Game Three Joy

They say that game three of the preseason is the biggest indicator of the upcoming season. Well, at least they used to. The 1s looked very poised and confident on both sides of the ball, and Brian Hoyer especially looked smooth and polish as he stood in the pocket and hit a myriad of passes. The fake-and off-end-around deep ball to Goodwin being especially sweet as he had beaten the coverage easily and was wide open. Hoyer hit him in stride for an easy score. The 2nd TD drive came on a pass over the middle to the 3rd option, Carlos Hyde on a short post (I think) and he took it the rest of the way up the middle for the TD.

The 1 defense pitched a shutout and looked very solid with a couple of sacks from Arik Armstead and the new guy Elvis Dumerville, Eric Reid continues his strong play at strong safety this preseason, and the defense as a whole is playing worlds better than last year. Even Rashard Robinson had a nice coverage on a deep pass. Our corners are fairly underwhelming at this point, but coverage was decent, and only 1 or 2 deep balls got through.

The 2s and 3s were another deal entirely. CJ Beathard looked terrible till he settled down and hit Raheem Mostert on a swing pass that turned into an 84 yard TD.  Mostert also added a 4 yard TD scamper in the 4th quarter to end the Niners scoring.

So, sure, we lost. Sure, it’s preseason, But the overall consensus, to me anyway, is that the 1st team is playing well and is rounding out nicely heading into the season. The run game isn’t hitting on all cylinders yet, and despite the TD, Carlos Hyde may be facing the same fate as the recently-traded Vance McDropsy, and jettisoned Ahmad Brooks, but things look pretty good at this point. The pass rush has yet to look formidable, but things are getting better incrementally, and I’m fairly optimistic at this point.


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  1. Lurker John says:

    Moved this one over, Chuck:

    The first 2 drives against the Vikings ones, the O looked downright clinical. Hoyer just carved them up, spread the ball around and threw accurately. The ball to Goodwin was right on the money. FUCK that guy is fast. The other deep pass to him is a TD with a better throw. And he was being guarded by Trae Waynes, another burner (4.31 40 at the combine), and Goodwin just fucking blew past him. He’s an explosive runner with crazy acceleration and much better hands than you’d think based on previous reports. He could be primed for a break-out season.

    If Hoyer can get the ball out front consistently enough, there’s going to be some TD’s thrown to that guy. The run game is still lagging, but I still have more confidence in Hyde than most guys here. Joe Williams will get up to speed [pun intended] soon enough. That competition should keep the fire lit under Hyde’s ass. Breida will be sniffing around in there too. Mostert is going to be a nice piece on both ST and in the backfield.

    Pierre Garcon looks like he’s still every bit the stud. Love that guy’s Anquan Boldin-like mentality. He’s going to make a lot of tough catches this year, for TD’s and first downs. Love him.

    The D did look pretty good and Foster is unbelievably fast closing out tackles. He just blows dudes up. Did any of you see the stretch play when he blew up [read, pancaked] Alex Boone? Just knocked him right on his keister. Awesome. Bow looked good. The D line looked pretty good, though that damn pass rush is in serious need of consistency.

    My concern is the CB’s. The safeties look pretty good [how ’bout that Lorenzo Jerome?!], the backers are fine, but the corners really, really suck. Rashard has had a terrible 3 games and looks nowhere near as good as he was hyped to be. Reaser sucks ass and should be cut. Johnson? Give me a break, he’s a meatball. I see the Browns are shopping Joe Haden. Maybe the Niners take a look, but he’s pricey.

    Cut downs on Saturday! GO NINERS!!

  2. unca_chuck says:

    At=least we had more pressure (and a couple sacks) by the first team D. Bradford is a shitty QB though.

    Foster is the steal of the decade. We could have drafted him with the 5th pick and not had any qualms. Instead we get Thomas AND Foster?

    Lynch proves himself to be a better GM than Baalke in one draft.

    • Winder says:

      Lynch is just getting started. I have a feeling he will be a relentless GM in finding the right guys. I keep thinking if I was the GM what would I do and I keep coming back to shitcanning Hyde. The only reason I might keep him is if Hightower is running on empty. And that is still a big ‘might,’ A mid round draft pick would work for me. I am totally optimistic about this team also. We might not win a bunch of games but the other teams will know that they played a pro football team, unlike the last couple of years.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Hightower did himself no favors by coughing up the ball to kill a drive last week.

    If Hyde can figure out the new blocking scheme, there’s no reason to trade him. It looks like he’s struggling a bit with it. He’ll probably get more reps in week 4. I’m not sure trading him would be a good idea given the alternatives.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    And I think Larry Krueger is full of shit.

  5. NJ49er says:

    I think Carlos is serviceable enough to survive the year.
    He’s got to learn the value of being available week to week however.
    Delivering blows is macho enough I guess? If you’re the LB.
    Save the blows for blitz pickup assignments and stay healthy.

    I’m enjoying the addition of Trent Taylor actually.
    Kid looks like a tough little cookie that goes at it hard and focused, wherever they’ve stuck him in.

    I’m going to lean favorably after seeing the efforts of the 1’s in MN.

    Put me in for 6-10 😀

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The way the NFL is these days, we go 9-7 and make the playoffs.

    Poor Buwwitt must be sad his favorite TE was traded. He said Vance would go for 65 catches and 850 yards in 2014. I told him he wouldn’t do that in 3 years. He barely did it in four.

    • NJ49er says:

      I too thought VMcD would improve with better QB play. Many of his drops occurred with the heaters Kaep was known to deliver.
      I think the new regime is simply trimming away the previous pieces in favor of their own?
      Gotta admit I thought Baalke paid way too much to VMcD for the return we got from him stat-wise.

      We’ll see if he improves with Big Ben delivering the goods soon enough.
      I see it as a money shift at a crowded position that seems to have other options that need to be developed.
      Saving some money ain’t a bad thing either, nor is a 5th for a 4th next year.

      More to come by the end of the week…

  7. unca_chuck says:

    He dropped Gabby and Hoyer’s passes as well.

  8. rob says:

    Bullshit berger ! vance mcdropsy was a bad pick ! We both were mystified by the selection at the time if you’ll remember ! We were talking on the phone when it happened ! Tank however was a good pick and we both were pretty happy with that one !

  9. rob says:

    Go compare Kap’s lifetime QBR , completion percentage and TD/ INT and rushing stats to Tom Brady for chrissake ! the kid can play dude

  10. rob says:

    Brady 97 rating Kap 88.9 completion % 63 brady Kap 59.8 Int % Brady 1.8 Kap 1.8 ! these are the most important stats for a QB and keep in mind how bad our teams and coaching staffs were and how good the patriots and their coaches were!

  11. Winder says:

    Rob- Kap sucks as a pro QB he doesn’t fool anyone anymore.

    • rob says:

      WINDER . I’m thinking he can pass for 300 yds in any game and run for 100 . why isn’t he on an NFL roster yet ?!

      • Winder says:

        rob- I truly believe he can’t pass for 300 yards or run for 100 anymore. Do you hear stories about him working out somewhere or with ex-players, I haven’t. He might by making activism his ;profession of choice. Who would want someone who’s not in 100%. He isn’t making any noise at all about his situation everyone else is.

      • Lurker John says:

        Because he sucks. The league has him figured out.

  12. Winder says:

    fun fact- We have played Dallas 35 times in the regular season both teams are 17-17 with 1 tie.
    I remember dallas kicking our ass a bunch of times but we kicked their asses just as much. Memory is a funny thing

  13. rob says:

    JOE HADEN anyone !!! reports say we’re interested in the 2 time pro bowl free agent QB !
    great news imo

  14. rob says:

    oops CB ! I wish it was for a QB lol

  15. rob says:

    But if we add haden we would have one of the most talented defensives going !

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, our CBs are iffy at this point. Johnson has been pretty good, mainly because teams are trying to pick on Rashard Robinson. Robinson has made mistakes, but he has also played well with all the attention on him. He needs to tackle better that’s for sure.

    Reid has been eye-opening at SS. Would be great to see how Jimmy Ward is doing.

    Kap is Kap. Someone will sign him at some point. He’s simply biding his time. I hope he does well.

  17. Nipper says:

    I sure hope the Niners win this next meaningless practice game! I’m so excited to see a bunch of no names beat each other up to make a roster spot. GO TEAM!

  18. 12th Man says:

    Well I wanted them to trade for an OG and a corner and they just did trade for an OG, a former first round pick from the Lions, Laken Tomlinson, and gave up a 5th for him. Strange trade as Tomlinson has been a bust in his first 3 years and the Niners really needed a ready to go guard.

  19. rob says:

    Tomlinson was a good pick up ! he is a good backup and can fill in for garnett until he gets back ! good move imo. hope he fits our scheme too ! haden was on my wish list but se la vie

  20. Spitblood says:

    I doubt Kaep will sign anywhere, Chuck. It’s not for a lack of talent like Winder and others have floated. Look at Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Dude had skills and was blackballed from the NBA for sitting during the anthem. Never played in the NBA again. Kaep and Abdul-Rauf met last off season.

    I’m not, in anyway, sympathetic to the owners. They suck. But they’re in a tough spot with Kaep. They can’t afford drama with all the players retiring and CTE threatening the game. The game of football is an endangered species. Right now, the game is almost unbearable to watch. Flags on every play, refs controlling the outcome of the game. Fans are walking away in droves and the NFL isn’t strong enough to stand up against racism. Warning – political rant coming.

    All Donald Trump is doing is exposing people like Berger. People like Berger are a dime a dozen in America. They are white and preach, in different ways, white privilege. Trump is exposing this white privilege in America and so is Kaep – both in different ways.

    In baseball, NHL, the NBA and NFL, how many black owners are there? Sure, there’s guys like Magic Johnson, Jordan and Derek Jeter – all former players who are percentage owners. But how many black owners are there out there who are majority owners? I’d say none if not very few. So who’s going to stand up for Kaep? If there was one black owner in the NFL, he’d hire Kaep. No problem.

    People like Berger confuse Kaep’s message. They say Kaep is attacking our soldiers. Wrong. Kaep is sitting in protest of how blacks are treated by American police officers. Period. What’s Trump doing? He’s pardoning police chiefs who racially profile. He’s building walls to keep Mexicans out. He’s giving the police the gear to go to war with blacks so white America can preserve white privilege. On the one hand, Trump is showing how racist America is, and the NFL owners are proving Trump’s case by not playing Kaep. And if you’re dumb enough to think Kaep isn’t talented or smart enough to play in the NFL, I envy your inability to see the truth.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Well, if you think I can’t see the truth, then you can’t read, skippy. I’ve been behind Kappy’s position since the beginning.

    The practice is now spreading, albeit slowly, across the sports landscape. Well, the NFL and NBA landscape. lt’ll never fly in baseball for obvious reasons. Hockey? Who knows. Chris Long joined the protest as the first white NFL player to do so this preseason. Kudos to him. The country in general is behind the thought that blacks are targeted, and to say sports and society don’t mix must have missed Tommie Smith and John Carlos’s protest in the 1968 Olympics, Muhammad Ali’s draft protest in 1969, Carlos Delgato’s refusing to stand for God Bless America in 2004, or even Branch Rickey’s drafting and playing of Jackie Robinson way back in 1947. ALL these protests at the time were wildly unpopular, and the people protesting were vilified (Robinson, Rickey, Delgato), stripped of their medals (Smith, Carlos, Ali), and blackballed from their respective leagues (Rahim and Kaepernick).

    I really don’t want to go down this road on this blog, but hey, it’s preseason.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    And spitty, let’s try not to call out others for their positions on things.

    I’m not trying to change the world here, just providing 49er info.

  23. Spitblood says:

    Chuck – I think you can see the truth regarding most issues. I understand the purpose of your blog. But others against Kaep can make the same case – The NFL isn’t a platform for protest. We’re all trying to make the world a better place to live.

  24. Lurker John says:

    The politics need to be left off this board. Your interpretation is one thing, spit, but it is only your opinion. Berger has his stance, I have mine, Chuck has made his clear. Everyone believes what they believe. This has happened before here and it leads to no good. Feelings get hurt and people get angry. Shelve your bullshit politics and let’s all stick to football.

    The Niners received a pretty severe backlash from fans around the league with the Kap anthem thing. At the end of the day, I think that’s what has been keeping Kap from getting a job. No owner needs to unnecessarily piss of his fan base, not with skyrocketing ticket prices and a game that you rightly noted is getting harder and harder to watch.

    This blog is much more enjoyable when we focus on the Niners and what they do on the field. I can’t count the number of times I’ve bit my tongue here and on Craig’s blog when this stuff arises. Years worth. But every once in a while I read a really dumb post and can’t help myself.

    Chuck and Craig are very knowledgeable about the Giants and 49ers and a lot of smart, die-hard fans post on both blogs. That’s what brings me back, not politics.

    Kap is not longer on the team and won’t be again. Let it go.

    • Spitblood says:

      I by no means have any desire to converse with 99.9% of the people on this blog or Skeeber’s blog, but here Lurker John is trying to plead for no politics on this board, offering that my stuff is just my opinion, but then he wants to slip in his own opinion and his own take on the issue (doesn’t matter if he agreed with me or not). If Lurker John didn’t like the politics or Kaep topic, you’d think he wouldn’t respond or at least not be a hypocrite when responding.

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