Big Fun in Little SF

The calendar watch shows:

March 2 Prior to 4 p.m. ET, deadline for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players
March 7 NFL Regional Combine (Lake Forest, Ill.)
March 7-10 Clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become Unrestricted Free Agents upon the expiration of their 2014 contracts at 4 p.m. ET on March 10. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4 p.m. ET on March 10
March 10 Prior to 4 p.m. ET, clubs must exercise options for 2015 on all players who have option clauses in their 2014 contracts
Prior to 4 p.m. ET, clubs must submit qualifying offers to their Restricted Free Agents with expiring contracts and to whom they desire to retain a Right of First Refusal/Compensation
Prior to 4 p.m. ET, clubs must submit a Minimum Salary Tender to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring 2014 contracts and who have fewer than three accrued seasons of free agency credit
Top-51 Begins. All clubs must be under the 2015 salary cap prior to 4 p.m. ET
All 2014 player contracts expire at 4 p.m. ET

This is the start of the first round of player movement.  As the end of the 2014 calendar NFL season winds down, a few big names have been cut, but as of now, there hasn’t been a lot of news.

Today at 1:00 PM local time, teams need to franchise their players, thus pissing them off, and setting up acrimony for next season. The 49ers likely won’t use their tag, and it looks like a ton of other teams won’t either. KC’s OLB Justin Houston is the only guy who has been tagged thus far. Dez Bryant is reportedly going to be tagged and that should set up an interesting scenario in Jerry-land. He usually throws money around like a drunken sailor, but has he learned discretion being the better part of valor? He has DeMarco Murray to sign as well.

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  1. Winder says:

    This is a dead time of year for us football fans. Thank God Baseball is just around the corner.

    • Berger says:

      ‘How ’bout them Warriors’ coming back from 26 down to beat the Celtics yesterday!

      • Nipper says:

        They get to cream the Nets tonight.

      • Berger says:

        I wouldn’t say it’s for sure. It’s the 2nd day of a back to back and the last day of their longest road trip of the year. Teams usually lose in this scenario. Their legs are probably a little heavy right now and that usually takes its toll on shooting percentage and defense. This team seems to be mentally tough and I’m sure they know and have been told exactly what I said above but not being able to explode into moves is a physical problem and not a mental one. At least Festus should be rested!

      • Nipper says:

        Yeah play that Fetus until his tongue drags on the hardwood.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    The Fibs are awesome, but who the fuck is the schedule maker? This is the 3rd time the warriors are playing 4 games in 5 days. They even played 5 in 6.5 days. Shorten the season by shortening the days between playoff games, not by stacking reg season games on top of each other.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Well, the playoffs are in danger of being longer than the regular season. Don’t know why they decided this shit. That guarantees injuries and fatigue.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Word is Darnell Docket. frequent pain in the Niners collective ass, is coming in for a visit tomorrow.

    Justin Smith is stopping by as well to talk about one more year with the team. The am is ‘guardedly optimistic’ he’ll come back for one more rodeo.

    This leads me to believe that Ahmad Brooks will be released soon. He would give the team an instant cap space of $6 mill iirc.

  5. Alleykat says:

    Brooks definitely gone, I would clear out more cap space and get after Suh & hope Cowboy returns. Suh& the Smith tandem would be a badass SSS combo enforcers up front!!!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Losing Stevie Wonder will also give them some more cap space.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    The Niners apparently signed Jerryd Hayne, New Zealand’s finest, to a practice aqua deal to return kicks and throw shrimps on the Barbie.

    Why not? They catch kicks in rugby, right? I think so.

    He’ll just have to get used to looking through a face mask. And wearing all those pads and shit.

  8. NJ49er says:

    If Jerruh is smart, (which he likely isn’t), he’d let the Market decide the price for Murray.
    RBs are there for the taking come Draft time.

    This is generally viewed as an expendable position.
    Unless you’re MN, paying AP, very few teams tie up major Cap Dollars in the RB position.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Through the magic of LTBE, (likely to be earned) adjustments, 9ers find $6.5Mil today.
    Once again, Paraag has his finger on the pulse of Cap Mgt.
    Savings will also increase with the pending moves involving Ahmad and Stevie.
    Maiocco reports that Stevie has not been approached about restructuring either.

    The perfect storm, Crabtree AND Stevie negotiations in unison, to see which guy stays on the cheaper deal.

  10. NJ49er says:

    Randall Cobb didn’t get tagged in GB either.
    Granted, we’re not in the best position to spend money right now but, I’d kick the tires on Cobb just to free up a Draft position decision.
    If the Crabtree/Stevie/Cobb trio come in on balanced ground, Cobb would be the choice IMO.

    That could allow Baalke an extra RD or 2 to find a younger option to develop at WR before Anquan comes off the books.
    I’m much more enthusiastic about our new WRs Coach, than I’ve ever been, with Johnnie Morton in recent years.

    • Alleykat says:

      I would be all over getting Randall Cobb!!
      He fights hard “Everygame,Everyplay”
      Can also line him up wide, slot or out of the backfield,which Rogers did for certain match ups.

      • NJ49er says:

        Game proven guy Alleykat.
        I’d certainly have no problem with him in SF if the money concerns were in order.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I assumed (a while ago) that it was the Johnnie Morton from the Saints. But it wasn’t. The whole deal of 4 different guys calling plays, little to no WR development, and the disjointed nature of the offense, and the red zone woes all led me to be fed up with the Harbaugh/roman offense.

    I’m still very unsure about Geepster, but Logan is a breath of fresh air that could be the key to some offensive innovation.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stevie come back, on a restructure of course.

  12. Alleykat says:

    You know I have to start giving Tomsula a little more credit.He really does comes across as a player’s coach/mentor.And having this guy change his mind maybe partially cause of Tomsula’s background in Rugby might have helped sway him, that and a 100k guarantee doesn’t hurt.
    Not saying this Rugby dude Jarryd Hayne will pan out since its a “HUGE Learning”adjustment to the NFL for a someone who’s never played regular football with helmet& pads, but he has speed 4.53 for a guy his size 6’2 226 which makes him faster then most of our RB’s now, though he likely would only be used on ST, punt returner, KO returner.
    But a 100k is chump change if this guy turns out “Big”, cause right now our KO, PR is in desperate need of some spark, with breakaway potential..

    • NJ49er says:

      Yeh Alleykat, I’d be a little concerned about his inclination to lateral in traffic 😀

      On the upside, you know Rugby guys are a gritty bunch.

  13. Lurker John says:

    Maybe you guys can enlighten me on all the negative talk I’m reading on Tank Carradine. The only team I get to watch every week on free TV is the goddamn Seahawks, so I’ve not seen every Niner game in a season in years, but I remember that he barely played at all the first half of the season due to the lingering injury thing, which really put him behind the eight ball coming into the league.

    But when he did get in, he made some plays, showed good quickness through the gaps and ended up with 5 sacks (?). To me that’s more positive than negative and he’s coming out of college as a blue chip guy. The knee seems fine now. So, what gives?

    As for Dial, I really liked what I saw of him last season. A big strong presence in the middle of the line, able to anchor the middle, and a surprising ability to get into the backfield. He’s quick and agile for such a large man. He seems like a diamond in the rough to me, and it’s pretty hard to beat an Alabama pedigree these days. He’s certainly used to hard work. A nice off season of big-time coaching and ass-busting sessions in the weight room and he could really be something.

    Interested to hear thoughts on these guys.

    • NJ49er says:

      Lurker John both Tank and Dial were injury Picks the prior year.
      Each guy essentially getting red-shirted as Rookies.
      This past year was their first taste of game action.
      IMO, they’ll both make improvements as they see more action.

      The needle should be moving up for both of them.
      Gotta get yourself an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.
      I got sick of the Sports Bars and local games in my area years ago.

      Niners Baby!

      • NJ49er says:

        Baalke has been pretty clever in taking chances on injured Draftees by getting them as value Picks later than originally projected prior to those injuries.

        He did it with OG Brandon Thomas last year too.
        This year, I like the OT Cedric Ogbuihi from TX A&M.
        He was a top 20 rated OT until he tore up his knee in a Bowl game.

        These kids are young enough to heal quickly and the risks are more minimal in the trenches IMO.

        Knees for CBs RBs and WRs are probably more risky, with all the running and direction changes?

      • Lurker John says:

        I knew that stuff, which made the negative comments baffling. What you said is how I feel about them. I’ve been procrastinating about the NFL Ticket deal, but it may be time. BTW, thanks for all the detailed draft analysis. I’ve learned about a lot of guys that were off my radar. Amazing how much goes into the draft these days.

      • NJ49er says:

        NP Lurker John, Draft analysis ain’t for everybody, glad you appreciate it.

  14. Lurker John says:

    I’ve been sick this past week, so I had a chance to watch some reruns of the Combine, and watching Dorial Green-Beckham run the 40 was impressive. That’s a big dude and he can move. He also looked good in the agility/catching drills. Of course, he has to be a head case, but he’s intriguing from a purely athletic standpoint.

    Another guy who was really impressive was Trae Waynes from MSU. That guy can flat out fly. If he can cover half as good as he runs and if he returns kicks, he’d be a great pick-up for the Niners, IMO. With a guy like that, you might be able to shut down half the field and free your safeties to do a little more in the run game, a la Seahawks. He also has good size at 6’1″.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m less concerned about a kid like DG-B than I would have been Pre-Rookie Cap.
      If he’s Drafted in RD 2, his money isn’t nearly as steep.
      I’m sure Baalke did plenty of research on him during the Combine window.
      If he flames out due to behavior issues, adios.
      Cap hits aren’t as devastating as they were, when guys like JaMarcus get the Brinks truck for signing a Contract either.

      I’m Draft junkie, so I’m busy doing homework on all the guys I’d like to see wearing our colors in the Spring.
      I’m very impressed with one of the WRs that competed in Indy.
      GA Tech WR Darren Waller – 6’6″/238/4.46

      Big dude with some wheels like Waynes.
      I always appreciate speed in this game, that’s a measurable you can’t Coach, you got it, or you wish you did.

  15. NJ49er says:

    I’ve got a great marketing idea for the League. (Personal wish as it were)
    Have a Draft Weekend PPV Event made available to us fans.
    Get to log into your Teams’ War Room and follow the processes involved with trade discussions and everything that leads up to the card being turned in.

    THAT, would be awesome 😀

  16. NJ49er says:

    Here’s a kid I have pegged for a Late RD/UDFA possibility as a CB to S conversion.
    Tye Smith – Towson
    Kid rang up 312 TKLs/28 PBUs/6 INTs in 50 games.

    Likely too slow for the CB position but, he could be a possible fit at S?

  17. NJ49er says:

    Found this in my Draft research travels – Team visits by Prospect –
    Our 9ers have this information posted on them –

    Arik Armstead, DT/3-4DE/DE, Oregon (COM)
    Ben Beckwith, G, Mississippi State (EW)
    Quandre Diggs, CB, Texas (SR)
    Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (Fla.) (COM)
    Kurtis Drummond, S, Michigan State (SR)
    Devin Gardner, QB/WR, Michigan (EW)
    Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State (SR)
    Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma (COM)
    Josh Harper, WR, Fresno State (COM)
    Sean Hickey, OT, Syracuse (EW)
    Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State (EW)
    Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State (SR)
    Marcus Peters, CB, Washington (COM)
    Ryan Russell, DE, Purdue (EW)
    Clive Walford, TE, Miami (Fla.) (COM)
    Keon Williams, RB, Chattanooga (PRO)

    EW= East/West Shrine Game
    COM= Combine
    SR= Senior Bowl

  18. NJ49er says:

    Berger I’m likely to keep RB Jay Ajayi from Boise St on my final Wish List.
    678 ATTs/3,796 YDs/5.6 YD Avg

    Big upside with him is he’s an excellent receiver out of the backfield too.

    High effort kid with excellent production.

    The kicker here could be that he was born in London.
    Let’s see if we really do have an NFLE connection 😀

    • Berger says:

      Ajayi is no secret if you follow the Nevada Wolf Pack. The kid flat out took over many college games in crunch time, especially vs Nevada who had trouble stopping the run anyway.

  19. Berger says:

    Lurker- IMO, Dial is the real deal. I felt that when we drafted him. I think Tank is too but he is still too inconsistent to be sure. He over commits on plays leaving open lanes. He gets washed out at times too. Overall, I think he will be fine but going into the season he is still not a player I feel sure about taking over the position at this time. That position is probably the most important one on the field along with NT if you want to run a 3-4. The LOS has to be controlled or the entire defense is shit.

    I am not comfortable opening the season with a question mark at DE. If Justin comes back we will be good for one more year. That’s a little relief but that position is rarely able to be handled by a rookie. We need one more good player from this year’s draft to make sure we are good their for the near future. If Cowboy retires we will need to pick up a FA for a year or two. A good solution would be for Tank to be ready to go but we won’t know that until September. IMO, the position is too important to gamble the season away if he isn’t ready.

    • Lurker John says:

      Thanks for clarifying. Another obvious benefit to Cowboy coming back is both those young guys benefiting from his tutelage, work ethic, etc. My gut says he’ll come back for one more. I said the same thing about Panda too, so YMMV. lol

      • Berger says:

        I think Cowboy comes back. I sure hope so. If we draft Malcolm Brown or Carl Davis we should be good to go at that position in 2016 and either of those two would get some quality playing time for some good depth in 2015.

        IMO, a good scenario is having Cowboy come back for one more year and having Dial, Tank and a good draft pick from 2015 ready to go into the 2016 season.

        We have Okoye who should make the team this year. He is physically impressive and can dominate if let loose. Problem with letting him loose is the plays he lets get by. Discipline is required at 3-4 DE and NT. Can Okoye do that? I think that is a big question this year.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah Ajayi is looking like a mid 2nd rounder now. Not sure if that’s on the cards for the Niners that high. I saw a few of his games as I spent a lot of time in Boise for biz and the folks there are rabid about their Broncos.

    Dude is likely the most complete RB in the draft. Has speed to get to the edge, can run up the middle, and can catch out of the backfield.

  21. Lurker John says:

    Based on what you guys are saying and what’s obviously out there at the receiving position this year, the Niners have no excuse for not coming up with a really viable guy, whether that’s first round or later. You’ve listed a number of big, fast guys who could pan out, and they need a receiver like that to compete with these ever-larger DB’s.

    Maybe it is best that they take a DL stud with the first pick, then get the receivers in the second or third rounds. Personally, and purely in my opinion, I don’t think Green-Beckham is going to make it out of the first round. Somebody will snatch him up, if only because of what he could be.

    NJ, that’s one area I’d love to see the Niners improve on offensively, utilizing RB’s more in the passing game. That used to be a devastating part of the old West Coast Offense teams, and I’ve never quite understood why they haven’t used Gore more that way. He has great hands and a good feel for the passing game. Sure, it subjects him to more hits, but it’s also a good way to mix things up and keep the defense honest. I don’t know how Hyde stacks up in that dept. but I seem to remember he did okay this season.

  22. Berger says:

    The Patriots and Seahawks didn’t do the WR position any favors this year. They both made the Super Bowl and neither has a star laced WR corps. The 49ers had a better WR line-up than them. What those teams did have was good play calling, something our RoBaugh tandem severely lacked. What is the most exciting thing about the new staff is they are not RoBaugh when it comes to offense. For those who say it was the QB and not the play calling, Kap was RoBaugh’s hand picked QB from college. Kap was always going to be the starter if RoBaugh was calling the offense.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    John, what gives me real hope for the offense is that Steve Logan, our QB coach, is very very much a WCO guy. And you are right about Gore. When we had check down Charlie (Alex Smith) and the previous coaches, Gore regularly caught around 40 balls a year.

    Hyde has good hands as well. It baffled me that the pass plays rarely provided a consistent outlet when plays broke down. Which they did a lot last year.

  24. Berger says:

    IMO, the #1 best thing we could do is sign Suh. With our cap situation I don’t see how that would be possible. He is a difference maker.

    • Lurker John says:

      I’m down with that. I was thinking the same thing this morning. Plug that dude into the middle of the line and let him do his thing. Beast Mode meet Mr. Suh.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    We’d have to cut a few folks and restructure a bunch of guys as well. Remote and unlikely but possible.

    Tomsula IS all about the D line though.

  26. 12th man says:

    Suh? Nah, too expensive by far. Any news on Dockett? I read J Smith gives his decision tomorrow. I figure he finishes his contract, the one he negotiated himself without an agent, strikes me as an honorable guy.
    Dial looks good to me and Tank was showing promise end of last season. If Smith returns the D line will be solid enough without Suh.

    Still have hope Stevie Johnson signs back with the Niners too. He was solid and was underused IMO.

    • NJ49er says:

      12th there’s another RB I like, Jeremy Langford from MI St.
      Big physical kid too, 6’0″/211/4.43
      He’s quick and reliable in the receiving dept as well.
      He backed up Le’Veon Bell, who was another RB I was drooling for.

      Part of our departure from the short passing game can be pinned on Kaep lacking the adequate touch on those types of passes too.
      He’s got the big gun and, looked for that chunk yardage much more often than necessary IMO.

      Hoping his work at EXOS will improve that portion of his game.

      • Berger says:

        Does it make sense that if kap wasn’t throwing the short dump offs then the coaches were not asking him to do it. I can guarantee he would do what he is coached to do. The coaches were designing deep plays as primary reads. By the time that pattern didn’t open up it is often too late to come back to a shorter one because pressure has arrived. Our plays were not designed well at all. If you watch the last game shorter routes were called along with some crossing patterns. He got the ball there with nice touch. I think the biggest problem was 4 coaches calling plays which basically created a too many cooks spoiling the broth effect. We had zero rhythm most of the year.

      • NJ49er says:

        You’re preaching to the choir Berger –
        Hope things improve going forward –

  27. unca_chuck says:

    We sign Suh we are done in FA and itLl kill is in the long run,

    I’d rather build the line through the draft.

    • NJ49er says:

      No way on Suh – This Draft Class has plenty to offer on the Dline.
      I’m more inclined to wait on the Comp Picks for the guys we lose.

      1 good FA signing, maybe a WR would make sense.
      Iupati and Crabtree are former 1st RD Picks, which carry better Comp value.

  28. Berger says:

    I never said to go after Suh. I said he is the best player we could land. That meant in theory. In reality we are not in a cap situation to do so.

    • Lurker John says:

      Still be nice to have him. An established all pro with plenty of tread left on the tires.

  29. Lurker John says:

    I agree Berger. Most swing passes aren’t that hard to throw. I’m confident Kap can make those throws. He just hasn’t been given much of a chance to do it.

  30. NJ49er says:

    Hey Berger –
    Want a good laugh?
    Here’s our illustrious Gov looking out for us little people again –

    • Nipper says:

      That’s not even petty cash for an oil company.

      • NJ49er says:

        Christies’ answer for a bungled State Budget Nipper.
        That, and catering to Big Oil.

        Screw the people dealing with the toxic cesspool of industrial waste.
        They’re gonna die anyway.

  31. Berger says:

    The trade of McCoy for Alonso is a curios one. At first glance it seems the Eagles got hosed but upon further review the Eagles might have got the better end of that deal. I hear that Shady told LaDanian Thomlinson he was being phased out of the offense at the end of last year. McCoy was also grumbling and not buying into the system. Running backs are getting paid less these days and he was also getting over 10 million this coming year. Alonso is a player Kelley coached at Oregon and is getting paid only 700,000. The Eagles now have over 46 mil to play with this off season. Basically it means they can pick and choose who they want in FA. I would think if LaMichael James is a FA he would be cheap. And some guy named Murray will be available too. I think the Eagles came out well. For Shady, hello Greg Roman!

  32. Berger says:

    Some people think Philly runs a gimmick offense. That is just not true. The only gimmick is the tempo and how often Kelley goes for it on 4th down. His play calling is aggressive but fairly typical. He likes to run the ball a lot but he does it with spread formations. His play calling is good but he was plagued by turnovers last year. QB injuries put a big dent in his offensive production and TOs too. He also does not have much of an offensive line. Now that he has 46 mil he can fix all of that, or at least I’m sure he will try. I don’t know the outcome but I like what he is attempting to do.

  33. Berger says:

    The Eagle fans are sure to be upset but I think the Eagles made a wise decision for their future. It was basically a salary dump for a RB who was being phased out.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Shady and Boobie can have fun fun fun in buffalo. Interesting to see how their season goes.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Whatever the offense. Is, it made Mark Sanchez look halfway decent.

  36. Nipper says:

    BLEEP the EAGLES! And Chuck discovers he’s got the Skeebs a fatal love of Jim Harbaugh. There’s no cure except a move to Michigan……so cold!

  37. Berger says:

    One last comment on the Chip Kelley offense. It reminds me a lot of the Martz offense in that they look at what the defense presents and that dictates the play call. Big difference is Kelly uses the TE a lot more and runs the ball a lot more. Outside of that it is a similar philosophy, spread the field, read the defense, call a play. No gimmicks, just sound fundamental football. I don’t care for his up tempo because of the negative effect on the defense, but the core of the play calling is basic and solid.

  38. Berger says:

    Looks like Dockett is a 49er.

  39. 12th man says:

    Wilfork is available.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    Dockett passed a physical for what it’s worth. He and VD are buds. Both from Maryland.

    New thread is up.

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