Back to Football . . . (hisssssssssss)

Yeah, I know. Back to the trainwreck, back to reality. The front office is playing the rest of the season trying to minimize the extent of the losses, it seems. This of course is based on the fact that the team, when down by a couple scores, refuses to take chances on 4th down, or kicks field goals when they should be going for touchdowns.

The philosophy now seems to be for Blaine Gabbert to be careful rather than take the risk of an int. Don’t throw in the end zone when inside the 10. Just check that bitch down. The problem with this is, well, the defense often lets teams score early and often, so the way they are playing it is nothing but a slow-down technique. The safe route. You know. What Nolan and Singletary preached to Alex Smith.  To me, this looks an awful lot like they are minimizing the point disparity to bolster their decision to bench Colin Kaepernick.

No one in their right mind feels that the 49ers will beat the Cards, so I guess our intent will be to try and stay within 17 points. Yay! Moral victories are so sweet. Go Niners! And take Baalke and Marage with you.


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Meanwhile, in the, uh . . . Go Warriors!!!

Apropos of nothing, just thought I’d interrupt the hurricane of doom following the 49ers to bring y’all the news that the Golden State Warriors are poised on breaking the record for most consecutive wins to start a season. They are tied with the Houston Rockets, among others, with 15 wins to start s season. Better yet, they can beat the record against their down-state rivals, the LA Lakers.

A better team to demolish on their way to a record I can’t imagine. Other than them, maybe Charles Barkley can come out of retirement to get a facial from Draymond Green. For the past 1.25 seasons all we hear is that a 3 point shooting team can’t win the championship. The Dubs lucked out because they didn’t play the Clips and Spurs.

Know what? Tough shit. If the Clips were so good, how did they lose to Houston after being up 3-2 with a 20 point lead in the 3rd quarter, at home (gutless)? Same goes for San Antonio (old). If they were the team to beat, they would have made it through their preliminary rounds. Waah waah waah! Sir Charles can suck it as well.

What the national wonks, and most of the east coast media, fail to see is, for al the treys, splash brothers hype, and outside scoring this team does, this team scores a lot of points in the paint. All the dirty work that Bogut, Green, and Thompson (and now Curry) do on defense and on the glass. The offensive boards that the Black Falcon grabs. Let them all twitter and fume while this team keeps rolling and winning. After all, this is the best defensive team in the NBA.

Someone tell Sir Charles.



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And the Whip Comes Down

Well, there you have it. Chris Meyers said during the game yesterday that a front office person told Chris that Colin Kaepernick ‘left 20 touchdowns on the field this year.’ Whatever that means. Granted, the announcers did make a point to talk about the shitty tackling and poor line play, but they sure seemed to go out of their way to criticize Kaepernick. Apparently this front office’s job is to talk shit about a guy who was diagnosed with an injury in week 4 and let him take a pounding, and then bench him.  All behind his back.

I mean we all remember last year, right? I felt it was time for Harbaugh to move on, but Jesus, the innuendo coming out of the front office, by way of leaks, was really a firehose. Sing and the rats? same shit different people getting tossed under the bus. As a sidenote, to think Tomsula is the rat is pretty much in the St. Jim is Vince Lombardi’s equal school of thought. Cretins, in other words. Tomsula is nothing but a foot soldier who has been chosen to be the fall guy for a front office that has no accountability. Like Kaepernick, Tomsula will be forced to fall on his sword at the conclusion of the season. He won’t give them any trouble as they strip away more players and lose what talent Scotty M put together. Hell, they might even keep him around one more year to make sure they have a scapegoat for 2016. By then Gabbert will be fully ensconced as our savior, and we’ll have yet failed to draft a QB in the first 3 rounds.

‘Win with class’ is a phrase they like to throw around. More like fuck the fans with impunity. Funny thing is, a lot of fans agree with the decisions being made.  This front office is a miasma of idiots. Eddie said it before Harbaugh got here. Too many chiefs. No lines of communication. The convergence of Scotty’s drafts and Harbaugh’s arrival gave them a respite as they nearly won. But the talent retired, left, or was forced out. Baalke has done little to restock the roster with anything on offense, and the glaring problems seem by everyone at the conclusion of last year, ie offensive line depth, cornerback depth, WRs, and ILB help were ignored by Baalke. Armstead is OK. tartt looks good, but we needed O line help desperately and did nothing about it but sign Eric Pears and pray that M Martin would improve significantly, and pray that Kilgore Trout would return to health.

No such luck. Now, we’re fucked.

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Game Day! Or, the Winter of My Discontent

Well, here we are at yet another crossroad, with Seattle in the headlights. The team, in my estimation, has done everything wrong, what with the latest news that Colin Kaepernick is on the shelf for the rest of the season, and likely his career, with the 49ers. So, here we sit, with our QB, Blaine Gabbert, the guy recently voted the worrst backup in the NFL, as our standard-bearer. Our backup QB is the one and only Dylan Thomas, who epically wrote, “Do no go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Certainly this proves that he’s a follower of the 49ers.

Oh, Dylan Thompson? Ahhh. He’s our backup QB. Undrafted, cut, and PSed, he famously said, “What’s a Gamecock?” So, this latest tossing of our budding superstar gone awry to the scrap heap comes with the usual amount of WTF? because, as of yesterday morning, CK was listed as probable, and no one was very concerned about his non-throwing-shoulder injury. Reports are he wanted the surgery, but no one has outright said that. There is the school of thought that they want out of the contract and will cut him before the $11.6 mill 2016 salary (and injury ins) kicks in, so they said, you’re finished this year.

So,  once again the focus of the 49ers falls upon the shadowy machinations of a front office that seems to breed discontent and whispered innuendo as a staple of their existence. From Nolan/Sing forward, there always seems to be a lot of backroom whispering among the brass about how to deal with problems. None of which are straightforward and transparent. Singletary talked of rats on the ship, and Harbaugh certainly dealt with his giant obfuscation pie dealing with Baalke and York. Problem is, he had his own spin machine set to overdrive, and the mutually agreed-upon napalming of their coexistence went up in a cataclysmic and virtually guaranteed fireball.

Now we have this. Our once-and-future quarterback, hand-picked by Jim Harbaugh himself, a superstar in the making who is now seemingly lost and befuddled by an offense that was, in their words,  dumbed down so he could run it effectively. Sure, that sounds good on paper, and the results these last 2 seasons bear this out, but the problems with the team are much more than just Kappy’s doing. The player turnover was not his doing, nor the last few  dogshit drafts, especially on offense,  of our teflon GM, Trent Baalke.

This team bears no resemblance to the Scotty-built team that underachieved so greatly under Singletary, but was loaded with high draft choice talent. I don’t know if Baalke resents Haraugh so much that he wants to distance himself from everything St. Jim, or if he really feels that the way to go is Blaine Gabbert. Makes NO sense if this was their decided course of action, because they should have drafted a backup to Kaepernick at least this year, if not 2014. So, again, this front office has the perception of being a bunch of clueless idiots that can’t see further than their collective noses. Can’t say I disagree. Kappy may not realize his full potential, but he certainly is better off somewhere else.

The 49ers? Well, we are in fine fettle with our backup QB raging against the dying light.

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Good News (?)

Well, maybe. Depending on how you want the season to go. Me, I’m of a mind to play this shit out and see where we go. The news is that both Carlos Hyde and Anquan Boldin both practiced today and will play this Sunday in Seattle. Yes, Blaine Gabbert is our QB, and Jimmy T went no furthur than this game to say who his QB is.

This season is halfway down the tubes, but really all I want to see is some decent football. As much shit as this team has gotten for the thousands of problems, this team, like last year’s has been hit by a ton of injuries. And it hit the offense this year. Throw in an inconsistent line and an inconsistent QB and you have a mess.

Guess we’ll see how Gabbert does against a better defense than the one he faced. The big question is, well it ain’t that big, but it does have ramifications, what happens if these guys start winning under Gabbs? What if the team makes an improbable playoff run? Do we stick with the coaching staff and front office? Gabbert? Hah!

I seriously doubt it happens, but we’ll see. That’s why they play the games.

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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Such is the state of the NFL right now. The money couldn’t flow any faster around corporate sponsorship, advertising, and profitability among the owners of this elite club. The Super Bowl is still the biggest deal in the televised world, and football ratings and attendance are as record levels.

The only problem is, the product on the field is getting shittier and shittier as this season progresses. As of now there are 11 teams over .500 right now. Week 10! The game tonight won’t change these numbers, so it seems to me we’ve reached a level of parity that is unseen in the history of the NFL.  The NFC South is led by a team with a 4-5 record (Indy). The NFC East is led by the 5-5 Giants, who just gave away their game with the Patriots yesterday. Many teams are padding their records by playing shit teams. Something the NFL can control to a certain extent, but really, Green Bay went from undefeated to a team on the slippery slope to shit-town by dropping 3 in a row to Carolina (one of the good NFC teams), Denver (who just benched Peyton Manning after his  5-20, 35 yard, 4 pick performance), and the hapless Lions.

Denver is another team that is suddenly on the skids.  Peyton Manning is facing the end of his career as he set the career passing yardage record while slogging through the worst day of his NFL life.  They have ridden their defense to a spotless record, only to drop 2 to 4-5 Indy and the 4-5 Chiefs. Atlanta? They have the easiest schedule, but have laid turds against (ahem) the Niners, saints (about to fire Rob Ryan), and the Buccos. Hardly the cream of the NFL. They could very well fall completely out of the playoff race.

Carolina has ridden their 6th easiest schedule to a 9-0 record. Cincy on the other hand has the 2nd toughest schedule, yet they are 8-0 (well 9-0 after they beat Houston). SF (3-6), Seattle (4-5),  and AZ (7-2), have had differing levels of success in facing the 3rd, 4th, and 5th toughest schedules respectively.  NE is still undefeated and they are bottom-middle with the 11th easiest (or 22nd toughest) schedule.

What does this all mean? Shit, I don’t know. But with the insane amount of injuries, head traumas, and early retirements,  there may be a talent void hitting the NFL in the near future. In fact it already appears to be happening. The old guard of QBs (the Mannings, Brady, Rodgers, and Palmer, are heading off into the sunset soon, and the new guard is not looking all that ready to be the icons these guys are. Derek Carr looks like he’s a legit guy, but who else behind him? RW is following Colin Kaepernick’s career path of wilting behind a suspect line, and the Bridgewaters of the league have yet to be proven capable.

Cam Newton IS the outlier in all this. He has proven (this year at least) to be able to overcome a shit line and still make plays. Kaepernick was riding this path until the clusterfuck that this season became. RGIII is riding the bench with another injury.

Funny thing is, Newton was 5-8-1 last year, and folks were writing him off.  Now. he’s a bona fide MVP candidate. Which is why I don’t think it would be a good idea to ship Kaepernick off. If anyone out there thinks Gabbert is the answer, the question should be, who is our back up?

They can do whatever they want with CK now. Let him ride the bench. Whatever. My hope is that the entire front office is gutted, a new GM (Scott Pioli?) is hired, and HE assembles a coaching staff built around our quarterback. Not the other way around. Not the cobbling together of a piecemeal staff in random order by the suddenly free-falling GM Trent Baalke, Jed York, and their latest stooge as head coach.  Losing Kaepernick at this point would be the ultimate short-term decision with long-term implications.

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Quarterback, Quarterback, My Kingdom for a . . .

Withdraw, Sir Jed. I’ll help you to a quarterback.

Comedy or tragedy? Only Bill knows for sure.

Funny how the world loves the backup QB. Nate Davis was poised to save the day. Troy Smith was poised to revive a stumbling team. Shaun Hill. Tim Rattay, Elvis Grbac, Steve Spurrier, Steve Young (oops), Jim Plunkett, Drunkenfucker, Shaun Hill, and countless others, even Colin Kaepernick, were either thrust into starting jobs due to injury or by crappiness by the king, uh, starting QB. Thing is, the backup is the savior until given the shot to go. Then things get dicey. Matt Cassel and Matt Flynn both built careers of ineffectiveness out of being a backup on a great team. Tom Brady famously took over for a hurt Drew Bledsoe and the rest was history. 35 year old (!) Shaun Hill is back with the Vikes and helping the Niners in his own little way after coming in for injured Teddy Bridgewater and beating the Rams.

Point being, where are we with Colin Kaepernick? Most of the fans (and the idiots who booed him the other day) are of a mind to cut their losses and move forward with Blaine Gabbert. After that, well? The concensus appears to be that Jared Goff will be on the board should the Niners land in the top 10. Goff of course is the next Cal QB the Niners have a shot at. Aaron Rodgers of course being the other one we whiffed on back in 2005. I suppose they’ll keep Gabbert as the nominal starter and wait for him to get hurt or suck and throw Goff into the fray. I mean, it worked so well with Alex Smith.

I have no problem with these guys drafting a QB, but I do have a problem with them moving away from Colin Kaepernick. Trent Baalke is buying himself a year by blaming the team’s problems on him. The win by Gabbert, while impressive, mainly came at the feet of the defense. They played outstanding against a powerful offense. Atlanta’s defense however, is not very good. 31st in sacks and they’ve played the dregs of the league. So what happens next? Well, Jim Tomsula tweeted (seriously??) that Gabbert is starting vs Seattle.  If I wasn’t so cynical, I’d think the team is stacking the deck in Gabbert’s favor to make the switch when they did. To think that Kaepernick couldn’t have done the same vs Atl’s soft defense is looking through shit-colored glasses.

The proof lies in the next couple games. Seattle and AZ have MUCH better defenses than Atl (or Minnesota even). Infer, people. Can Gabbert weather the storm? He looked pretty good, but then so did Kappy against the lesser defenses of Minn, NYG, and Balt. To disavow his body of work is ludicrous. To blame the team’s problems solely on him is stupid as well. He has won big games in hostile environments. Like all QBs, he needs a decent line and pass catchers and a cogent offense.

Thing is, Gabbert will probably get blasted by this leaky line, and Kappy will get back in there anyway.  And struggle. If this team ditches Kaepernick and keeps Baalke, I fear a long-term downturn. Jed will likely take the path of least resistance and keep his GM as the talent falls away from the team that Scotty built.

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