Who Do We Get? Who Do They Get?

The draft as it stands now. Top 10 picks.

1 Cardinals 3 13 0 0.188 0.5273
2 49ers 4 12 0 0.250 0.5039
3 Jets 4 12 0 0.250 0.5059
4 Raiders 4 12 0 0.250 0.5469
5 Bucs 5 11 0 0.313 0.5234
6 Giants 5 11 0 0.313 0.5273
7 Jaguars 5 11 0 0.313 0.5488
8 Lions 6 10 0 0.375 0.5039
9 Bills 6 10 0 0.375 0.5234
10 Broncos 6 10 0 0.375 0.5234

The scenarios I see are:

  1. AZ picks Murray. We pick QW. Jets get Bosa. Raiders get Haskins. Bucs take Josh Allen, NYG take DT Ed Oliver. Jags take OL. Lions, who cares? LB? Bills get DL. Broncos take the most viable QB left. Daniel Jones.
  2.  AZ picks Bosa. We trade with the Giants who take Murray. Jets get QWilliams. Raiders take Josh Allen. We get Rashan Gary (or Oliver). the rest is the same.
  3. AZ trades with the Raiders who get Murray. We pick Bosa. Jets get QW. AZ gets Josh Allen. Bucs get Rashan Gary. NYG gets Haskins.

Something like that. I just don’t think we pass on Bosa.

Two things though (among a million others):

  • We are supposedly high as hell on QWilliams
  • The Giants are NOT high on Haskins

I thought keeping AA meant we would go with Bosa, but getting Dee Ford leans us toward QW. A good problem to have is line depth. Who can forget the rotation days of yore under George Seifert? Keeping guys fresh for 4th quarter dominance was a staple of those underrated defenses of the 80s.

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Busy Busy Busy

In the last couple days, the 49ers added:

— LB Dee Ford (trade; Kansas City)
— RB Tevin Coleman (UFA; Atlanta)
— CB Jason Verrett (UFA; L.A. Chargers)
— LB David Mayo (UFA; Carolina)
— WR Jordan Matthews (UFA; Philadelphia)

The4y have also re-upped:

— DB Jimmie Ward (UFA)
— G Mike Person (UFA)
— LS Kyle Nelson (UFA)
–DB Antone Exum (UFA)
—LB Elijah Lee (EFA)

We franchised Robbie (good as) Gould

They lost: Garcon, Pinion, Morris and Earl Mitchell among others.

So far, I’m pretty pleased with this offseason. We didn’t fall for the sucker bets of ODB or puffy-chest. They apparently did go pretty hard after Le’Veon Bell ($38 million offer), but still got Tevin Coleman, a solid runner who can catch passes, and offers a less fragile approach to running back. I like the Jordan matthew signing. He’s a big WR who can play outside. We have enough slot WRs to fill 2 rosters. I love Matthews size.

Defensively we seem to be going after turnover guys ball-hawkers. Ford caused 8 fumbles last year, and Alexander is another fast LB that can cover and hopefully cause turnovers himself. Jason Verritt is a great, if injured, CB. He needs to stay on the field but he’s on a prove-it one year deal. He’s coming off an achilles rupture like his CB counterpart Richard Sherman. david Mayo? Don’t know too much about him other than he’s a special-teams guy.

I was leery at the start of this with the Alexander signing, but these other moves are solid and they provide needed depth at key positions.

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Niners Make Some Noise

Well, excuse me for not being thrilled about the Kwon Alexander signing, but I am totally down with the Dee Ford signing. The dude put up nice numbers last year. 13 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss among the 55 tackles last season. He’s young at 27 and he is the proud owner of a huge 5 year, $87 million contract. And we only lose next year’s 2nd round pick. Nice. Got to give Lynch kudos for this deal. It addresses a huge need.

We need pass rush help, and Ford is the real deal. If Kwon can come back from his knee injury, and Kentavius Street can, and we draft Williams/Bosa, we will have fixed a lot of defensive issues we have had. I would still like to see us get safety Earl Thomas as the big money players (Honey Badger, Collins, Weddell) are off the board and we still need secondary help across the board. Depth is fine, but we need guys that can actually hold on to interceptions.


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RIP, Cedrick Hardman

This stinks. Cedrick Hardman was one of the first draft picks whose career I followed from start to finish. He of course came on to the team during the heyday of our 3 -year stretch of playoff football. Our defense back then was outstanding. And he brought pass rushing skill to an already solid defense. He was a pro-bowler by his second year and is the all-time sack leader for the 49ers with 112.5. Amazingly he played with Mean Joe Greene at North Texas State U. That must have been a hell of a defense.

I was a little shocked to see he was 70 years old. It seems that the players of my youth are all getting up there, but Hardman was such a fun player to watch. When we got Fred Dean, Hardman had split for the Oakland Raiders, and Dean picked right up where Cedrick left. It was kind of a shame that Hardman ended up on such terrible offensive teams through the 70s, and in typical Bill Walsh tradition, he didn’t re-sign him after the 1979 season. Hardman did however, win a Super Bowl with the Raiders in 1980.

RIP, Cedrick. You were on of the 49er greats. Should be in the Hall.


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Roster Moves, We’ve Got Roster Movesszzzzzzzz

Hey, it’s slow. And I’m tired of flip-flopping between Bosa and QWilliams besides. And I’m tired of scrolling past the 10,000 handles of the resident scumfucking shitbag troll.

The 49ers announced some roster moves, and none are very shocking. They announced yesterday that they have tendered one-year contracts to restricted free agent RB Raheem Mostert and exclusive rights free agents LB Elijah Lee and DB Greg Mabin. They also picked up the 2019 contract options for FB Kyle Juszczyk, DL Cassius Marsh, LB Dekoda Watson and CB K’Waun Williams, and declined the contract option for WR Pierre Garçon.

Garçon is certainly no surprise, as are the keeping of the other guys. They’ve all done good things and will be needed for depth. Throw in franchising Robbie Gould and you have a team that still needs a pass rush, a CB, some O line help, a couple solid WRs, a couple OLBs, and there you have it. Your 2019 San Francisco 49ers.

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Yes, More About the Draft . . .

Tell ya one thing, QWilliams solidified his spot as a stud in the draft in the combine. Likely a top-3 stud. His combine was very successful (4.83 40 time at 303 lb) and it already added to his draft stock. I figured that since we re-upped Arik Armstead, we would simply go for Josh Allen and be done with it.

BUT (there’s always a big but) there are three teams right behind us that might want to trade up and get their quarterback. The Giants, who say they are fine with Eli Manning (?!?), the Redskins, who have to cover for the loss of young Sir Alex, and the Raiders, whose head coach is frustrated with Derek Carr.

The quarterbacks in question are the mercurial Kyler Murray, the consensus #1 qb in this draft ion Dwayne Haskins, and the most polished guy, Daniel Jones. Rumors around the combine had Jones being the fridst QB picked in this draft. Another scenario presented comes from Walter football, who has us trading down with the Giants and taking their 1st round pick, 6th overall. In their scenario, the Giants get Haskins, and we still get QWilliams, as the Raiders take Murray, the Jets take Josh Allen, and the Redskins take Jones.

I could live with that as we’d get some additional picks from the NYGs and still get Williams.

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Kyler Murray – No 1 pick?

With Kyler Murray fully committing to football, and dissing the Oakland A’s in the process, his announcement has thrown the draft board mavens into a tizzy. Throw in the fact that Murray has committed to meeting with the AZ Cardinals during the combine, you get even more rampant speculation. Murray has flown up the board all the way to the top possibly.

Given the fact that we just re-upped on Arik Armstead (much to Berger’s delight), the door has just been propped open for the 49ers to get the guy who has been called a generational pass rusher who is better  than his brother Joey. Nick Bosa of course. And given the fact that I said this could very well happen once Murray announced a month ago, the question remains:

Do we take Nick Bosa?

He is, in his words, fully healthy and ready to do al the drills in the combine in the next couple days. It would be a nice thing to see him sail through the combine with no setbacks or problems as this team desperately needs a pass rusher.

I know some of you have reservations about signing Bosa, but I’m about 90% sure they do this as I think Kliff Klavin drafts his guy in Kyler Murray. They can trade Josh Rosen and be on their merry way. And I don’t see the 49ers getting Quinnen Williams what with the AA signing.

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