All Quiet on the Western Front

And the summer drags on. Still not much happening on the Niners front. Still no resolution to the holdouts for VD and the Rhino. VD has been seen hanging out with Jimmy Graham. You know the TE/WR who’s in the middle of his own fight trying to be classifiec as a WR, even though he himself calls himself a TE. He however has his own statistical analysis of the situation, having lined up 67% of the time at WR, and only 33% at TE.

VD of course wants WR money himself, not TE money. Graham would net another $5 mill ($12 mill total) with the franchise designation as a WR. It’s only $7 mill. I’m sure VD will go the ‘well-I-should-get-it-too’ route that Crabs tried in his mis-slotted draft of 2008. VD however has no such stats to back up his claim, having lined up 65% at TE, and only 10% as a WR. The other 25% was in the slot.

The other problem for VD is Grahan smokes him where it comes to catches, yards, TDs and the like. You can look up the stats, but is it VD’s fault he plays in a run-oriented offense? No, but then again, he’s been awful quiet in the playoffs.

The moral of the story? Come to camp, honor your deal, and earn your next raise. Or listen to this clown:

I’m sure he has the 49ers best interests at heart.

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OTAs are Done . . . . (gulp)

Now for the dreaded down time. Last time these guys had some down time, they couldn’t stay out of the paper. Or the police blotter. Or jail. Still a couple things to iron out with Adlson Smith and Chris Culliver, but at least Kappy is clear of any and all BS in Miami.

So, 5 weeks until training camp officially kicks off, and the real fun gets closer to fruition. Let’s hope everyone stays out of trouble. And no more about the Washington team. Or politics. Or religion. Or guns. Or taxes. 


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Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis, and the 49er Way

Gee, ol’ Jimmy looks like he wants to step in a pile of shit again as he says he’s ‘disappointed’ about Vernon Davis and Alex Boone not coming to the madatories. He said “(It’s) not the decision that I envisioned being the 49er way.” Beyond the fact that Aldon Smith and Chris Culliver would not appear to be following that path either, what’s your point, Jim? The path of the righteous is beset by many pitfalls? Besides, ’49er Way’ is the path from the locker room to the practice field, so let’s count how many others missed travelling 49er Way.

Stevie (Wonder) Johnson has a sore hammy and missed practice, Michael Crabtree is trying to stay off his feet as much as possible for fear of using and damaging them. If he could walk on his hands, I’m sure he would. Frank Gore, Juston Smith, and Grand Theft Auto V star Chris Culliver also sat out the practice as they are apparently too valuable to trot out there and risk getting turf toe or grass stains.

Which is why it seems pretty stupid for VD and Rhino to even hold out of these. To piss away what amounts to a year’s salary for most of us regluar folks (shit, VD has already snubbed $270,000, certainly not my tax bracket) just to make a point seems ludicrous at best when you can claim injury and hang out in the hot tub.

But who am I to quibble about the myriad ways athletes can be stupid, vain, clueless, and obtuse? Football is a brutal sport that leaves broken bodies and spirits in its wake as the juggernaut rolls along. So, the impetus is to get what you can when you can. In VD’s case though, the 49ers HAVE given him just about everything possibe. He sighed a 5 year/$23 mill deal in 2006. After 4 years of that (or $18.4 mill), he got his 5 year/$37 mill deal. So, to date he’s received about $46 million from the team for services rendered. Yes, it was a front-loaded deal. Yes, he’s one of the top TEs in the game.

No, VD doesn’t ‘deserve’ an extension. Why? Because HE signed the deal. He was PAID as one of the highest TEs coming out of college, and after his scuffling through an injury-riddled seasons highlighted by fights with his own teammates and a ton of stupid penalties, he got his shit together (Sing) and got his 1st extension, which made him the highest paid TE AGAIN. Play out this year, then maybe we’ll talk. Problem is, VD KNOWS that Crabs is up for review. He of the 6 game holdout to start HIS career. He’s trying to make bank before Crabs does. Frankly, at this point I could see them both gone after this season.

Regardless of how well VD has done (and he has done very well these past few seasons), VD has little leverage here. The Niners have enough at the WR spot to cover for VD should he hold out further. I seriously doubt he misses any real training camp, but if so, I really would start lining up trade partners. If he’s so self-absorbed to put himself in front of the team again, then he should go.

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Pre-Season Prognostication?

Hey, I don’t know. Slow times call for desperate measures?

Anyhow. here’s what I wrote on the last thread. Before what I just read on BleacherReport regarding GMs and their recent activities. So, I’ll post what I wrote followed by a link to what the wonks at BR reported. They sort of line up in some cases, but in others they don’t. In other words, I don’t know as much as I think I do. But hey, it could work out how I think anyway.

Miami’s going all-in with the Chip Kelly offense. They’ll be most improved. Or they will suck hard and flop. I see them being vastly improved in a weak-assed AFC East. One and done though in the playoffs.

The Raiders? The only reason they improve is the stunning collapse of the Chargers. Besides, with Schlub as their QB, they’ll go nowhere fast. I still can’t figure how that weak division put 3 teams in the playoffs. Rivers reverts to his old ways, and they crater.

AZ 2015, yes. 2014? No. They are still banking on Ichabod Crane this year, and they won’t go far regardless of their defense. I love Logan Thomas, but he’s going to be on the bench all year if they have any sense. This is strictly a stop-gap year for them til they install Big Hoss.

Garrett going is a no duh. Jerry Jerk off is hoping against hope that the 49ers somehow let Harbaugh go. That was the main impetus to keep Garrett. Status quo until he can throw $12 mill a year at Harbaugh given the chance. I think Dennis Allen should hit the unemployment line should the Raiders stagger. Their best bet is 8-8, and he may not even survive that. Although I will say Prince (un)Valiant and Reggie MacKenzie have shown some restraint regarding the one-and done-ness of reunanimated re-undeadAl.

I think Atl bounces back better than the Vikes, but really, who gives a shit? The Vikes are boring as hell. Atl is at least a dynamic offnse when their WRs are healthy.
Here’s the link to the GM work of the past offseason. Remember this is OOOOOONLY based on the 2014 offseason:

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Wake Me When September Comes . . .

Aside from the Giants playing good baseball, the football news is pretty much few and far-between. VD says he’ll show up for mandatories, while Alex Boone says he won’t. Boone doesn’t stand to lose as much as VD, and VD looks pretty stupid in the first place, seeing as he’s still in the top 3 TEs salary-wise. Boone has been a stalwart wherever asked to play, and has been among the better guards out there, but he won’t lose near as much as VD would have skipping mandatories. Then again, he don’t make as much either. Jonathan Martin has overcome his bout of the kissing disease (he been hanging with Mike Sam?) and looks to fill the spot of swing guard should the Niners go to the wall with Boone.

In other news, the Seahawks are dealing with their own holdout issue with Marshawn Lynch. He’s been very vocal about wanting a new deal, even though he was just renegotiated a couple years ago. He’s said he’d consider retirement, or in the least, skip the mandatories. With Lynch, you never truly know. The dude is an enigma to say the least. As of now, he’s working out in Oaktown considering his options. If it hurts Seattle’s chances, I’m all for it.

Other than that? I got nuthin’. NBA Finals? Weird to say the least to see Le Bron playing with so little passion. Granted, his teammates did llittle as well, but he’s the spark.

Hockey? Please. The Lakings are going to win again? Yup. The hottest of hockey towns is Los Angeles. They’ll throw a victory parade, and no one will know. Or care.

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One Down, Four To Go?

Well, benevolent or not, the 49ers have their man at QB for the next seven years. Or not, but you know what I mean. Colin Kaepernick is signed , rested, and ready to take it to the next level. The next guys who appears to be in the running for  new contracts are Michael Crabtree, Mike Iupati, Jim Harbaugh, and (in his mind anyway) Vernon Davis.

Crabs? He’s a good solid possession WR. Nothing more. Does Kappy want him back? Absolutely. Will the FO oblige? Well, let’s saee the numbers he wants. 5/$40 is what I think he should get. He does not deserve Brandon Marshall money ($10 mill a year). He doesn’t like it? Adios. And take VD with you. It turns out, VD wanted an extension LAST year. How about you honor the deal you signed, skippy? You are still the 2nd highest paid TE in the league. No need to throw a hissy fit. Iupati? Sure, provided he’s recovered from his ankle injury.

Which brings us to Coach Harbaugh.  Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. But here is my dilemma. He was out-coached by his brother in the Super Bowl.  He was out-coached by Pete Carroll in the NFC Championship game. There are times when the 49ers can’t seem to get out of their own way. The offense has a propensity to stutter and stall for long stretches of time. We’ve all beaten the notion to death that the offense needs to take more risks and be more explosive. Not Mouse Davis explosive, but something along the lines of a 2010 offense rather than a 1910 offense. Telling is the fact that Harbaugh has spoken directly to the things that have annoyed me for years.

  • Play clock mangement
  • Simplistic 1-2 WR formations on 1st and 2nd downs.
  • Little to no play-action (except on 3rd and 15)
  • No screen or slants

Harbaugh has said that maybe he should think about putting in more WRs on 1st and 2nd down. Huzzah! He also said that play clock management is an issue that needs to be fixed. Great. However, the proof is in the pudding. Harbaugh KNOWS that this is his year to deliver. Which is why I don’t sign him to his motherlode of a deal before this season. Harbaugh is in the same boat as VD. He’s too far away from the end of his current deal to worry about writing a new one.

Bring home the bacon and you’ll get your stairway Fat City. Come up short, and we’ll see what the future holds. Yes, Harbaugh is worlds better than what we had for the last 12 years, but do we want to hitch our wagon to a coach that can’t win the big one? If he goes into his 5th season as the almost-made-it guy, the window on the team’s success will start inexorably closing and it may not be feasible to re-up the guy.

I’m not 100% behind his future being determined by Super Bowl or Hit the Road, Jim, but at some point when does Harbaugh catch the heat for the team not making it all the way? The Niners should have beaten the shit out of Balt, but let them (and Atl) build huge leads early and they scrambled for their lives in both games. The Seattle game was a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Carroll won.

As was spoken about Don Shula, he could beat your team with his team, and he could beat his team with your team. And that’s what the deal is between Harbaugh and Carroll. Carroll is the better coach at this point. This season appears to be a major barn-burner what with the new stadium, major expectations, and the Seattle factor. Let’s hope we hold up our end of the deal.


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Colin the Benevolent . . .

Got to say, after hearing this presser with Colin Kaepernick, one would think he entered into this with his eyes wide open. He understands that the deal wasn’t all about breaking the bank for himself, but more about giving the team flexibility in dealing with other player contracts dwon the road. It’s also obvious to me he wants Crabs to re-up with the team.

He was surprised it got handled as quickly as it did, but he understood what the deal offered in the way of compensation and incentives. For a young player of Kaepernick’s caliber, this is pretty monumental. For the young leader of a team to put the team’s needs WAY in front of his is a huge deal inside the locker room. It’s hard not to respect a guy who obviously gets it. That the game is about the team, not the player (side note: maybe Mike Singletary should give Vernon Davis a call). That he can subsume his  personal gain for the benefit of the team. Major kudos to Colin. It’s not like he’s a poor little pauper through this, but he sure could have pushed for a lot more money and gotten it. No one would have begrudged him anything. 

You know that loud groan you heard as these details came out were from Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, RG 3-13, and Andy Dalton. I’m sure their collective front offices are going to say “why can’t you be like Colin, and take a deal favorable for the team?”

Another funny side note is that all the people bitching and moaning about Kaepernick wanting to break the bank are now calling him a fool for signing in incentive-laden contract. Can’t have it both ways.  

Here’s the press conference from Wednesday:

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