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All Quiet on the Coaching Front

Looks like Chud is the word these days. He seems to be the OC prize among the flotsam drifting around the coaching Sargasso Sea. Mute nostril agony indeed. There is idle speculation of hitting the college ranks for an OC, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLAX is Set

Well, the good news is, we can talk to Rob Chudzinzki now. The bad news? Uhh, the Green Bay Packers tried to play a 55 minute football game, and succeeded. It was those last 5 minutes that sucked. Green Bay … Continue reading

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The Age of Aquarius

As disappointed as I am about the Tomsula hire, some prominent players are fully endorsing him. This includes Anquan Boldin, Alex Boone, and notably, Vernon Davis. While there’s something to the whole inmates/asylum thing, and the additional fact that VD … Continue reading

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What the Fuuuuu …….???

What in the wide wide world of sports is going in here? This exhaustive search yields Mike Tomsula? I was all ready to see what the Niner offense could become under a young innovative mind like Adam Gase, but it … Continue reading

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A Coach, a Coach! My Kingdom for a Coach!!

Well, the waiting remains. I figured by Tuesday we’d have made our move. But no. As the week rolls on, still no head coach to drive the Majic Bus off the cliff to Mediocre-town. Or furthur to Greatness. Whichever the … Continue reading

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When Do You Show up?

This is my new all-time favorite commercial on so many levels. You have Joe acting like a goofball, you have a dumb premise, you have free pizza, and you have an unintentional look into the souls of 2 hall of … Continue reading

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Playoffs?? Playoffs!!

Well that was a couple of decent games that went according to the scrip, albeit it was a little tougher for Tom Terrific of San Mateo to hold up his end of the deal. Carolina played very well until Cam … Continue reading

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