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The Bird is the Word

Well, here we are coming up on our first divisional game, and it does carry a bit more  importance to it. What should have been a matchup of 2-0 teams, isn’t. The Niners gagged away the Chicago game (for myriad … Continue reading

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The Perfect Shitstorm

Wow. Just wow. I’ve heard of a Cleveland Steamer, but this game was a Chicago spewage-fest all of its own. The perfect shitstorm of penalties, turnovers, and shitty coaching. The 49ers, after stumbling and bumbling  their way to a 17-0 first half … Continue reading

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Da Bearssss da Bearssss da Bearssss . . .

Here we are at the muchly anticipated home opener at the house that Satan built, if you believe the Candlestick 49er fans that didn’t quite get the temp difference between east SF and the South Bay. Can you say 30 … Continue reading

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OK, Back to Football . . . Alice in Not-So-Wonderland

Enough about the seamy underbelly of the game we love so much. Pay no attention to the owner in the bathroom taking selfies of a BJ . . . Anyhow, game one of the 2014 season was a rousing success. … Continue reading

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Ray Rice, RayMac, and Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (Jed) Justice

UPDATE: Ray Rice was just released by the Ravens. Uh, see below. What did you think happened on the elevator? Sorry, going on a rant here. With the release of more video of the title fight in a Las Vegas … Continue reading

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Game Day! Niners vs Allas

Until the Cowpokes find their D they will be known as allas this season. For all the recent bullshit. today’s the day the rubber meets the road. Game on. Game one. Screw everything else about all the distractions and arrests. … Continue reading

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Dallas vs the 49ers – Opening Day Blahs

In what appears at 1st glance to be an easy road rest for a loaded team vs a team in a world of confusion, the tables have been turned somewhat as the Niners are going through the wringer this preseason … Continue reading

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