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Bring Me the Head of Johnnie Morton

Well, I stand corrected. I thought our WR coach was the ex-Detroit Lion WR Johnnie Morton. He’s John Morton, a training camp casualty and World Football Leaguer. He got so far as the Raiders practice squad in 1993 and never got … Continue reading

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As The Tight End Turns (or shut up and show up, VD)

Well, Jimmy Graham has officially set the bar for TEs that are, well, him. He just signed a 4 year/$40 mill deal with $21 mill guaranteed. Disgruntled 49er tight end Vernon Davis is still talking to the trees when he … Continue reading

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The NEW NFL (or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love the police blotter)

Far be it from NFL players to be removed from the social media circus these days. In fact it appears to be a cottage industry. Whether it’s TMZ staking out LAX to break the Aldon Smith bomb hoax story, or some … Continue reading

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All Aldon, All the Time

Well, in lieu of anything happening otherwise, and VD’s been raked over the coals long enough, news out of Los Angeles is that Aldon Smith will not be facing any charges out of the ‘misunderstanding’ at LAX earlier this year. … Continue reading

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Fun with Mindless Prognostication

Stealing a page for the Bleacher Report in that they’ve decided to rank the coaching staffs of all 32 NFL teams, based on, well I don’t know. It looks like it’s based on one little paragraph. Interesting to me are … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Western Front

And the summer drags on. Still not much happening on the Niners front. Still no resolution to the holdouts for VD and the Rhino. VD has been seen hanging out with Jimmy Graham. You know the TE/WR who’s in the … Continue reading

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OTAs are Done . . . . (gulp)

Now for the dreaded down time. Last time these guys had some down time, they couldn’t stay out of the paper. Or the police blotter. Or jail. Still a couple things to iron out with Adlson Smith and Chris Culliver, … Continue reading

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Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis, and the 49er Way

Gee, ol’ Jimmy looks like he wants to step in a pile of shit again as he says he’s ‘disappointed’ about Vernon Davis and Alex Boone not coming to the madatories. He said “(It’s) not the decision that I envisioned … Continue reading

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Pre-Season Prognostication?

Hey, I don’t know. Slow times call for desperate measures? Anyhow. here’s what I wrote on the last thread. Before what I just read on BleacherReport regarding GMs and their recent activities. So, I’ll post what I wrote followed by … Continue reading

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Wake Me When September Comes . . .

Aside from the Giants playing good baseball, the football news is pretty much few and far-between. VD says he’ll show up for mandatories, while Alex Boone says he won’t. Boone doesn’t stand to lose as much as VD, and VD … Continue reading

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