Jeremy Spoke in Class Today

Nothing earthshaking, but the 49ers retained the services of ONE of their woebegone wide receivers in Jeremy Kerley. Granted, he was about the only guy that could consistently: a) run proper routes; b) catch the ball; c) do something after the catch. And, really the only reason it is noteworthy at all is because the current regime is treating the last regime much like the current administration is treating the last one.

As in remove all trace of its existence. Kerley didn’t put up huge numbers, but “he’s a pro” in the words of Joe Staley.  “He goes about his day, he’s always on his (assignments), he knows the details of what we’re trying to do and he’s out there making plays” said WR coach Mike LaFleur.

Still and all though I’m sure the purge of flotsam and jetsam has not begun in earnest. TE and the other WRs currently on the roster more than likely will change dramatically. We’ve already swapped out QBs and CBs, and I’m sure LBs will look a lot different in short order, or at least when cut-down days arrive.

Anyhow, saw Roger Waters over the weekend, and it was a pretty amazing show. Especially when they played “One of These Days” from Meddle. One of my favorite Floyd songs.

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  1. Winder says:

    Well, waiting on TC is just like waiting for the draft, it is just taking a long Goddamn time. One good thing is we made it out of OTA’s with no major injuries. Since we have 90 players in camp a whole shitload are not gonna make it. Then we will see just what kind of rebuild we are looking at.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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