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And the Beat Goes On . . .

No, no. Not posting any Sonny and Cher here, but, Jesus Christ on a bicycle, what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? 49ers are getting arrested at the rate of once a week these days. … Continue reading

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He Said, She Said . . . Nothing, Really

Well, TMZ comes across looking stupid in the Kappy affair. But do they care? No. They are merely a tool for generating buzz around the flimsiest of stories and generating hits on their web site. Me? I wouldn’t stoop so … Continue reading

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Shit, NOW We Have Headlines

Careful what you ask for, eh? Erstwhile starting QB and local lightning rod Colin Kaepernick, along with teammate Quinton Patton, and ex-teammate Ricardo Lockette, have been implicated in  what’s being called ‘suspicious’ activity in Miami. Seriously, though, isn[‘t everything in … Continue reading

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Headlines? We Don’t Need No Steenking Headlines

Time to roll the thread over. Not much happening til the draft in a month, so what do y’all want to talk about? Not much in the football world, unless you count the fact that RG III-XIII came up with … Continue reading

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Pea Shooter Finds a New Hom(i)e

The Washington Redskins further solidified their place among the elite teams in the league by signing Colt McCoy, the backup of all backups. And best friend/confidante of recently signed DeSean Jackson. Well, not really. They couldn’t be any different. McCoy … Continue reading

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Didja Hear the One About the Brain-Dead Cornerback?

Yikes. This has all been plastered all over the web-o-spheres, but really, how stupid is Chris Culliver? Here’s a guy who, on the verge of the biggest game of his young career, spouts anti-gay remarks to a Howard Stern employee … Continue reading

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Say what you will, but my one-man one-blog diatribe to upgrade the offense appears to be working. There are grumblings out of 4949 Centennial Blvd that the powers-that-be are looking at more 3 WR formations. And not just on 3rd down! … Continue reading

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No Fun League? Meet No Fun Stadium . . .

Seriously, most of these are fairly mundane as the stadium experience goes (no guns, no booze) but no playing football in the parking lot? Not even frisbees? Granted, this isn’t 1978, but come on, frisbee is still a valid way … Continue reading

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Fortunate Sons

With the owners meeting cranking up, this seems to be an appropriate Creedence song. One that was directed at the fact that those in power who were escalating the war in Vietnam had little stake in the collateral damage to … Continue reading

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Travellin’ Band

737 comin’ out of the sky Oh, won’t you take me down to Memphis On a midnight ride, I gotta move Hey, you need a travellin’ band, yeah By popular demand, we’ve switched to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Another excellent American … Continue reading

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