Week One Weirdness

I’m in a pick ’em football tourney, and wow. 6-9. I’m hoping I reach 7 tonight with the Broncos beating the hapless 0-3 NFC West denizens, Seattle.

But, the Super Bowl teams were both losers. The Giants beat Tennessee, KC did fine without T Hill, Miami won with T Hill, Green Bay did horrible without DaVante Adams, the Raiders lost WITH DaVante Adams, and a bunch of these games were decided in the end on either missed or made FGs. Cincy missed an extra point with no time left to win as their long snapped got hurt, and the Steelers won in OT. Indy and Houston played to a tie.

Then there’s us. What should have been a nice tune up win turned into a penalty-filled shit-fest as the defense committed 3 penalties on 3rd down to extend 3 different drives, both the offense and defense disappeared in the 2nd half to allow the 19 unanswered points, the Bears were singing in the rain after being outplayed for 3 quarters.

A very familiar story in the Shanahan era. Blowing leads late. Ever since that amazingly disastrous Super Bowl when OC Kyle Shanahn led the Falcons from a 28-3 lead to a 34-28 defeat at the hands of Tom Brady (31 unaswered points!), he’s had an amazing knack of gagging down the stretch. Whether by being too aggressive (Falcon game) too conservative (NFCCG, KC Super Bowl), goes wimpy on defense (yesterday), or whatever, Shanahan with a lead in the 4th quarter seems to be the kiss of death for the team.

Chicago started the game paying conservative, and it didn’t work. By the 3rd quarter however, Chicago tried going deeper with their passes. It didn’t really work until the ONE broken play to Pettis. It changed the entire dynamic. After that play the Niners defense played off the WRs to prevent the big play, and instead gave up easy short passes. So, we allowed them to go back to their original formula of short passes to slowly march down the field. All the pressure that we had put on Fields vanished as Chicago negated our pass rush with quick passes and decent runs.

Our run game was non-existent. Even though we got 176 yards on the ground, only 63 came from the RBs. Deebo, who is not even a part of the passing game anymore (2 catches, 14 yards), got 54 yards, and Lance 52. Mitchell is likely out for a long time, and Wilson isn’t gonna make anyone forget Raheem Mostert. Run blocking was bad, and pass blocking was worse. The Bears 4 man rush got pressure all game, and we did nothing to negate that. Dropping 7 guys into coverage allowed the Bears to stop our passing game.

We were out-coached.

Here’s an idea, Shanny. Since you insist on using Deebo as a running back, THROW to him out of the backfield. This would force defenses to cover him with a linebacker/safety.

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17 Responses to Week One Weirdness

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Dre Greenlaw should be fined $500,000 for every drive-extending penalty he commits.

  2. Winder says:

    Not ready to throw the towel in yet but it sure looked like shades of last years losses. Lance will just have to live outside of the pocket until our Oline settles. I am so mad at not only Shanny but all our fucking coaches, like you said it was shitball. Anyway, I still think Lance is our future and was worth taking the chance on. Remember in 17 we fucking wasted two first rd picks. Still waiting on Kinlaw.

  3. Berger says:

    Somebody earlier was wondering why Mason was active and Davis-Price was not. The answer I got was that Mason plays special teams. His dual role got him activated.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Yet another wasted 3rd round pick on a RB. Everyone seems to fret over losing all these 1st round picks, but the Shanalynch picks 1st round have pretty bad. Bosa is the only star among their 7 tries. Only Brandon Aiyuk is a solid starter among the rest.

    Solly Thomas and Reuben Foster are gone, McGlinchey is struggling at RT, Kinlaw is hurt and struggling. Lance is TBD.

    Pretty shitty track record. What is annoying to me is this front office is catching NO heat from the press or the fans. For the most part. Shanny and Lynch have the beauty of coming from a spot where the team was an absolute laughingstock. They are much better, but they are not going to get anywhere with a coach that is too scared to play aggressive, and a drafting group that can’t shoot straight.

    • Berger says:

      You are entitled to your opinion, and you are a good fan. Having said that, I disagree. I like the job that ShanaLynch is doing.

      My only major complaint is that I wish they would stop moving up in the draft. The players they have moved up for haven’t done much, if anything, and it has just cost us a lot of picks. I would rather see them trade back, pick up more picks and get more opportunities to ‘hit’ on a pick.

    • unca_chuck says:

      This was one of Shanahan’s worst games as an NFL coach. Eberflus out-coached him. What was plan B for Shanny? Nothing. When does he ever adjust to deteriorating situations during a game? Our run game now consists of wasting our best receiver as a running back. Look how well that worked in the 2nd half. Wilson isn’t gonna do much with this crap O line. The one the brain trust chose to ignore this past offseason.

      Eberflus dropped 1-2 RBs into the backfield to block on passing plays to slow our rush in the 2nd half. . it worked. We didn’t come close in the 2nd half.

      Shanny? Hmmm. Nothing. We didn’t change anything as we couldn’t block their 4 guys with our 5. All day. But yeah, let’s keep it up!

      Frankly, I’m pissed these guys are not catching any heat from the press or the fans for the most part. Sure we were a fucking joke with the last 3 regimes. Just because we have reached decent levels of play doesn’t mean these guys are the answer.

      Harbaugh and Shanny bothe share one trait that gets coaches fired. They both think they are the smartest guys in the room and do not take advice from anyone.

      • Berger says:

        If we had a better QB, we win, even with the penalties. Period.

        I didn’t hear one radio show today that did not say the same thing. One guy called in and said that Lance played OK and both radio hosts laughed and hung up on him. You can blame whoever you would like, but the QB play was awful. It has to improve.

        I’ll be patient with him. I am rooting for him. I need to see improvement. I think the crowd noise is going to overwhelm him in Seattle next week. If we can’t run, we’ll be 0-2.

  5. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah and the early season hits just keep on coming..Elijah Mitchell to miss 2 months with a sprained MCL knee injury!
    Man I love this guy but he has turned into Mr.Glass with numerous injuries to start his career! Well this should be interesting with Shanahan’s RB’s role now,go with Jeff Wilson? another injured prone back, but the most experienced, are a the Rooks ,Price? Mason?
    And whatever they decide, Shanny has to get rid of the thought of using Deebo lined up back there, he will be creamed, worn down, and useless by mid season doing that, he’s basically says he hates that role during contract talks, yet here they are doing it all over again? Where’s the creativity of Shanahan’s offense to move the needle in other directions?

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Yep. Deebo is not gonna hold up to carrying the ball 8-10 times a game. Plus you lose his efforts as a WR. Stupid. We can’t run basic run plays as the interior line can’t get out of its own way.

    My biggest peeve is the 2nd and goal from the 2. Aiyuk is singled up on the right side. The defense begs for a rollout to the right and foce the corner to pick between the run and the pass. But no, Mr. Offensive genius runs it up the middle for a 2 yard loss. Which forces a passing situation. Aaaaaaand the sack. kick the FG. Thanks for playing. The offense died on the vine after that series. Much like the NFCCG when Shanny had a 2nd and 1 on his 45 yard line and couldn’t convert on 2 straight run plays. After that series the 49ers held the ball for 45 seconds the rest of the game. Brilliant.

    Funny how that works. Mr. offensive guru needs a gallon of vanilla ice cream sent to his office. Fuck this shit.

    Am i overreacting? Yeah, maybe. But the problems we had yesterday are the same problems we have had in the entire Shanahan tenure. False starts. Too many killer penalties on 3rd down, conservative play calling. Inability to hold a lead late.

    I wouldn’t be so concerned if I hadn’t seen this same shit during their whole time here.

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    On the late morning crew on KNBR, a caller called out the O-line. Hopefully someone in the front office was listening. Watching Denver/Seattle, R Wilson has all day to make a pass. Why is Kyle so conservative? He does not like taking chances, and yet other teams do it all the time. Kyle open up that playbook and go for it,.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Well, when you can’t pass block, you can’t take shots. But they need to learn how to leave a back in to protect the ineffective blocking.

    When we try to roll right, we forget to block the DE. Watch the Houston game. Or just about any game last year. When we roll right, the DE has an open path to the QB. Every fucking time. Shanahan does not know how to scheme his way to getting a clean pocket. The blocking just sucks.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Denver is playing near as bad as us. 3 trips inside the 3 yard line and they get 3 points. 11 penalties.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    And they blew it at the end. Running the clock out and trying a 64 yard FG was daft. You have to get closer. Even if it was 4th and 5.

  11. joshuastnvk says:

    I was calling for Shanny to lose his job last year. I said he needed to make the super bowl to keep it and Jimmy needed to make the NFC championship game. They did the opposite of what I was thinking lol

    They are definitely going to overuse Deebo. I’m guessing right about now he wants to cancel that contract extension he signed.

    Hey, one game that was as sloppy as the conditions. Normal field are we that bad? I hope not. Week two is still a ‘tune’ up game and our home opener so lets see what adjustments have been made and get it back on track. People are right, we need good QB play. Lance needs the benefit of the doubt but he had a whole year to learn. If we can’t get improvement week to week from the guy he’s gonna have to go. I know there are line problems, but line problems don’t stop good QB’s from making plays and keeping their teams in it. (Joe Burrow anyone?) Chuck, you’re right, they need to keep a RB in to help protect. If they aren’t good, use Kyle J. or a backup TE. Go big to protect. I’d rather see the old Singletary and Nolan play calling where there are three man routes and that’s it than try and get cute and our QB destroyed.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    If they can’t block even reasonably effectively, it’s gonna be a long season. I mean, power runs don’t work. All we have are the gimmicky Deebo plays that seem to work.

    Yeah, it was a bad one-off. Hopefully. Then again, when we were 3-5, they reeled off some big wins.

    I don;t know. Shanahan just seems to be the one holding us back in the end.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up…

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