The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good

What a zany, unbelievable, absolutely impossible dream of a game (thanks, Bill). Jimmy G did his best Brett Favre impersonation by chucking ducks, darts, wobblers, and some really good ones as the Niners fought back from a seemingly insurmountable 17-0 lead late in the 1st half. Shanny even got into the act by breaking out a Deebo Samuel reverse pass to the resurgent Jauan Jennings for a 45 yard TD pass.

Got to say, for all the vitriol being hurled by me and millions of other Niner fans, Jimmy led a fairly insignificant FG drive at the end of the 1st half. The turning point to the whole game appeared to be the Rams, facing 3rd and 1 late in the 2nd quarter, went empty backfield, and Stafford took a sack. THe Niners then smartly drive down the field for a FG that at the least gave the team some confidence that they could move the ball.

At that point, ugly Jimmy couldn’t hit the side of a barn, threw a duck of a pick to no one within 15 yards, and the run game was going nowhere. But, Jimmy went 4-4 for 53 yards after the defense forced a punt after the pick, giving Robbie Gould a shot for points with a 42 yard field goal.

The 2nd half was just flat amazing. The Niners roared out of the half with a 7 play, 65 yards drive with Jimmy going 3-3 for 50 yards, capped off by a 19 yard run by MVP Swiss Army knife Deebo Samuel. After a quick 3-and-out, the Niners struck again with an 11 play 64 yard drive, 10 runs, and a reverse-pass from Deebo to Jennings.

Bad Jimmy reared his head as he threw a pass behind Kittle for a juggling pick by Jalen Ramsey for what would have been a FG to take the lead, but instead resulted in a 9 play, 92 yard Ram drive capped off by interminable pest Kooper Cupp. After a 3-and-out, the straits looked dire.

Good Jimmy saved the best for last as the Niners forced a 3-and-out of their own and Jimmy led the team on a 88 yard drive, with 1:27 left, completing 3 of 4 for 84 yards and the tying score to Jauan Jennings. Great day for him.

OT saw Fred Warner finally win an OT coin toss! Good Jimmy drive the team to the Rams 6 with a solid mix of running and passing. Shanny got a little conservative down by the goal line, but I get it what with the earlier pick. Gould kicked the FG and as we all know, Ambry Thomas sealed the deal with the pick by Stafford under a lot of pressure.

Great great team win. Everyone filled unexpected roles. Mitch (I’m gone) Wishnowski was speared on a punt return in the 2nd quarter and never came back. After some really shitty punts. So Juice was forced to be the holder. He did a bang-up job as Gould didn’t have a problem with the extra points or the field goals. Points that were vastly important. Deebo of course had the TD throw. Jennings had some huge catches to go with his 6/94/2 TD day. Samuel had 4/95 yards, and it would have been awesome if he had scored a receiving TD to go along with the TD pass and run. Aiyuk had the biggest day catching 6 for 107.

But the best was saved for last as Ambry Thomas, the rook CB who really had his trial by fire this year, came up with the play of the game. Picking off Matthew Stafford on an underthrown deep ball to ODB for the win. Thomas by game 14 was finally getting his head around on passes, and has been improving dramatically. The pass was underthrown because the D line was killing the Rams offensive line and pressured Stafford into 2 picks and 5 sacks. AA had his best game in a while, getting 2.5 sacks. DJ had one, and Bosa, Warner, and Key all had half-sacks. Moseley’s return saw him get a pick late in the 3rd quarter.

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22 Responses to The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good

  1. Winder says:

    Yeah, definitely a game for the books and not one for the weak hearted. The Niners played their game in the second half. Just think if we could do that for a full 60 minutes.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yep. Still haven’t really seen a complete game all year. Except for that first Ram game.

    • Lurker John says:

      Let’s make the Cowgirls game the first one. If they come out fast, they’re going to be tough to topple.

  3. Berger says:

    My opinion is if the Cowboys and Niners both play their ‘A’ games the Cowboys win in a close game. Both of these teams like to take turns shooting themselves in the foot. This is what makes this game so interesting. What team shows up for either of our teams?

    Dallas forces a lot of turnovers and that is often their formula for winning. If we can run the ball consistently and not turn it over, we have a great chance to win.

  4. Lurker John says:

    Bill King’s description of The Holy Roller fits yesterday’s game to a tee. That was unbelievable. I gotta learn to stop writing these guys off too quickly because I ended up being very wrong. But they just looked dead in the water. What an amazing turnaround and game.

    They may not do shit in the playoffs but I wouldn’t bet against them right now. I’m assuming they’ll be as healthy next week as any time during this season. They get Al-Shaair and the Williams’ boys back, with Moseley and Greenlaw already back in the fold, I think they’re going to be tough for anyone to beat. Moseley and Greenlaw were impactful in yesterday’s game, though Greenlaw needs to calm his ass down a bit. He could’ve easily drawn a couple of personal foul flags. He was also flying all over the field.

    With Azeez, Warner and Greenlaw on the field at the same time, you have one of the best linebacking trios in the league, imo.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I mean the thing is, getting hot right now is the way to go. Look at Indy. They were blazing hot a month ago and now they are out of the playoffs. Us? Well, the defense is playing pretty damn well. Even with the big chunk plays given up, we did a pretty solid job of keeping Stafford under duress and not comfortable in the pocket.

    And, wonder of wonders, Ryans blitzed! It worked very well. And getting K’Waun in (and Johnson out) will be a big plus. Cupp ate him alive. But he has done that to everyone. Run game clicked even with McKivitz in for Williams (and Compton in for McGlinchey). Pass pro was spotty but they are a fierce D line with Donald and Miller back there. That being said, Jimmy outplayed Stafford. Both threw 2 picks, but Jimmy got 316 yards and 1 TD to Stafford’s 238 and 3.

    The big unknown of course is Jimmy. Without those picks (and the extremely lucky fumble recovery), the game goes much smoother. Well, even though Compton recovered the fumble, Wishgoneski kicked a 12 yard punt (with the return) and the Rams scored pretty quickly anyway.

  6. alleykat69 says:

    That 2nd half comeback was for the ages!
    Whatever Shanahan said rather tossing a chair are just saying strongly that will will get right back in this and take that 2nd half kickoff and score and get right back in it which they did!
    Every Niner stepped up and played balls out after halftime.OL,DL and ST ..Extra props to these guys, Unsung heroes, Robbie Gould, emergency punter who had 2 punts of 42 yards and the second at the goaline ( and the GE FG with Juice as his holder!)for 47 and no return forcing a 3and out and setting up an unbelievable 88 yard drive with only a minute and change with no TO’s by Jimmy props for that drive and OT! Best job since his Bengals winning drive in OT..
    Jennings what can u say he turned into a “ Man” in this win 6 catches 94 yards 2TD’s( one from Deebo who does it all) another huge 3rd down catch moving the chains!
    And of course CB Ambry Thomas everyone was roasting but u could see increments in overall play and he kept believing in himself and same with the coaches and he ends up with the pick that moves the team into the playoffs!! Special moments for some unsung guys with everything on the line!!

  7. Lurker John says:

    McGlinchey tweeted that the Rams were running a silent count because there were so many 49ers fans at the game. In their home stadium. ROFL!

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Sean McVay running into to the endzone after taking a 17-0 lead was bush league! (And don’t think the Niners forgot that)Guess he didn’t think there was still a 2nd half to play lol 😂 Oh btw McVay was 45-0 after leading at halftime, Make that 45-1 now!!! Own age baby no matter what the deficit is!! 6-0 against you chump!
    Shanahan rips your heart and players again as they leave the field with heads between their legs!!

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yeah that was kinda fucked up bush league shit from McVay. Forgot about that but when I saw I was thinking, huh? 2 score game ain’t shit. Even if we looked overmatched at the time.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    If both teams are on their game, Bergs, it’ll come down to the last possession.

  10. Irish Kevin says:

    Yeah Ian Rappaport said that McVay looked foolish doing that

  11. Lurker John says:

    The 49ers are to the Rams what the Seahawks are to the 49ers. Go figure.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yep. And the Rams are 5-1 vs the Cards in Kingsbury’s 3 seasons.

    FWIW, the Niners are 3-3 vs the Cards in the same time frame.

    I guess if it came down to it, I’d rather see the Rams than the Cards later in the playoffs.

  13. Winder says:

    If we can get by Dallas I like our chances. I think with a healthy defense we take GB.

  14. Lurker John says:

    Everyone starts over now and the Niners look to be in pretty good shape. They just need to come out of the gates fast, which seems to be one of their biggest issues.

  15. alleykat69 says:

    Sean McVay said his Rams were caught of guard by the sea of Red&Gold loud fans in the stands and even had to make play call adjustments due to losing home field advantage.

    Seems like a common theme down in LA and even SD,where Niners &Giants fans are taking over!!That new SoFI stadium is state of the art, but 2 teams sharing it with different fan loyalty takes home field advantage away imo..

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Everyone knew this was going to happen. The Chargers had a solid fan base in SD, not so much in LA. The Rams? Ehhh. They did better in Anaheim.

    Spanos is an asshole for going against his father’s wishes to never move the team out of San Diego.

    New thread is up.

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