m praising you for finally being able to deliver a fair analysis of the game.

      • unca_chuck says:

        And I think you are a patronizing asshole, Mike.

        Why do you care so much about my opinion regarding this?

        I thought it was a big mistake. It was. He overcame it. That’s all there is to it. A great win.

        But no, I have to see 125 posts about what an idiot I am for thinking this.

        Let it go.

  2. NJ49er says:

    Not to mention, TB crosses the Country after a MNF ‘Short Week’.
    Let’s hope they play a rough game and get banged around a little bit too.

    Chuck, not sure if you caught my reply on the last thread?

    We did to Philly what I called for last week. Worked the edges and their LBs. Philly is not the threat their Off Season Checkbook said they would be. At least not yet.
    We played a very solid game on Defense.

    Tip of the 9er Cap to Harbaugh and Baalke for the Youngstown move. We hung in this game from beginning to end and the stamina showed. Alex had a fantastic afternoon and nearly got his 300yds.

    Harbaugh showed some creativity too. All in all, a great place to be.
    Back to Back Road Wins is something we haven’t seen since……?

    I’m going to enjoy being on the Victorious side of a game no one gave us a shot to win for a change.
    Add to that, all the Philly Boo Birds that are out in full throat too.
    ‘Fire Reid, Fire D-Coordinator, Hire Cowher’.

    I’m loving this for as LONG as I can.
    It actually feels good to be a 9er Fan out here again.
    Getting plenty of respect from the NYG friends too. We did them a solid as did they for us.

  3. NJ49er says:

    Let’s not overlook the change at RG too. No Chilo produced a pretty solid afternoon.

    Aldon got a pretty nice feather for his Cap too. 1st Rookie Sack snagged the elusive Mr Vick.

    An excellent TEAM WIN.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, except for A Davis’ horrorshow out there, the line was solid on the run and the pass

  5. Berger says:

    I might be partient if I knew what that was. I meant to write “patient”.

  6. grumpyguy says:

    It was a solid win, on the road, over a decent team. Alex Smith played a very good, but not error-free game. Also a game where the other team made plenty of mistakes and any team with pretensions of being relevant SHOULD win. Hence the ‘decent’. Tough shit if you don’t like it, Twinfan.

    It’s September, Jackwagon. I don’t start giving out unqualified praise this early in the season. I don’t feel the need to give praise or blowjobs to Alex for doing his fucking job. I never hesitated to criticize Young when he was sailing first quarter passes and he was three times the QB Alex has been so far in his career. I also don’t generally spend two entire threads calling people ‘fuck’ and ‘wet brain’ and all your other bullshit.

    I’ve tried to give you a chance but after yesterday you clearly do not deserve one. You’re a bigger troll than Spitblood ever was, Mike. I wish you luck in your personal journey to wherever it is you deserve to go. Ciao.

    • twinfan1 says:

      “Decent” was an idiotic characterization- fuck you if you don’t like THAT, pal. It was their biggest comeback win in 15 years, Smith had the second highest QB rating of the day. It’s not about handing out praise for the year, it’s about one game- and you calling him “decent ‘ was brain dead biased bullshit- and now I’m a troll for praising his performnance? Fuck you and your personal journey to the bottom of the barrel.

    • twinfan1 says:

      None of you had a problem with Denny and Spitfuck with their death threats yet most have a problem with me saying Smith was terrific yesterday. That is SICK, buddy.

    • twinfan1 says:

      A birther and tea bagger who has threatened the life of Obama, our QB, and the team owner deserves whatever I call him. You actually hsd the nerve to disrespect me for my cancers, so don’t EVER talk about what you perceive as personal attacks, scumbag.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        You’re a sad and lonely old man. Go talk to the dog. That is if he’ll still give you the time of day.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Dennis,I’ve been extremely kind to you considerng you’ve threatened me also. And I’ve been more circumspect about your alcoholism than you deserve.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Phil, they don’t really have a choice at RT. Davis came in young and raw, and he’s still young. So they let him develop.

  8. Flavor says:

    I think Fangio is going to have no problem blitzing the shit out of Freeman from all different angles. I see the D pressuring him into lots of mistakes that we score off of. 4-1 is looking like no problema…..

  9. twinfan1 says:

    Flavor has a thread on the game at the Flap, but bad news- he isn’t going to allow the fictions about Smith that have been espoused here. I had one also but DT Denny persisted with his usual bullshit, so I scrapped it in favor of Craig’s thread. On my page, there’s never any arguing because I don’t allow it and I don’t attack the commenters for their opinions. It is the blog author who sets the tone.

    • Flavor says:

      today’s thread at my blog is more of a tribute to Alex than anything else. That’s why I’m not interested in dissenting opinions about him. Come on over to celebrate this great victory if the mood strikes you.

  10. Kevin says:

    I agree this is a great win. But what is it going to take to get the passing game going in the first two quarters. The third quarter and fourth quarter were classic west coast offense. Throw the ball down the field, the secondary is worn down from trying to cover the WR, then run the ball, when the back gets past the line the secondary is too tired to run them down. 179 yards in the air!! The best quarter I have seen in years!!!

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Nice postgame speech by coach . . .

    Tampa’s going to be tough. But they play tonight and then fly across the country to play us as home. The NFL schedulers don’t give teams much of a break anymore. Crossing 3 time zones after a Monday night game is pretty tough.

    Still and all, another very important game for this team. After the unexpected win on the road, they come home to raised expectations and fans who want to see this team play another big game at home after the debacle of the Dallas game.

    It’s crazy to praise a defense that gave up 500+ yards, but the Niners really did a great job in the red zone by keeping Philly out of the end zone. The Eagles were in the red zone 6 times, and only got 2 TDs. Vick had a monster day, but it could have been bigger without the pressure exerted by the front 7. They forced Vick to scramble, and while Vick bruned the defense for 70 yards rushing, Bowman really stayed at home on some of the scrambles to stop drives. Justin Smith was all over the place. Willis was lightning and played up to his usual high standards. The DBs, even though they got torched on some long passes, didn’t let the WRs go in for scores on those long passes. Which turned out to be huge. They broke up a bunch of passes, and Rogers had a very nice pick on Philly’s 2nd drive.

    All in all definite improvement on both sides of the ball. The offense (especially the O line), which has been inconsistent to say the least, played as good a half as never seen for quite some time. The 20 comeback hadn’t occurred since the halcyon days of Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens in the 24 point playoff comeback in 2002 vs the NY Giants.

  12. twinfan1 says:

    “ALL QBs face pressure, Mike. Not just Sir Alex. How they deal with it is the mark of a good QB.” Indeed it is. That’s why he has only two turnovers and a 97+ QB rating. But he fumbled once this year- sic Death Threat on him, he sucks.
    Kevin- The score forced Harbaugh to take off the shackles. You’d think he would have learned that the closer Smith is to his spread roots, the better.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    I see you didn’t deny deleting my posts, Mike.

    Mike, I let others here have an opinion on how they feel about Smith’s performance. It was a great 2nd half. He overcame his mistake, and many others (hello Davis Akers) by the team , in an otherwise desultory 1st half.

    I’ve said it 30 times. Why do we all have to think exactly like you?

    • twinfan1 says:

      I never deleted a post of yours, I thouight you were just being a dumbass when you said that. You’ll have to talk to Craig if you think some were deleted. Sometimes shit gets in his spam filter. Any\way-don’t accuse me of stuff like that- if I delete a post on my page- I note it.

      • unca_chuck says:

        You threatened to do it, then you did it, Mike. Since it’s all gone, well,

        You replaced my post with a single letter to not screw with the timestamp thing. You also said you would do that.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Which post was it? A threat? I doubt that you are being truthful- Flavor asked me to do that to handle a troll while he was away.,And I’ve deleted some of your pal Denny’s posts,. and a couple of Snarkk’s. If one of yours was deleted it would have been because I made rules for my page to keep the shit you encourage from ruining it. But I doubt it happened,

    • twinfan1 says:

      It is my opinions that are attacked here, pay fucking attention. It’s a pretty fair response to your drivel and Wet Brain’s accusaton of Smith being a coward for the fumble,to note it was only his second turnover this year. It’s fucking astounding that my reasonable response would enrage you and Wet Brain’s was just fine.

  14. twinfan1 says:

    To answer an earlier question from Chuckles- why don’t you fucking read your own goddam blog? Post after post every day all day from Death Threat about how Smith sucks, and rooting for Romo and the Cowboys- and the fucking firestorm comes about when I CORRECTLY note that he’s. uh, having a rather good fucking afternoon. Fuck you, Clean up that pissshit’s act and you might be surprised at how the level of discourse goes up. Maybe he rubs off, no sane person would have been even MENTIONING Smith’s fumble after that BRILLIANT comeback if he wasn’t influenced by the bullshit you allow here.
    It’s fair to have differing opnions about Smith- but allowing the non-stop crap from Wet Brain and then ragging on posts in support of Smith is total nonsense, YOU are the one who will never let anything go- you’re worse than Yogi. You even allowed the cocksucker Grumpy to make disparaging remarks about what Agent Orange might have done to my brain- actually, plenty,Thanks for asking scumbag… Anyway- you don’t like being called on your stupid remarks- don’t make them, or ban me. Your smarter course is to ban the POS Denny, as you should have done when you (supposedly ) banned Spitfuck..

  15. unca_chuck says:

    I let that shit go, because it’s Dennis. Recall the scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules and Vincent are talking about bacon. Jules says he doesn’t eat bacon becuase pigs are filthy. Vincent says all animals are filthy. Dogs included. Vincent says dogs have personality. Personality goes a long way. Vincent says OK, then having a personality ceases to make them filthy animals. Jules says pigs root and wallow in shit. It would have to be 10 times more charming than Arnold the pig on Green Acres for me to eat it. That’s Dennis. He’s Arnold.

    On the new blog, he’s stopped with the death threats. He says a lot of annoying shit. Look at what you’ve posted the last 2 days.

    Look at the leve lof discourse now, Mike. As I said yesterday, that was the biggest win in years, yet it’s all about you and your opinions. We all need to give Alex blowjobs. Give it a rest.

    Supposedly banned Spitblood? Really Mike? I told him he was going to get deleted, and I did it when he kept at it. has he posted here skippy? No. Unless you are saying he’s me. If you think that’s the case, well I can’t help that.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Who’s “Phil”? When did he start posting? He does sound like Spitfuck when Spit is in one of his snivelly-nice shticks..No, YOU give ita rest. It would have come to nothing if you weren’t an obsessive dick.Smith was great, the fumble was irrelevent, Now STFU about it.

  16. twinfan1 says:

    I was celebrating the win, YOU were obsessing about a fumble. Fuck you.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    So was I. Let it go.

  18. twinfan1 says:

    MOVING ON, with what this should be about- it was, by consensus, the biggest win in years by a Niner team. This was not the kind of game that merits nit picking over real and imagined errors by this blog’s favorite whipping boy- he was not “decent” or lucky or just doing his job… it was a great performance that is being savored by all true fans. ..perhaps his detractors will have reason to be happy yet- this has only been the first quarter of a tough season- injury or failure might still befall Smith.. but in the interim, try to act like a fan.

  19. unca_chuck says:


  20. Kevin says:

    Twin, that is just it, it happened with Singletary too, until the niners are down by 21 points they don’t open up the passing game. Ridiculous to say the least!

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