Trial by Fire

Heading into the heart of training camp, and the 49er offense seems to be clicking a little better now that McGlinchey and Trent Williams are on the field. Almost time for game 1 on Friday! As the protection is getting better, so is Trey Lance’s completion percentage. Sounds good to me. And we get the Green Bay Packers to open our preseason.

Bring me the head of Aaron Rodgers! I’m sure he’s still butt-hurt from being knocked out of the playoffs by us, but he prolly won’t touch the field anyway, so sorry ass-hat. Stay on the sidelines and fuck up another playoff opportunity later in the season.

Seems like others are noticing that practicing against our dominant defense should be helping Lance in the long run. Heard MJ-D bring it up last week, and just read an article in the Athletic about it and a bunch of other stuff hopefully it posts and you can read it. I wasn’t blocked so maybe it works.

Got some good stuff about the rookies, UDFAs and such.

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6 Responses to Trial by Fire

  1. Winder says:

    From the last thread. All I ever heard was that he jammed a finger on someone’s helmet. But, to break one on your throwing hand that’s gotta effect the way you throw.

    Yeah, I saw that article yesterday about the rookies. I know there is a lot of homerism going on within the media that follows the Niners but they sure make things sound very hopeful. Heck, I remember this time of year in 2004 I thought we were going places. So we will just have to see.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, and it was his index finger. Pretty much the most important finger on your throwing hand.

    Yeah, hope springs eternal, but this is to me a better team than last year’s. And we did surprisingly well last year. Don;t know why they started out so mediocre, but Shaay’s play calling had a lot to do with the inconsistency early. Plus putting Aiyuk in the doghouse set back the offense about a month.

    It did take the defense quite a while to get over the injuries in the defensive backfield.

    I think this team gets off to a much better start than last year.

    • Winder says:

      I like starting against the Bears we should win that one. Their defense is piecework and for the most part new. I would just like to see a year when injuries are minor and our guys can stay on the field. If we can do that we got a shot at it all I believe. Lance has to show.

  3. joshuastnvk says:

    I’m not usually one to sing championship at the start of every year because of my love for a team, I tend to look at things pretty realistically. But this Niners team is good. Up and down, left and right. But Winder is right about one thing, we need to stay on the field. We had a pretty decent squad in 2020, hell the year prior we were in the bowl, and we were searching for 4th stringers by week 4. (Thanks NY) So anything can happen. But the talent on this team is top notch. I’d say we’re #1 in NFC, maybe #4 overall. Some would argue Rams over us, but fuck them. We beat them twice every year. (It’s that third time in a year that’s tricky.)

  4. unca_chuck says:

    No shit. We lost our #2 back to a locker room injury in July. Lost our #1 corner and #1 running back in quarter 1 of game 1.

    I think the Rams are gonna have a tougher time winning this season. And I think AZ is due a bit of a struggle as well.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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