(Pre) Game (Season) Day ! ! !

Well, here we are, on the cusp of the 2014 football season. In our brand spanking new stadium. With our brand spanking new offense. And some brand new spanking players.

Other than that, we are in the Land of Balt. Let’s hope for some non-injurious football for these next few days.

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31 Responses to (Pre) Game (Season) Day ! ! !

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Where the hell is Phil? Bout time for him to show back up . . .

  2. A couple of the Niner reporters at tonight’s game tweeted earlier that the stadium personnel were practicing carrying off injured players (they weren’t really injured) on stretchers and carts early before warmups even started.

    I don’t like that one iota. That’s bad juju. I know it’s a vital unfortunate part of the game, but practice it sometime and somewhere else please.

  3. Nipper says:

    I’m ready for football. Lets face it, the Giants are boring and ordinary this season. There’s no way to dress up that pig. Even Chuck feigns interest.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Love that red zone offense

  5. Go for it on 4th and 1 and try out our “new” offense?
    Nah. Bo Schembechler Jr. would rather Phil Dawson get extra practice on 25 yd chippies.
    Jim Harbaugh makes me sick.

  6. Carlos Hyde looked really good on his runs. Faster then I had anticipated.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Backups looked very soft there

  8. And there’s your 2014 SF 49ers D in a nutshell. F-U-G-L-Y

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Right, except, j smith, p Willis, n bowman, glen Dorsey are out.

    Jump, Dennis.

  10. NoFear49er says:

    If F-U-G-L-Y means dazed and confused and slow, I agree. I thought it would look sharper even in pre-season one.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    So much for the sack.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    This looks like the Super Bowl.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Not looking good that’s fer shure

  14. NoFear49er says:

    Why spend so much time on FGs? Just run another offensive play there. More 2nd and 3rd team guys on tape and make the other guys run the entire length against your D if they stop you.

  15. 12th man says:

    Carlos Hyde made it watchable, Ellington did a few things McV had a nice grab. Gabbert not so much, Hampton either.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Play calling sure looks like run 1st as usual. Every 1st down means run.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Even the fumble wasa arunplay

  18. rtfirefly says:

    Ellington looks like a keeper.

  19. rtfirefly says:

    Reed looks good, too, but there’s no room at the inn if they keep Ellington.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. That was ugly

  21. Nipper says:

    It don’t mean a thing. BLEEP Practice games.

  22. Spitblood says:

    Del – Carlos Hyde isn’t faster than normal. You’re just used to watching the slowest back in football – and the oldest. NEXT!!!!

  23. Spitblood says:

    This is one of the best round table 49er conversations I’ve seen in a long time. Randy Moss makes a great point about players “grumbling,” and then the career of Bill Parcels is brought up.

    Worth a watch.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Good stuff, but really, their insistence that Gore is going to carry the load this year is not true. They have to move away SOME from the run run run philosophy. Although last night didn’t assuage my fears at all. Especially the 3rd and 1 from the 7. Yay! 0 yard rush! FG!

    New Thread Is Up . . . . .

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