Look Out For the 49ers ! ! !

Jozie is ready for some football.
Jozie is ready for some football


 T-minus 51 hours til kickoff. The respective coaching staffs are both scrambling to find ways to make the other guy look silly. This game has subtexts up the wazoo. You have the ex-USC and ex-Stanford coaches (who have had their share of clashes) going at it for the first time in the NFL, you have the interest of a divisional game, you have the 1st game of the year, at home no less, and you have Jim Harbaugh’s debut as the 49ers coach. A job few thought he would want, let alone take. You also have the fact that this game comes down to a battle of two very maligned QBs. Tavaris Jackson had Chilly Childress singing his praises all the way to the old coaches home, and we all know about the supposed coach-killer that is Alex Smith.

This may not determine the rest of the season, as last year’s debacle in Seattle seemed to be, but this is a game that the Niners should win. The teams are evenly matched, and mainly because they are at home. Plus, if they get beaten by the likes of Tavaris Jackson this WILL be a long season.


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Love that 1971 SI cover . . .

  2. Spitblood says:

    Looks like Williams gets the start over Goldson. Williams and Whitner better have one hell of a game for the Niners to win. Zack Miller and Sidney Rice are no joke. I look for the Seahawks to attack Whitner with play action to Lynch, suck up Whitner, then complete passes over the top of him to Miller. Not being critical of the Niners, but they really need another safety and two more corners. I think we improved our secondary this offseason, and I’m encouraged by Harbaugh’s ability to evaluate the old secondary under Singletary. I like Whitner’s game, but the other safety we draft next year needs to be damn good at defending the best TEs in the league and taller WRs.

    I think we should draft a safety high next year, and a pass rusher, and a qb….. (do we have that many high picks?) Dashon Goldson is full of himself. He thinks he’s got so much game. We’ve seen flashes of his ability. I know he won’t play much on Sunday. But if he ever wants to be considered elite, go to pro bowls and live up to his own hype, this is his year to shine. Hard part is, he’s hobbled and he had a short preseason. Sucks to be an asshole. Del knows.

  3. Spitblood says:


    The Ray Ratto challenge. I don’t accept. Why? Because until Harbaugh sacks Smith for good, I want to see Candlestick empty and the stadium in jeopardy. Peyton built a stadium in Indy, Smith (if they keep him around past this season) will kill a stadium deal in Santa Clara. So forget keeping quiet about how bad Alex Smith sucks, let’s talk about it until people are so sick to their stomachs they don’t even watch the Niners and Jed York is forced to look else where to increase ticket sales. I’m sure Jed would love it if Niner fans stopped talking negatively about Smith, and Ratto does have a point that it’s more tired than Rip Van Winkle after reading Unca Chuck excerpts. But what Ratto doesn’t realize is that keeping the Alex Smith debate alive keeps the fan base from buying tickets. Personally, I’m utterly disgruntled about Alex Smith and the state of my Niners. I won’t go to another game until Smith is off the roster entirely. Secretly, I want the general idiot Niner fan (you know the type – you’ve talked to them at games) to stay away, hate Smith and maybe never return or give Jed York another nickel of their family’s money. So, stir the tired pot, I say. However, for the rest of us who’ve earned our Niner stripes, I think now is a great time to buy Niner season tickets. I won’t. I’m really caught in a Jimmy Clausen.

  4. winder says:

    That is a great SI cover chuck. I don’t have a clue as to how good we are gonna be this week. To be a well oiled machine is probably asking to much, however, unless we play like we’re all on the same page the probablility is pretty good that we will get beat. Once again in my mind it will all come down to the QB. I really can’t stand Pete Carroll and would really hate to lose this game.

  5. grumpyguy says:

    Look out indeed. Now we find out if it’s “Look out for that steamroller!” or, “Look out, don’t step in that huge pile of dog shit there.”

    Tavaris should help to establish our floor this year. A victory does not guarantee success against good teams. But a loss suggests a long, bitter, drunken lost autumn (again). Even a close difficult win does not imply good things when we play teams like Philly and Pittsburgh.

  6. robd says:

    i’m ok with williams , but why whitner over reggie smith ?

    • Spitblood says:

      Reggie smith is a Fs, Whitner is a Ss. I think, while Whitner is on the team, the Niners really need to find a fast ballhawk of a Fs. Reggie has improved beyond where I ever thought he’d get, but he’s still not a ballhawk with a nose for the football. That’s what we need as FS. Dashon better have a huge year for this team to compete.

      • robd says:

        spit , imo considering the injury to goldson , imo we should play williams as whatever he is … and reggie at the other safety position !
        imo reggie is better at FS , but with williams in there why not put reggie back at SS , ?

        imho our best THREE safeties might just end up being williams , smith and goldson !

        not bad considering we had mark roman for the last few yers !

  7. grumpyguy says:

    Rob, Reggie Smith shows flashes. Then promptly gets hurt. He has not stayed healthy long enough to develop into anything more than a maybe. Whitner has at least started in this league for years.

    I think Spit is right (don’t you hate it when that happens? 🙂 ). We need to draft a real ball hawk free safety at some point. Just as soon as we find a goddamned reliable starting QB. 😉

  8. Spitblood says:

    I just wrote wordpress a sharp letter of protest regarding the availability and subsequent use of the winking smiley face.

    • grumpyguy says:

      Indeed. If you can’t reply to someone’s drivel post with the :crap: smiley, which appears as a steaming pile of shit, anything else is hardly worth the effort. As I understand it, every forum / site has software that supports a certain assortment of smilies. WordPress obviously does not support the more interesting ones.

  9. winder says:

    Ok, how do u get a smiley face?

  10. Spitblood says:

    this is gonna be the fruitiest blog ever. we should ask Del to compare this blog with all its smiley faces to the “alternative lifestyle” blogs he frequents.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You’re just jealous that you couldn’t have the same conversation that I could with the Duchess of Cambridge discussing the upward mobility of tres chic fashion. Don’t playa hate Giorgio Armani.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        And listen dummy. Our safeties just might not have to be as spot-on as you suggest: Sidney Rice is listed as DOUBTFUL for Sunday. If you’d pay attention to the little detail, maybe you wouldn’t be a total mook.

      • Spitblood says:

        Just saw that Rice is listed that way. Great, you saw that twenty minutes before I did which is shocking because I know your addicted to the Blue Oyster Blog. Rice out doesn’t change the fact that we need a great FS.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Fantasy football update: I have Drew Brees in our yahoo! league. Yea for me! One small problem. Rob has ’em in our ESPN league and he’s playing yours truly Week 1. If I lose to Rob in the first week, I’m shutting that sucker down. 😛

    • Spitblood says:

      That’s not nearly enough. Shut it down, apologize to the world, wander the deserts for 40 years praying for forgiveness, and then start looking for ways to repent.

  12. Spitblood says:

    sweet baby jesus…. this place is turning awful before my very eyes.

    • grumpyguy says:

      Well, fuck, it’s been a whole two or three days now, Spit!

      • Spitblood says:

        Del waxing philosophic about European fashion? Winking smiley faces? Tafetta? We’re T minus 47 hours and counting away from football season and this blog has zero testicular fortitude. I want hits, I want bludgeonings, I want Pete Carroll’s head on a pike. I want the Seattle players crying. I want all of Seattle to go into a year long depression. I want every company Paul Allen is invested in to simultaneously, overnight collapse and cause Allen to sell to Bengals’ owner, Mike Brown. I want the guy who created the smiley face DEAD! His family, DEAD! His wife and dog, DEAD! I want the guy who created tafetta DEAD! I want the guy who made me aware there is such a thing, DEAD! I want Pete Carroll DEAD! I want Tavaris Jackson, DEAD! I want Zack Miller DEAD! There…. now we’re back on track.

      • winder says:

        Lol. I’m with ya, even though I don’t know what taffeta is. I will have to google it soon as I’m done with this.

      • winder says:

        Now I know what tafetta is and I find it amusing that I didn’t already know. Still looking for a Gdamn smiley face.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Get a room guys… Or better yet, email each other your fantasies.

    Don’t bring it here.

  14. twinfan1 says:

    If Jackson is as bad as this board says he is, it’s up to the defense more than Smith to win this game.And this is at home, where Alex destroyed a far better group than this one.Alex, BTW, had a 92 QB rating after Jimmy left. The hatred is obsessive and out of line with reality- he is at present an average NFL QB, finally with a chance to operate in a system compatible with his assets.Now try to root for our team, not wish ill for it’s QB..

  15. Spitblood says:

    Read this…. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ninerinsider/detail?entry_id=97215&tsp=1

    Back in the day when he wasn’t counting gold fish and simultaneously wonder where his virgins went, Osama wrote or said something very smart. He said the most harm he could do to America was to lure them into an expensive battle that crippled the American economy. If you read the above article, I feel pretty good about the work I’ve done on the blogs. 1.5 million in revenue. 30th out of 32 teams in regards to revenue? A small market team status….. in one the biggest, most well known cities in the world? And this little punk ass kid because of the recent economic success of the Silicon Valley wants to move out of one of the greatest cities in the world? No chance. Not on my watch you little fucker. You don’t get to give me a decade of crap, starting Alex Smith, pissin’ down my back, tellin’ me it’s raining, then try to move from the greatest city in the world … not on my watch. No chance. I have no delusions about virgins, or use for them. Now if they promised me crazy women with seriously twisted brains and an endless desire to grab me a beverage, I might get delusional. But I’ll gladly count goldfish with Osama, employing his same strategies to keep the strangle hold on York revenue until York sees the error of his GM ways. Well played, Spitblood. Well played. Oh, look, someone’s at the door…..

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      And who was #1 atop Forbes’ list? The same team that’s gonna come in here Week 2 and kick the livin’ shit out of us.

      How bout dem Cowboys!

  16. unca_chuck says:

    The problem, Spitty? For every you, there are 1,000 escaped goats who will take your non-taken spot. Nothing the fans do can make a difference. Short of a massive boycott. Since this isn’t going to happen, at least in the immediate future with the hiring of Harbaugh, we have to let the chips fall where they will. Coulda had a stadium if Eddie had waited a couple years to get busted. Coulda had a stadium if Dr. Dork didn’t decide to sit on the NFL money and let the bond expire. As it is, they could end up in LAX after 5 more years of Yorkian ineptitude.

    The city council will fight to the death over the rights to the fucking name and colors of the 49ers while they let the team skate. How far will be the big question. The Santa Clara deal is already on thin ice, and doesn’t look to fly. Hunters Point would be the best scenario. Build it next to the Stick as originally planned. Build better access from the north.

    Either than, or we may see the team heading down I-5 in the middle of the night come Jan 5, 1015 . . .

    • Spitblood says:

      I totally disagree with you on all fronts, Unca. The 49ers aren’t going to LA. And to say the fans don’t make a difference is a huge oversight on your behalf. You should see the Niner fanbase unrest on Facebook. I’ve created a Spitblood page over there, with about 450 followers, and I get to read their thoughts on the Niners. Marketing has an amazing affect on your way of thought. FB lets me talk to the people and hear their thoughts on the Niners. There are more people who are disenchanted with the Yorks than ever. And the Niners try everything to piss down our back while telling us it’s raining, without trying to address the substance. Nationwide search with Micheal Lombardi? Please. You don’t think Jed York hires bloggers to write good things about Alex Smith and the 49ers in general on the blogs, creating a feeling everything’s okay? You don’t think every word on the Niner website is written carefully to try and entice fans to buy tickets? It’s just the opposite with fans. They don’t have a central marketing headquarters, but they do have a collective voice that means something. There is a backlash to the York bullshit that means something. The York try to deflect that unrest by buying up empty seats so games aren’t blacked out, pointing to the fact that nobody really believes in a York product. The York don’t want people to know that Candlestick is a ghost town most of the time, and definitely not with a stadium proposal in the works. You can’t organize a walkout, but the more people you get calling this team a sham, the more you create your own walkout.

      LA isn’t a real option for the Niners. They’d stil have the exact same problems in LA they do here. You want to move a team into LA? They’d still need a guy who masterfully draft and had the nutz like Holmgren to avoid free agency all together. The Yorks would still need to be beaten into submission with a rubber hose, so they valued good coaching, building through the draft, and most of all finding a GM who can evaluate talent and make smart moves to acquire superstars through the draft.

      The Niners aren’t going anywhere, literally, until they solve their GM problem. Maybe they have with Baalke, I don’t know yet. By the looks of things, he still doesn’t know how to bring top five qb play to the Niners.

  17. grumpyguy says:

    To win this game we need three sacks, 7 pressures, one pick, a QBR of 88 from Alex, 90 yards from Frank, some eye of newt, one sacrificial virgin and a partridge in a fucking pear tree.

    And breaking Tavaris’s arm wouldn’t hurt either.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    No, we want Tavaris in there.

    Whitehurst likely beats out Jackson by week 4.

  19. grumpyguy says:

    Hmm. Okay, I guess I can settle for a hairline fracture that only shows up in the postgame X-Rays.

    Like Mikey would say, I gotta see the fucking film!

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Easy on the X-rays, Grump. I just had a few on myself today. That’s OK, I’ll take one for the team. But I do have one little question…why in the hell does that hospital gown tie in the back? That makes no fucking sense at all…Kinda like Spit’s 5 paragraph-long diatribes that he composes at 4 AM after having too much “coffee.”

  20. Spitblood says:

    I can literally see your Eczema covered Al Davis fingers with bandages over the boils and yellow fingernails twitching as you put the quotes in the air around the word, “coffee.”

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Dennis, what is up with you? I know you have back problems, but you have more medical procedures than Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor put together.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Nothing too major. It’s my goddamn hip. Just checking to see if I might need a revision surgery. You know how I like to quote lines from “The Sting,” and Doyle Lonnegan in particular? Well, he and I have the same gait.

      “Ya follah?”

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    That is a nice SI cover of Brodie. My favorite of course is the SI cover of SB XVI that has Earl Cooper leaping high in the air about to spike the ball with his left hand after his TD gave our Niners a 14-0 lead in the 2nd quarter. Word is that was a play that Walsh hadn’t called in two years. That guy wasn’t too shabby…anyway, that’s my favorite cover because *I* was sitting in that exact goddamn end zone when and where “Coop” spiked that ball. I had the perfect viewpoint.

    But even better than that, was the viewpoint I had for the goal line stand when Danny Bunz stonewalled Charles Alexander on that 3rd and goal. And then on that 4th dn play, well, shit, it seemed liked the Niners had their entire team out their piled up in the middle with Archie Reese on top waving his hands back and forth after they denied Pete Johnson. I think I just about lost my mind right there. I’m getting emotional just reminiscing about it. It’s good to be a 49er fan…

  23. grumpyguy says:

    Dennis, good memories.

  24. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I just went to take a look at my ticket stub. I do that from time-to-time just to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. 😉

  25. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “Live” dogs I like to win SU on Sunday.

    Steelers + 1 1/2
    Lions + 1 1/2
    Rams + 4 (+180)
    Redskins +3 (+135)
    Cowboys + 5 1/2 (+210)

    How bout dem Cowboys!

  26. Spitblood says:

    Gary Spitblood Points to the Obvious

    Well after months of fornicating, groping and lewd conversations with the wrong women this off season, I’m back here at Chuck’s new digs to point to the obvious; and the obvious is, “IT’S FOOTBALL TIME, BABY!!!!” Most of the story lines have been covered from the ineffectiveness of both O lines, to our new safeties, to “What’s your problem,” to Pat and Navaro blitzing more this year. All of that’s fantastic, especially, “What’s your problem,” because it speaks so clearly to the essence of Jim Harbaugh. “What? You comin’ at me?” In an instant, without even thinking, Harbaugh was going after Carroll. That’s how you know we got the right guy. He’s not just a competitor, he wants to run you over and he’s competitive enough to know that subterfuge, trickeration, diplomacy and playing dumb are necessary when outside the lines. I get the sense he loathes that PR part of the job, but knows it’s a necessary evil.

    Tomorrow two of my biggest questions will get somewhat answered: Roman / Harbaugh’s play calling and the new design of their plays, and Fangio’s blitzing. It’s all been Vanilla, baby, up to this point. About this time tomorrow, we’re gonna find out just how much Fangio likes to bring the pain and if he’ll do it after getting burned. We’ll also find out whether a short, WCO can keep the pass rush from planting Alex. We get to see Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, maybe Crabtree, all on the field at once, running not vanilla offensive preseason plays, but some of the plays Bill Walsh designed twenty years ago. We get to see up-temp, hurry up offense, with good communication between coaches and players on both sides of the ball. Harbaugh and Roman will be calling the plays, and Harbaugh (through the advent of technology), will be in Smith’s ear hole between plays for a short period of time – coaching him up, telling him what formations to look for. I can’t tell you how invaluable that is. I bet right now Alex Smith is really, really nervous. I bet he sees that if he can just play faster and control his emotions while making good decisions that he could play well enough to stick around here for a while…. or at least he thinks that. However, when Alex Smith gets nervous, this is what he’ll hear in his ear hole, and he’ll use about as much touch as Billy Madison when delivering short yardage passes to Gore, Walker and the baby-faced killer, Kyle Williams.

    All ‘n all, there are a lot of story lines, but the two questions I want answered are how often Fangio blitzes and I just want to see new offensive plays with some fuckin’ good play calling. Good play calling. Good play calling, and oh yeah, some creative plays to go along with good play calling. I wanna see the stretch play, play action, trickeration, spread ’em out, draws, screens, bootlegs and more. I want to see those plays called when I don’t even expect it. You get me sayin’, “I sure didn’t see that one comin’,” and you’ve done somethin’ there brother. ‘Cause I see it all. I see it all …

  27. Spitblood says:

    ….except the bitch wearin’ the wire, talkin’ dirty ……

  28. Spitblood says:

    Oh, and one more thing….. remember Abroyo Franklin? Well, he’s been replaced by “Navaro” Bowman. I know it’s spelled Navorro, but I’m changing the spelling of his name, just to fuckin’ drive Del completely insane.

  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Too bad I didn’t run into Susan Powter. She might have been able to help me, “Stop the Insanity!”

  30. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Hey, Chuck. Any chance your blog could show the last comment shown on the right-hand side with the person’s avatar a la Flav’s blog? I really find that option most helpful when trying to see the latest comment, and if I’d like to respond to said comment.


    your pal Skippy

  31. twinfan1 says:

    Chuck, you should just give Spit and Denny editor status and get as far away from this blog as possible. You have friends who will put you and the family up. Spit and Del will eventually and simultaneously choke each other to death, than you can return.

  32. unca_chuck says:





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