World Baseball Clunker

Not really watching this, although it is kinda funny people are up in arms because guys major leaguers like Trayce Thompson get to play for different countries (in his case Great Britain since his dad was born in the Bahamas) and it is such a farce. Whatevs.

The only thing noteworthy to come out of this is Edwin Diaz tearing his patellar tendon celebrating his win as part of Team Puerto Rico in their win over the DR. As stupid baseball celebrations go, it wasn’t as dumb as your usual major league strip off the jersey and douse the guy with water, but . . . .


At least he wasn’t separating frozen hamburger patties with a knife or playing with his kids a la Jeremy Affeldt. Still and all, I’m not really paying much attention to this as it is filled with guys who will never see the light of the majors scattered around the various major leaguers who snuck onto some of these squads. But, the Mets are screwed as their closer hits the shelf for the entire season. Not sure why they decided to play this tourney right in the middle of spring training, but that ain’t my call.

Than again, baseball runs from March to November so, when else? Maybe do it in Australia in December.

Other than that, love the Javon Hargrave signing. Bummed we lost Moseley and Ebukam, but we have so many free agents that we were bound to lose a few.


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6 Responses to World Baseball Clunker

  1. Winder says:

    I just look at the scores for the WBC. I know MLB wants to go international and maybe by doing this it gets some traction.

    Tavarious Moore just jumped ship to GB. The feeding frenzy of FA is now just a trickle but it is still rolling along.

  2. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah you’re always going to lose good players to F/A, but it’s what u do to keep the roster competitive thru out.Niners have 16 of 22 starters coming back I believe? They added another stud starter in DL Javon Hargrave,a solid player in the secondary in Oliver,a rotational high pick in Ferrel on the DL front,and even QB Darnold who played good down the stretch for the Panthers and all pieces add depth and added competition! I like what they have done so far..

    • Winder says:

      I wish we didn’t lose a few of those players but things still should be pretty good this coming season. It’s gonna be all about the QB’s.

  3. willedav says:

    Altuve out with fractured thumb suffered in WBC, likely to miss couple months according to MLBTR. Opens up spot for Dubon maybe. I see fans on other sites lamenting Giants letting him go, but I didn’t care for him. MLBTR story rates him capable defensive replacement in IF…we’ll see. He never got one post season AB during Stros run to title last year.

    • Winder says:

      I never cared that much for him either. He would flash some good stuff every once in while but overall I never expected him to do much. IIRC he was a terrible base runner. I could be thinking of someone else with that.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    Dubon never moved the meter for me as well Willied.Giants didn’t know what position fit him best if there ever was one. Stupid base runner like the one we have now in Luis Gonzalez who u might of thought as Winder,but he hits better then Dubon ever will..

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