48 Hours . . .

. . .and I still have no idea which way they go with this draft. The Foster situation muddies the creek even more, so I got no idea. Thing is, the BPA at 9 very well may be Tremaine Edmunds, a guy who can play ILB or OLB. Seemingly a good fit. I guess. A bunch of prognosticators have him coming to us, anyway.

With Foster’s freeze out at this point, the Niners may still have to cut bait with him, but the thing is, they won’t know anything about Foster until way after the draft, so do they pick Edmunds anyway? Fitzpatrick?  Beyond that, Edmunds hasn’t raised any of the red flags that Foster did so he’s clean in that respect. Plus, the Raiders want him, so maybe we could work out a deal with them.

But we need help at CB and guard. As I said before though, with all the QBs flying up the board, Nelson could possibly fall to us. Denzel Ward stands a better chance of reaching us, but Roquan Smith feels like a bust to me. Too small and unable to disengage. Chubb is my most wanted piece, but I think we’d need to deal up to get him. Again, though it depends on all these QBs and when they go. Barkley is a solid lock to go in the top 6, and there are teams like the Bills and Dolphins that want in to get a QB, so the trades could be fast and furious.

Darnold, Barkley, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen for all intents and purposes are the top 5.  Then you have Nelson and Chubb. I think that’s the top 7 on Thursday.

The guys we likely have a shot at are Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, D James, R Smith, or D Ward.

Since we nominally addressed CB with Richard Sherman, I’d go with Tremaine Edmunds. Get guard hel later in the draft. Then get a CB.

There you have it.   Clear as the LA basin on a Friday afternoon.