Test # 2 for Jim Harbaugh – Winning on the Road

So, Harbaugh did in game one what it took Singletary 6 weeks to do last year, and that was win game one. Next on Harbaugh’s bucket list is to win on the road. Since last year’s Denver gasme was technically a home game (London? Right), Singletary didn’t win a road game til week 12 in AZ. Yes, Cincinnati is a bottom-feeder in the NFL, but home field is a pretty big equalizer. Just ask Dallas. They barely escaped an 0-2 start, while the Niners would have been included in the list of surprising 2-0 teams (Washington, Detroit, Buffalo, and Texas).  Anyhow, 1-1 is fine for now. However, if this team is going to be thought of as making progress, they need to beat the crappier teams in the league. And Cincinnati certainly falls into that realm. Gingerbread man Andy Dalton notwithstanding.

Raggedy Andy has put up decent numbers (37/56, 413  yds, 3 TDs 0 picks, 105 QBR) against a couple of bad defenses in Cleveland and Denver. He’s hitting a lot of underneath stuff (7.4 yds/completion), so this may not bode well for the 49ers. Dallas killed the Niners in the 4th quarter with underneath stuff after harassing Romo most of the day. Their pass pro is decent enough (5 sacks in 2 games) but one can hope we bring the pressure more than Cleve and Denver.

As far as our offense goes? I can’t even hazard a guess. The Niners played as good a 1st half as they could have offensively. They followed it up in the 2nd half with a strategy that let Dallas right back into the game.  one hopes that they’ll keep the offensive flow going throughoout the entire game on Sunday, and not try to force the run at all costs.


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  1. Flavor says:

    Spit, if by “startin’ shit” you mean offering realistic appraisals of how the game went today, as opposed to your usual homophobic rants and death threats, I can see why Chuck is “taking my side”. I’ve also got a direct link to his blog at my blog and vice versa. You think he’s going to fuck with me and support your dumb ass? Chuck, you can’t ban Spit, he hasn’t logged out since you started this blog. He can check out but he can never leave. This is his home…..

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I know your intent is to get banned from yet another site, so you got it, Spit.

    Flav and Twin commented on the game. You started the shit.

    Again, bye bye.

  3. Flavor says:

    Chuck, when you ban someone, make sure you go to “Discussion” and then put in their name, email and IP address. They can get around the IP address if they really try but it’s a pain in the ass and if you ban the new ones they use enough times they’ll usually give up.
    And I agree with Twin on this. When you have 2 guys making up 95% of the posts it discourages others from trying to get a word in edgewise.
    What will we do without Spit’s fascinating game day recommendations like benching every single starting offensive player we have? Who will Denny have to call a “fucking mook”? By the way, the mook comments, that never got old. Fresh stuff.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    Spit and Denny were incensed because I called Smith’s performance “rock soild”. Not brilliant, not great, just what it was: error free, late drive to win it, 20-30 despite a heavy rush and 4-5 drops… rock solid.

  5. Flavor says:

    I’m still trying to figure out that whenever a blogger decides to try to “put me down” they always go to connecting me and Twin as one in the same. Have they ever read the disputes we’ve had over the years? I think it’s obvious to all but the inbred that we have our own strong opinions and don’t always agree. And in the putdowns, why am I always his girlfriend or his bitch? Just once I’d like to see something different, like maybe refer to me as his life partner or something. 🙂

    • twinfan1 says:

      Would you pick up some scnapps for the Appletini’s on your way home? Thanks, sweetums..

      • Flavor says:

        Now see, this is where Spit would come in with one of his clever, homophobic interjections. We’ll all miss his cleverness. I think he’ll be back, Like I said, I don’t think he knows his way out of here. How do you ban someone who’s never left the room?

  6. twinfan1 says:

    BTW, Brady’s ascension to Mt. Olympus was put on hold after his “dogshit” performance today. Talk about gagging it up.

  7. Flavor says:

    that’s one of the reasons not to try to keep up with the volume of Denny’s posts. Earlier in the day he had Dalton as “10 times” the QB Smith is TODAY. Well, after Smith more than doubled up his QB rating, I’m assuming Denny needs to adjust that one. I’m still trying to figure out how he was measuring that. What did Smith have entering the game, a QB rating in the 90’s? Something like that? So Denny thinks Dalton as a QB rating in the 900’s? Yikes, someone needs to go read up on the QB rating scale this week….
    He also had Brady throwing for 6000/60 this year. Well, the jury’s out on that one though his 4 picks and “Alex Smith Like” QB rating of 86.1 says that lofty goal might not be happening this year….

  8. NoFear49er says:

    Seriously, they had one decent drive and we had one decent drive. Theirs ended in a FG and ours in a rushing TD. That from the scat back off the bench. That’s the game. All the rest of of it was the Keystone Kops of the NFL playing “who can make the least mistakes.”

    It was terrible, Smith, too. We couldn’t even play more than a few downs on their side of the field. But it was a win and a road win at that.

    I think we’ve endured bad so long we don’t recognize it as bad anymore. No team play on either side of the ball. Mostly a bunch of disjointed individual efforts amid stupid mistakes.

  9. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say, “keep up the attacks and I’ll ban you.”

    I think I’m very courtesy to the other bloggers. Sometimes maybe even to a fault. I don’t have any problems with anyone. Now, if you’re talking about me being abusive and attacking players, you got that right, Skippy. I’ll continue to lambaste, horsewhip and take out to the woodshed all players with my comments that I deem necessary.

    Ya follah?

  10. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Flavor, TF, and anyone else for that matter…who would you rather have quarterback your team, Tony Romo or Alex Smith?

    I triple dog dare you to say the latter…

    • Flavor says:

      That’s just another one of your inane, simplistic proposals. How about this: I’d rather have Joe Fucking Montana from the 80’s as my QB. Since that’s not going to happen and since we don’t have the option of switching Romo in for Smith, why don’t you do what any TRUE FAN would do (and I’m sorry Denny but I have major doubts about your interest in this team winning games based on your weird obsession with hoping Alex Smith fails) and just be happy that we won a road game and fucking admit to the world that SO FAR you have been WRONG about Smith THIS YEAR. We’re 2-1, I don’t know what his QB rating is for the year but it’s got to be around 90 and if you want to say right now that you thought that would be his number after 3 games then just go suck some massive pole right now as punishment for being a liar. He’s contributed to both of those wins and more importantly he hasn’t done what you said he would do: suck so bad that he would LOSE games for them. And the one game we lost is mostly on the defense and the fact that Smith had all his best receivers on the bench and probably the worst offensive line in the game protecting him.
      Look, I have been consistent from the beginning of the season. I said I thought the best we could get out of Smith was a mid pack QB rating, maybe a little better, with some Harbaugh influence. He is NEVER going to be Joe Montana. Get over that. He’s your QB this year and he’s playing decently, I think there’s a few steps he’s going to take as the year goes on and the offense evolves. But we’ll see. Unlike you, I am happy to admit when I am wrong and I might be wrong about Smith this year.
      If you have any interest in watching the team go to the playoffs for the first time in 8 years (or whatever it is) then quit this stupid obsession with hating on the guy. Go fucking watch Hoosiers again or something. This is your team, Denny.Support your team. And if you’re a fan of this team you will get on fucking board and start celebrating a road win in the NFL…..
      And I’ll offer this up to you: I know I’ve been hard on you lately in posts. I like you dude, I always will. But you’ve changed over the last year or so and I can’t support a lot of the shit you a selling, especially when it’s the same dumb shit over and over. If you can stop obsessing on wanting to kill the guy or hating on him every other post, I will let up on you.How about this: Wait till he actually is responsible for losing an actual game the way your boys Romo and Brady and choked this year. Your constant obsession with ragging on the guy or threatening his life is just stupid and played out. He helped us win today. Try not to have that be a reason you jump off the ledge tonight….

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Flav, I see my therapist on Wednesdays. But I do appreciate your input and counsel. All I asked was a simple question: Tony Romo or Alex Smith? It’s a simple question from the pollster to the one who’s taking the pole (no smoking it please) as to which QB he would rather have.

        A)Tony Romo
        B) Alex Smith

        It’s either A or B.

        Save the pablum for Wednesday’s on the couch…

      • twinfan1 says:

        It’s a stupid fucking question. Romo isn’t going to be the QB. But ask if Romo would be better than Smith if they had switched organizations in 2005? No, Tony would be out of the league and delivering pizza…

      • Flavor says:

        I know I posted a long one, but I basically answered this *poll* with no response. It’s dumb. I’m not engaging in a “Who would I rather have” poll when I know who I have and who I’m not going to have. Here’s the difference between you and me on this Smith thing: I think, that with proper Harbaugh education, Smith could be a mid-pack QB, maybe a little better. I’ve said this since Harbaugh was hired. You think he is the devil. There’s discrepancy in between those 2 opinions. But if you’ve got a QB rating around 90 (again, I haven’t looked it up, just ball parking it) and you have helped your team win games and haven’t lost a game all by your lonesome, who is more likely correct at this point in the season? The guy who thought he’d be mid pack or a little better or the guy who thinks he’s the devil? I win. 1-0

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Man, the Rams are off to a brutal start. Can you say, 0-3 and we hope to be 1-6 in a month?


    • twinfan1 says:

      WTF are you babbling about now? You hate mongers always cite Smith’s QB rating when it’s poor and dismiss it when it isn’t. Well, his QB rating is over 90 ever since Raye left and he’s thrown two ints in the last 9 games. Call it game management, fine. I guess he’s a good manager. Coming back and driving for the winning TD after Gore’s fumble was clutch.
      Fact is, you don’t EVER have valid criticisms, only hateful and ignorant schticks.

  12. Del Mar Dennis says:

    When you look at your Monday morning paper (does anyone still get a paper?) tomorrow, the 49ers will be atop the NFC West.

    As Frank said, “This fine old world, it keeps spinning around. I’ve been a puppet, a pirate, a poet… a pawn and a king…”

    • twinfan1 says:

      You’ve pledged your allegiance to the Cowboys. Go to their blog. This shit even played his fantasy pitchers againsrt the Giants. He doesn’t deserve to____________
      Fil in the blank.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Timmeh finished with a losing record (13-14) this year. Did he deserve it?

        Take a break, have a little bite to eat. Maybe a couple double-doubles will hit the spot.

        Who deserves what, and how much do they deserve?

        I’ll expect your 500 word essay on my desk by 8 AM Monday morning.

      • Flavor says:

        Did he *deserve* that record? The word doesn’t have anything to do with his record. It’s his record, end of story. As I said earlier, W/L are about a shit load of factors, you can’t break it down to *deserve or did not deserve*. If you can tell me how you can measure the word *deserve* then I’ll stop baggin on you about this. But keep in mind that if you create a numerical value for the word *deserve* then you have to be able to prove it’s influence on the numerical value on the other side. In this case, a win or a loss. And since I know you can’t do that since it can’t be done, spend your time tonight on something more productive. Stop using a word that you simply have no statistical way by which to measure your use of it…..

  13. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I need some help. Ain’t that the truth. Do I start DALLAS Clark tonight at TE, or wait till tomorrow and go with Fred from the ‘Skins?

    Dallas or Fred? Too bad there’s not a Frank in there…my cat’s named Frank.

  14. Flavor says:

    Dennis– in an effort to help break your perseveration of Alex Smith I will answer your poll, with an additional response. Of course I would pick Romo over Smith, any imbecile who follows the game would. I will say that I think Romo is overrated due to all the hype that’s followed him his entire career and we know he’s a choker, a tag that never found Alex. But the game he played last week, under the circumstances he had to deal with, is something to honor and Romo should be honored for that. I’m going to assume that that he’s a little more accurate than Alex with a better arm. Again, I ask you, what is your point? That Romo is a little better than Smith? If Smith were installed into the Jets game in the 2nd half would he have blown the game, too?
    There are too many variables in a football game to assign victory or loss to a single player (usually). I just said I would *choose* Romo over Smith. I don’t see the point to the poll since anyone would choose that.
    Now how about you offer something up and admit you would have bet 5 pole smoking sessions (giving versus receiving) if I’d bet you at the start of the year that Smith would have a QB rating over 90 3 games into the season. And just to be clear, winner gets his pole smoked by the babe of his choice (loser has to set that up), loser has to smoke any pole winner identifies as a target.

  15. Del Mar Dennis says:

    ” Of course I would pick Romo over Smith, any imbecile who follows the game would.”

    Thank you. I would like to hear the same confirmation from TF. (BTW, any of you other guys ‘Catholics’ ever get confirmed?”

    I sure did. 7th Grade at St. Jerome. It was 1979 and I was a 13-year-old who didn’t know shit from Shinola. My Confirmation name? Paul. Why? Paul Hofer was my favorite 49er at the time. I even named the puppy (black lab) that my mom (God rest her soul) bought at Hilltop Mall on Christmas Eve for my brother and me that year. I’ll never forget that Christmas. I integrated football, church and my love for animals into my life that Christmas Eve. At that time 49er football became my religion and my life.

    Not a goddamn thing has changed since then.

  16. grumpyguy says:

    Paul Hofer was about the only thing to like about that 1979 team. That was another God-awful season.

    We had better fix our Offensive line issues in the next week, and decide whether we’re going to go with Gore or move forward with Kendall Hunter. Our schedule is rough for a while now. 3 straight losses is very likely unless we make major improvements.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Well, they’re not going to bail on Gore right after extending him. They’ll just spell him more.I doubt the OL ever gets really fixed this year, they just have to go with more shit to offset the rush. What was up with Frank loojking like a spectator on a couple of the sacks?

      • grumpyguy says:

        Frank just really did not look like he gave a shit today. Particularly after the fumble. I think he only got two touches the rest of the way.

        Harbaugh just doesn’t really strike me as someone who will put up with a lack of effort – lack of results, okay, but not effort. If Frank is sulking because he can’t get going, we might see a lot more of Kendall. Wally Pipp, anyone?

  17. twinfan1 says:

    I gave you my answer, Death Threat. I’m taking Smith, in the Dallas system since 2005, over Romo, in the 49er system in 2005, but unfortunately, now out of the game..

  18. robd says:

    we won , and on the road !
    that’s another step in the right direction imho !

  19. barleyfreak says:

    I finally just watched the game. I have only two things to say.

    I’m glad we won. We suck.

    I can’t add anything else except I hope I live long enough to sniff another SB run.

    I better start exercising,.

  20. snarkk says:

    Anyone notice that when you watch NFL highlights, most of the other teams look better than the NIners? I mean, long pass plays, screens, draws, pitches around end. They work. They gain lots of yards. Crisp blocking, quick reads, catches on the run, lots of YAK. Weird…

  21. NJ49er says:

    Today’s snooze-fest of a game was a ploy to surprise Philly next week. (Yuk-Yuk)
    We do just what the G-Men did to them. Work the edges and their LBs.
    I would also figure Philly to pin their ears back against this OL too.
    Trent Cole is no joke but, their DL is not too scary to run against, assuming we can ever find a way to get a RB going.
    This could be the perfect spot to play spread ’em out football and maybe get Frank and Kendall some lanes against their ‘Backers. Force those ‘Dream Team’ CBs to tackle all day. Which they didn’t manage to do very much against NY.

    I have absolutely no expectations to win the Philly game but, anything is possible in the NFL.
    It would be nice if we didn’t have to chase Vick all over the field too.

  22. NJ49er says:

    Our challenge is to slow down their WRs. No small feat. Be interesting to see how Fangio schemes this one. Their OL is suspect and so is our Secondary.
    Nothing to lose, go with our best shot and see what is gets us.

  23. grumpyguy says:

    Vick is out for a month.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Andy Reid just said the CT scan revealed NO fracture, just a contusion. We just might get the Puppy Killer after all.

  24. unca_chuck says:




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