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Color me curious, but what’s the deal with Tim Tebow signing with the Pats?  I know he’d grasp at any rope in the ocean, but what’s the point? He’s pretty much guaranteed himself no playing time at the QB position, seeing as he’s behind Tom Terrific and 2011 3rd round pick Ryan Mallett. He’d be behind any viable body at TE, H back, or any other position on the field not having anything to do with special teams. His contract is miniscule, with 0 guaranteed dollars, and bonuses based on playing time. In other words, he’s playing for free.

Yes, he gets to sit behind one of the best QBs of this or any other generation, and work with a QB-friendly system, but I still don’t get it. It’s not like NE is going to go full-press on developing Tebow. He’s the 3rd string guy. He’d be lucky to run the scout team. Someone who was in a similar situation as Tebow was Kurt Warner. Warner was undrafted, given a tryout with the Packers, and was cut before the preseason despite Steve Mariucci saying he had potential, but wasn’t ready. It was then he started bagging groceries at the Hy-Vee market in Cedar Falls Iowa. Warner then went the Arena football route and signed with the Iowa Barnstormers. I don’t even know if he was ready tor the CFL, but he made the decision to  play in the AFL. In other words, he decided to work on his game in a lower league. He toiled in relative obscurity for 3 years, leading the Barnstormers to a couple Arena Bowl finals.

In 1997, Warner signed with the Rams, and the rest is history. The point being, Warner worked on his game and developed it to the point that he was able to stick with a pro club. Tebow’s approach, signing with a team that has 2 guys ahead of him, and little possibility of starting, smacks of him taking the easy way out to stick with an NFL team rather than hone his game and try a bona fide comeback. I’m not sure how he can advance his QB skills by being buried on NEs depth chart. It reminds me of the Nate Davis situation with the Niners a few years ago. Here was a guy with no real shot to make the team, other than the dearth of QBs in the stable, so he backs it up by not staying in shape and not bothering to read the playbook. A guy just happy to be drafted, and not really trying. Where is he now? The San Antonio Talons of the Arena Football League.

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  1. rtfirefly says:

    I never did get your despisement of Tim Tebow, Chuck. Just never did.
    Sure the guy is a lousy passer, but I’ve seen him whip the ball 50 yards on target after he got his adrenaline going.
    The Jets ruined him, but he wanted to play so he played once in awhile.
    Don’t rule a guy like that out, particularly with an organization like the Pats.
    Sure, I’m a Tebow fan. I always root for the underdog. Dennnis and I should get together on his racing. I’ll pick the losers so he can pick the winners.

  2. rtfirefly says:

    Read “Farewell to Arms” by Hemingway.
    “Tales of the South Pacific” by Michener.
    I prefer “Travels with Charlie” by Steinbach since he was born in the Salinas Valley.
    When you’re done talking about violence, I’ll come back with football opinions.

  3. Flavor says:

    Tebow has probably accepted what the rest of us already knew: he’s not an NFL QB. And with so many teams *afraid* to sign him (I loved that excuse) he really didn’t have too many option unless he decided to take his show to Canada (which is what he should have done).
    So he signed with a team to stay in the NFL, stay in the public eye, and continue his public work as God’s court jester, or whatever the fuck he sees himself as.
    And if Brady gets hurt, Tebow will shit his pants and the prospect of having to step in for him………

  4. NoFear49er says:

    Well, he still has to make the cut. McDaniels has evidently convinced Belichick to give him a shot. McDaniels knows what he’s getting and Belichick isn’t likely to give away roster spots just to focus more press attention on his team.

    Always amazing to see how the preachers of tolerance come unglued at the mention of his name. Idiotic.

  5. rtfirefly says:

    Flavor, I’ve got news for you
    Tim Tebow IS an NFL QB and has been since he was drafted.
    What he does from here is anybody’s guess.
    John Elway got rid of him because he figured out a way to get Peyton.
    Rex doesn’t have a clue about QBs. Mark Sanchez again?
    The Patriots are smart and always have been.
    Two years on the sidelines while he learns NFL mechanics and it will be a great SB between Kappy and him.
    We’ll win, but I always root for the underdog.

    • Flavor says:

      well, I disagree with you. And I wasn’t saying that he literally wasn’t an NFL qb. I don’t think Mark Sanchez is an NFL QB either. I don’t really care, I’m one of the few people that don’t give a shit about Tebow either way. I find the whole thing amusing. Sorry to have rattled your cage, I wasn’t intending to start anything.

      • rtfirefly2 says:

        Flavor, I just find the situation some damned amusing I have to write about it.
        No insult to you intended, and I hope you don’t mind if I laugh at the whole thing.

  6. rtfirefly2 says:

    By the underdog, I mean Tebow.
    On SB Sunday between Kap and him, I hope Tebow throws 5 interceptions. He can do it, I’ve watched the film.
    Just want him to do well is all. Like Nate Davis in Texas. Play the game and have fun.

  7. Nipper says:

    T E B O W !

  8. unca_chuck says:

    No matter what the hell you think, I hove no bone to pick with Tebow, Except for the stupid ass fucking commercial he and his mom did before he played a down in the NFL. Since then? Yeah, he’s God’s gift to quarterbacking. NoFear, you need to ratchet down your obvious animosity for anyone who:

    a) bad-mouths Tebow, and
    b) thinks Smith didn’t have a shitty situation of his own.

    Seeing as some of you guys are so wont to shit on Alex Smith, they’ve both won the same amount of playoff games (along with Tony Promo), and both have had their share of shitty situations. My point being, if Smith was as Glory-In-God-on-highest as Tebow is, would that change YOUR opinion of him? Based on your past 1500 posts, it would.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Bullshit. You can’t make a comment about the man without slandering his religion and his God. Don’t paint me with your weaknesses.

      I ratchet up my animosity for hypocrites who create straw men to argue with. Especialy the middle of the road pushers of the popular opinion through unending twists and turns and claim some sort of delusional moral superiority for it.

      Try an original opinion for a change.

  9. rtfirefly says:

    Why Chuck. you’re getting emotional. I think I’ll cry a tear.
    I believe in giving everyone a chance, and if they work three times as hard as anybody else, two chances.
    Ask the New England Patriots, Chuck. You smarter than them?
    “Woman of the Year” on now on TCM. Katie Hepburn’s first movie with Spencer Tracy.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    RTF, it’s fucking preseason. They have 90 man rosters. If they carry Tebow’s ass all year, I’ll be a bit surprised. Mainly because Tebow isn’t better than Brady or Mallet. If not as a QB, what is his value? It’s like Nate on the Niners. With 90 man rosters, it’s fine. Come cut-down day, I don’t see them sticking around. I have no ill will toward either of them. I just don’t believe they’ll stick. Call me a fucking devil worshipper if you must, I’m simply basing this on the fact that I don’t think either one is capable of holding a roster spot on an NFL team. If you don’t agree, fine. Can I have the opinion that I don’t think he’s a capable QB? Chances? Great. When he is on the roster come game 1, I’ll kiss your feet.

    My point with the post is EXACTLY that. If Tebow went to the arena league and had some success, paid his dues, and earned a tryout with a team, bully. Great. His signing with NE and becoming the 3rd stringer gains him what? His ONLY hope is the guys in front of him get hurt, because he isn’t going to pass up the guys in front of him. Will God step in and smite the QBs in front of him?

  11. unca_chuck says:

    My entire point, RTF, is that by Timmy signing with the Pats, he’s NOT ‘working three times hard as anyone else’. He’s taking the easy way out by becoming a 3rd string QB with little chance of starting. To what end? Ryan Mallett’s successor? In 8 years? It ain’t gonna happen.

  12. rtfirefly2 says:

    Glad I got your goat, Chuck, but it’s nothing personal.
    Tebow was well known in Denver as a 1 man strength and conditioning coach.
    I care naught about his preaching. Nor his QBing. But I wish the young man well.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, I was raised Catholic to the fucking hilt. Anyone who wears his religion like a shield or an avatar pisses me off to no end when the intent appears to aggrandize one’s self. Mainly because in my opinion, if he WASN’T so outspoken about his religiosity, he’d be Geno Toretta. Tommy Dorsey. Vinnie Testaverde. A guy who had fair to middling impact on the NFL. He wouldn’t be GETTING these opportunities in the first place. Yeah, Tebow won a playoff game. He’s had some good things happen. But so did Tim Couch. No one rails endlessly for guys like that. I just don’t get it.

  14. rtfirefly2 says:

    Chuck, you’re letting HIS religious beliefs get in your way. I used to run away and hide so I didn’t have to go to Church.
    I just look for QB skills and he has plenty. I was bored to death when the weather cooked up and there was nothing to do but listen to the Broncs on the radio.
    You’re crazy. I never write a guy like that off until you have Peyton.
    Even then the story hasn’t ended.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Well, I don’t see it. A 47% completion percentage doesn’t do it for me. Nor his pedestrian numbers. 8-6 as a starter. Nor the hit or miss aspect of all his game. I’m not letting his religion get in the way of what I feel about him. I think his religion has given him more opportunities than he otherwise would have had. That’s it.

  16. rtfirefly2 says:

    Shit, Chuck, it’s just so funny.
    I’ve been watching lots of film on Joe Montana, getting ready for the season.
    At least Tebow tries. I respect that.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    He gives the appearance of trying. How will he get anywhere being a 3rd stringer? It’s the Hot Tub Matt Leinart syndrome.

  18. snarkk says:

    Hell, HoodyMan may have signed Teblow as a backup backup to Gronk, given all his surgeries on his arm. That does not sound good at all. I had a neighbor who broke his leg, and the bone got infected. Took over 2 years to get rid of the infection, and 3 surgeries, I think. He was on IV antibiotics for months while at home. What I have read about Gronk and his arm is not a good scenario…

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Right. A slow white guy with no hands. I don’t get it at all. Bellichick wouldn’t even say what position they planned to use Tebow for. All in all, he’ll likely get cut before the 1st preseason game.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Hey NoFear, where in my thread at the top do I mention religion? I don’t. You bring it up in your 2:30 post. Take off your bile-colored glasses and read what is there.

    Giving away roster spots? Seriously, NoFear, it’s June, not September. You think Montana sticks with the Niners? Do they really think he’s going to somehow catch on? No. It’s a flier. A shot in the dark. A whim.

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      Bullit said that Montana has already been cut.
      A whim is what dreams are made of. He didn’t have it.

  21. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, blind or stupid? Sorry about that shit. Reread the first line in my 2:30 post… The point about roster spots is Belichick isn’t giving one away to a guy that can’t play just for the press attention. No mention of religion either, unless that’s your take on “preacher.” Preacher = one who preaches. That’s you, skippy.
    Less foaming and closer reading…

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Here are some Tebow prop bets for the upcoming season…

    Will he make the Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster?
    Yes -400 (1/4)
    No +250 (5/2)

    Will he start a game as a QB for the Patriots in the 2013 Regular Season?
    Yes +600 (6/1)
    No -1200 (1/12)

    Will he throw a TD Pass in the 2013 Regular Season?
    Yes +200 (2/1)
    No -300 (1/3)

    Total Rushing & Receiving TD’s in the 2013 Regular Season
    Over/Under 1.5

    Will he attempt a Pass in the 2013 Regular Season?
    Yes -300 (1/3)
    No +200 (2/1)

    Barring an injury I think Tebow makes the roster. But if Belichick removes Brady for Tebow even for just one play he should be fired on the spot. You never take out your best player. Never. Ever. Ever. And if Belichick brings in Tebow and has Brady line up as a WR, he should be shot then fired. In that order.

    • Nipper says:

      Shot…..fired? Dennis such violent thoughts!

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Violent thoughts? Can you remember what you were doing 19 yrs ago today? Neither can I. But I know what O.J. was doing…he was murdering his ex-wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman outside her home in L.A. How’s that for violent thoughts?

    • snarkk says:

      Makes the roster? As what? The team chaplain?…

      • Nipper says:

        Let us bow our heads in prayer. Dear Lord forgive them as they know not what they do. Chuck is the worse offender but it’s his blog so allowances must be made. And his dog gets a pass too as he has to put up with Chuck. Now Dennis is just a special case and his approach to everything is unique. Snarkk well you have worry about him and No Fear is ready for a fight at the slightest provocation. Lucky liquor isn’t served here or there would fights for sure nightly. Yes sir there’s some characters appearing so forgiveness is in order. Anyone hungry? Lets go to Denny’s and get a grandslam or something.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Nippy, I’ve never seen you so verbose . . .

  24. barleyfreak says:

    Cortland Finnegan channeling Dennis,

    “Craig Dahl is lame and weak…”


    Tebow Talk. All Tebow, All The Time.

    For myself, the religion side (though I’m admittedly as cynical as they come) doesn’t even play into it any more. I just don’t think he’ll ever be good in the NFL. Period. And with that said, the media attention he garners is just over the top.

    Honestly, I’d rather talk about Alex Smith.

  25. rtfirefly says:

    I never said Tebow was going to be good. I just know the guy is a nut and I listened to him on the radio when he was a starter in Denver.
    He’d throw 27 consecutive incompletes, then some weird thing would happen. He’d start firing the ball all over the place thinking he’s Joe Montana.
    10 straight completions, then another 10.
    In the playoff game against the defending AFC Champ Pittsburgh Steelers, he threw for over 300 yards. PASSING.
    In his wildest dreams, he will never be Joe Montana. But he’s better than Mark Sanchez and Fat Rex made a mistake. But then there’s the Jets. They’re used to it.

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Belichick was in rare form at his presser the other day. He answered back-to-back questions with, “I don’t know, we’ll see.” “We’ll see, I don’t know.” Can’t say Bill doesn’t like to mix it up.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the question was:

    “Where do you see Tim Tebow playing on your team?”

  28. rtfirefly says:

    Depends on the team, Chuck. On the Niners now he wouldn’t even make the club.
    A few years ago, as I remember, the Niners had no QB. Then I would have put him in there and let him do his thing.

  29. rtfirefly2 says:

    Oh, and Chuck I forgot. How many years did it take before Alex had his first 300 yard game passing?
    Tebow did it in his soph season, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    In the playoffs.
    So quit your bitching and watch some film and get ready for the season.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Big fucking deal, RTF. Brady throws for 500 a lot and loses. Brees threw for 5100 yards last year, and the Saints sucked shit through a straw. Tebow is a lucky hack until he proves otherwise. The Niners were a running team. Smith wasn’t given the chance to put up gaudy numbers. For whatever reason. In NoFear’s head it’s because the coaches never wanted to take the training wheels off.

    I’m real interested to see what happens with Alex this year, because Reid is talking about throwing upwards of 40 times a game.

  31. NoFear49er says:

    Serioulsy? All those years of the Niners holding Alex back? What the hell do you see when you watch a game? No wonder Nipper feels sympathy for you. You still thinking Alex is going to turn into Tom freakin’ Brady after watching him play since ’05 says more about your stubborn need to be right about something than your common sense.

    Anyway, you do that. You keep your eye on Alex Smith and watch Jamaal Charles out of the backfield, Alex will. The chiefs have a ton of receivers on the roster and if Alex is the starter the TE1 and RB1 will be the top receivers. Checkdown Charlie rides again. Who wants to see that besides you and Twinfan? I’m certain his failings will be well accounted for, too, by you two.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Answer this, NoFear. You need a QB for your team. You have Tim Tebow and Alex Smith. Who do you start?

    Other than that, you need to chill the fuck out. You hold on to your preconceived notions with a stranglehold. This isn’t 2005, skippy. Smith is in the top tier (say top 10) of QBs, like it or not. How many times did Nolan and Singletary say “this team is Gore’s”? 1,000? Does that tell you that maybe the Niners were going to run the ball? Did you watch any games? I think I posted about 65,000 times that the Niners were WAY too conservative.

    Frankly, I don’t think Smith will do very well if asked to throw 40-50 times. But then again, I think Reid is talking out of his ass when he says he’s going to do that. Charles is a damn good RB that Reid isn’t going to ignore. What I think Reid will do is what me and countless others (Bergs in particular) were screaming for. Running out of multi-WR sets. Spreading the field. Getting defenses out of the 8-9 men-in-the-box defenses.

    The reason I’m interested to see what happens is because of that. I don’t give a fuck about your childish oneupmanship in regards to Smith. If Smith does well, the Niners get a 2nd round pick. He can check down all the fuck he wants. If it wins games for KC, no one but you cares. That’s the biggest reason I’d like to see him do well. If he craters, then the Niners put one over on KC, and we still get a 3rd round pick next year. Win-win in my book. You see what you want to see. For whatever reason, you have the overarching need to shit on Smith at every turn. I watch for fun.

    Funniest of all, to me, was your complete disappearance during the 2011 season. That spoke volumes to your true colors. Only when the Niners lost the NFC Championship game (!) did you reappear. All you want to do is trash Smith at the cost of the 49ers. Now that he’s gone, you still can’t let go. Classic.

  33. rtfirefly2 says:

    The Chiefs are a very talented young team. I watched them a lot last year when I was bored.
    The one thing they were missing was an NFL QB. I’ve been the biggest Alex critic for years, but the Chiefs had nothing. Jokers.
    Now they have Alex and Andy Reid. They’ll still never beat the Broncs with Peyton or the Pats with Brady, but you just never know.
    Even in Elway’s heyday, the Chiefs would take the Broncs down.

  34. rtfirefly2 says:

    I’m neither a Chiefs nor a Broncos fan.
    But there are parts of SE Kansas that are as beautiful as anything in America.
    That’s why I originally suggested that Alex go there and settle down.
    We’ll see. I’m not ruling him out now that he’s there.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the Chiefs have a good shot at that division. Manning isn’t going to last forever, and the Raydurs/Dolts will flounder in last place. Unless Matt Flynn is the 2nd coming of Joe . . .

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Back then, the Chiefs had a ferocious defense. Yet they staggered on offense with the cast of 49er castoff QBs.

  37. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, you brought Smith into the conversation, not me. Your obsession, not mine.

    Calling a mediocre player mediocre is not shitting on him. It is shitting on the poor fools tied to their glowing praise of him and their “you’ll see!” taunts every year in reponse to any criticism of their superstar.

    And don’t worry yourself about my attendance record, asshole. If i’m here, I’m here.

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      For me, NF, I’m just going to wait and see.
      Alex has a tremendous supporting cast in KC now and a very talented HC who knows QBs (Vick was a huge mistake and I was right and he was wrong, so like everybody else, he’s not perfect.)
      My saying I’m going to wait and see is not sitting on the fence. I’ve hated Alex as a starter for years.
      But he’s worked very hard to come back and now he’s playing for a fine organization that hasn’t won anything since Hank Stram retired.
      And the Chiefs had nothing, and I mean nothing. Alex can be a god there and not worry about his $50 godzillion mansion.
      So I’m just going to wait and see.

  38. rtfirefly2 says:

    On my Big Trip 6 years ago, I drove through Mizzou in a windstorm. They had this traffic divider in the middle of the road that I couldn’t see until the last second because of the rain.
    Managed to dodge it and I didn’t have to go back and help because the thing blew clear off the highway.
    Then I got to Kansas. I happen to love the place. Alex should be happy there. Whether he can play QB is another question.
    But I’m happy for the guy I insulted for so many years.

  39. rtfirefly2 says:

    Oh, and I know full well KC is in Mizzou. But there’s a huge difference between St Lou where I almost got killed and KC in the West.
    I hope Alex has fun, relaxes, and just plays the game.

  40. NoFear49er says:

    RT, I’ve been to Kansas. Rains so hard out of a clear sky you can’t see the road. Lightning storms that keep the sky bright all night, and the dogs under the beds. Tornadoes that rip walls off of homes while leaving the dishes in the exposed cupboards untouched. Frozen Winter to hot dusty Summer in a week. Makes the weather in Oklahoma look good.

    Despite the labels as-the-wind-blows Alex cheerleaders (Chuck) put on everyone that disagrees about Alex’s QB skills (top ten QB indeed!), my expectations for Alex’s performance in KC is based on past performance. A lot of past performances. I don’t expect him to do something well he hasn’t done in his career to date. Yeah, that makes me a hater here and haters gonna hate.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, your disappearance and your reluctance to answer my question is enough answer.

    Who’s your QB. Smith or Tebow?

  42. unca_chuck says:

    The one time I went to St. Loo, it was 103º and raining. Might as well have been under water. Couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

  43. rtfirefly2 says:

    C’mon you are just trying to start a fight.
    I’m having enough trouble just getting to the grocery store during tourist season.
    OK, here goes. Who has won more games, Alex or Tim?
    Clock is ticking………….

  44. unca_chuck says:

    Where the hell are you? Taos? Alberquerque? No, I’m asking NoFear a question.

    BTW it’s 39-9 counting playoff games. NoFear will never answer the question.

    See, in NoFear’s world, Smith lost every Niner game, and contributed nothing to the wins.

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      Santa Rosa. I stay away from ABQ because of all the gangs and drugs.
      Cedar Crest is wonderful with my bro’s ex-wife, but the old 66 can’t handle those hills anymore.
      Edgewood is wonderful though it’s out in the country and I hated it at first.
      My bud could’ve gotten me a place nearby, but NOOOO. I had to prove myself.
      I’ll be back.
      New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.
      If you don’t have friends out here, you will die. Quickly.

  45. rtfirefly2 says:

    Well, at least the rain has come Chuck.
    Bigtime New Mexico rain.
    If I’m still here in the morning after I help the LL cleanup.
    Now, it’s hail. Welcome to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.
    I love it so much you would never believe it.

  46. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck, are you picking Alex Smith and his Chiefs to win the AFC West this year? You’re on record as saying they have a “good shot.” You picked the Raiders to win that division last year. How did that work out?

    Go on, I dare you to pick Alex and his Chiefs to win. No. “I triple dog dare you.”

    Can’t tell you have many times I’ve enjoyed “A Christmas Story” (1983). But when TBS runs its annual 24 hr marathon beginning on Christmas Eve, I always find time from hanging ornaments or sipping on eggnog to watch and listen to Jean Shepherd’s terrific classic.

    Andy Reid wants Alex Smith to throw the ball 40 or 50 times a game?
    “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

  47. Del Mar Dennis says:

    RTF, some very good TV/movies have been shot or centered around, “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque,” NM. AMC’s, “Breaking Bad” is front and center. One of Berger’s and my very favorites, “No Country for Old Men” (2007). And the upcoming and soon to be in theaters, “The Lone Ranger” starring Johnny Depp. I’m a Depp fan. I like that he takes chances with different roles. He was born to play Jack Sparrow. Sorry, CAPTAIN, Jack Sparrow. No coincidence that my favorite ride at Disneyland has been, and always shall remain, “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…”

  48. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck says: “NoFear, your disappearance and your reluctance to answer my question is enough answer. ” Apparently not.

    It’s a false choice. Have I built an offense around one or the other? What style of offense is it? Off the bench replacement? The entire game or the last quarter/minutes? Who’s calling the plays? Are you asking either guy to do some things they cannot do?

    According to all who claim to know, like Urban Meyer, if Alex doesn’t know the offense cold he’s a bumbler. Does he? And Tebow will give the supreme effort until the final whistle.

    Alex gets the nod for better passing skills. Tebow for making things happen with his wheels, salvaging busted plays, taking risks and fighting spirit.

    But then again I never said Tebow was a top tier NFL QB, just that you keep dogging his ass because you don’t like his style of evangelism. Lucky for you he’s not a Muslim, eh?

    With you, it’s almost like Red-Bullit-Touchdown-Dog never left.

  49. rtfirefly2 says:

    Guys, I’m LMAO off at the moment, so I can’t post.
    A guy the LL just hired is sweeping up the swamp outside. The water pools up right in front of my room, of all places. So I just peeked my head out the door to see what was up.
    And this old fisherman, James, who is funnier than hell, a few doors down, comes over, sticks his head up close
    and laughs and says, “I’m trying to get him to wax the Mercedes!!”
    You have to have friends out here in New Mex because of the weather and all. You never know when you’ll be called upon to work your tail off, or let someone else alone to work his off.
    New Mex is freakin’ awesome but I guess I’m just getting too old for this weather.

  50. rtfirefly2 says:

    Chuck, you are still letting prejudices color your viewpoint.
    When Tebow became the starter in Denver, he became the HIGHEST RATED QB IN THE LEAGUE IN THE 4th quarter. Higher than Brady, higher than ANYBODY.
    Probably because he sucked for 3 1/2 quarters first, but it was sure fun to listen to.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    Would you like some syrup with that waffle, NoFear?

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      Why are calling me NoFear, Skippy? He’s completely different, honorable military man.
      I’m just an Old Fuck here in New Mex.

      • unca_chuck says:

        I’m referring to his non answer of my question of who would he pick as his QB given the choice of Tebow or Smith. His 7:05 response is the special of the day at IHOP.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Numbers? 8-6. 47% completion %age. Tebow’s a schoolyard QB. Randall Cunningham is the closest to him, and Cunningham was a hell of a lot more accurate.

    What is funny is you guys think I have a problem with his religion. I don’t. My problem is HE uses his religion to garner opportunities that I don’t think he should rightfully get. What other QB with his crappy numbers has gotten as many shots as he?

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      I have one brother who went to the University of Colorado. I should have gone there probably, because it is a beautiful campus. But I’m a native Californian and I wanted to go to UC or Stanford. Couldn’t afford Stanford.
      Denver is a proud, proud, football town. I will guarantee you that. They hadn’t been to the playoffs in 6 years. 6 years in Denver is a lifetime. The weather is a whole bunch crappier than here in New Mex, and there is not much to do in the wintertime.
      And when Tebow won his first game there after not even being able to score a point for the first 59 1/2 minutes, people’s ears perked up. Then the Jets creamed him the next week and taunted him the same way you are doing now.
      Then he ripped off 6 straight victories and the Broncs snuck in to win the division. And beat the Steelers.
      I never write a guy like that off. He’d be a 3rd stringer on my team, but unless he’s gone completely evangelical nuts, I’d have him on my team.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    Denver’s fans are idiots. I lived in Colo long enough to figger that out. A lot of them were questioning getting Manning after last year’s AFCCG playoff loss. As if Tebow was a better option. The Broncs won the AFC West, the weakest division in the league, only because the Raiders completely blew it. How Pittsburgh lost I’ll never know. They were beat up though. Denver’s defense did well that day. Tebow made a couple plays in the end. Huzzah.

    The Manning signing could still bite Denver in the ass, though. If they don;t win it all this year, the grumbling will get louder. And the Denver fans will want Tebow back.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, what are Smith’s numbers under Harbaugh?

  55. rtfirefly2 says:

    That’s what makes it so funny, Chuck. My brother from U of C has practically a shrine in his living room to John Elway. He’s a retired biochemist cancer cure researcher.

    They named boulevards after John Elway. Put up statues to him.
    Did you ever see a shrine devoted to Joe Montana?
    No, the Niners just go out and win.

  56. rtfirefly2 says:

    My brother was a pretty good athlete as a kid. We used to play soccer on this little field at the local public school Junior High. The school didn’t mind since we lived right around the corner and there were a lot wilder kids than us in the neighborhood.
    The school left a sprinkler head standing one day and my brother slid right into it. They didn’t have the knee technology they have today, so he still has to exercise his knee for a couple hours every day.
    He’s the 3rd degree Black Belt who once got 7 cop cars on our lawn. The knee injury was a blessing in disguise.

  57. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Speaking of the Broncos, how bout them cutting Willis McGahee the other day. If you’re 30 and older as a RB they toss you aside like yesterday’s trash. Their rookie Montee Ball is quickly becoming everyone’s FF sleeper.

    The only projected starting RB older than 29? None other than our own Frank.

  58. rtfirefly2 says:

    Actually, Dennis, Ripley’s Believe or Not but I listened to an interview with McGahee before last season.
    He’s smart and can take of himself.
    He said something like, “I want to be the starter but I know the business. If they go out and get AP, I know I’m gone.”
    I don’t worry about guys like that. It’s the uneducated guys colleges screw over and then go into the league I worry about.

  59. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Nipper’s had the POTD for exactly a month now. C’mon, Peter Brady. “It’s Time to Change.”

    Sha na na na na na na na, sha na na na na. Sha na na na na na na na, sha na na na na.

  60. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, enough with your pissy little school-girl shit. “NoFear won’t answer me.” “NoFear doesn’t answer the way I want.”

    No need to stomp your feet and hold your breath because you get called on your bullshit now and then. You’re getting too much like a sniveling bitch to even take seriously.

    • unca_chuck says:

      In other words, sonny Jim, say you had the current Baltimore Ravens team, and your QB choices were Tebow or Smith.

      Who do you pick?

  61. unca_chuck says:

    Awww, sorry, NoFear. If you can’t take the heat, don’t bother. Answer the question. Tebow or Smith?

    “Ummm, ahhh, well, if I had AP and a great defense that gave up no points, I’d take Tebow for the fact he couldn’t lose them fast enough.” Brilliant.

    What are Smith’s numbers under Harbaugh? Can’t handle the truth? Figures.

  62. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Dennis, come up with something funny, like NoFear’s misdirected animosity, and I’ll put it up.

  63. rtfirefly2 says:

    Chuck, it’s a stupid question and you know it.
    Of course Alex is a better QB now. But Checkdown Charlie as NF calls him, has a long history of failing in the clutch.
    Anyway, rather than fight, I think I’ll watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas again. Watched A Christmas Carol this morn.
    When it gets this hot and humid, I watch Christmas movies.
    In winter when I’m freezing my arse off, I watch summer desert movies.
    I guess I’m weird that way.
    Off to YouTube!

  64. unca_chuck says:

    No it isn’t, RTF. It’s a valid question. NoFear has railed against Smith, and anyone that doesn’t share his abject hatred of him, for 8 years. His bromance with Tebow is driven by what?

    Here’s a question. Did the Jets misuse Tebow?

  65. rtfirefly2 says:

    Chuck, I read your comment on the other blog and Yes I consider you my friend.
    But you keep insulting NoFear and I have an enormous respect for guys and gals like him that make life like mine possible.
    I’d give my life for NoFear, but when I finally got around to volunteering, the Navy turned me down.
    You keep messing with my friend NoFear and we won’t be friends.

  66. rtfirefly2 says:

    Amd NF, I know you can handle yourself.
    It’s just fun making Chuck sweat.

  67. unca_chuck says:

    Why can’t I ask him questions? Nevermind.

    Thing is, he’s been dogging my ass for nearly as long at good ol’ Flying V.

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      He disagrees with you Chuck. So do I a lot of times. No reason to insult the man.
      But I’m probably insulting him trying to defend him and he can take full well care of himself, so I’m going to stop.
      I loved the George C Scott version of The Christmas Carol.
      I’ll find something else on YouTube in the morn.

  68. NoFear49er says:

    RT, appreciate the sentiment anyway bud. You’re welcome at my fire anytime.
    Couldn’t hurt if you brought some beers neither.

  69. unca_chuck says:

    He who is without sin, cast the first stone… We all get riled up from time to time. No biggie, just that nf gets a little more riled than most.

  70. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up

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