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Speaking of Vultures . . .

. . . there’s a bunch of them circling 4949 Centennial Blvd. In yet another game that got away from them, the 49ers squandered a first half lead and could not muster any points in the 2nd half of this season of … Continue reading

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Game Day – Vultures in the Desert Heat

Well, air conditioning. Looks like we are up against Drew Stanton today. Division game, the potential for 2 games out, and being passed by Seattle and the Rams all loom large  in this game. the pass rush HAS to improve, … Continue reading

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Onward Ho (or onward hoes) . . .

Another week, another DV arrest. Ho hum. Anyhow, back to the institutional and condoned mayhem. . . Our wounded warriors (VD, VMcD, and AD) didn’t get on the practice field, and their statii remains a <strong>?</strong> for the trip to the … Continue reading

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The Bird is the Word

Well, here we are coming up on our first divisional game, and it does carry a bit more  importance to it. What should have been a matchup of 2-0 teams, isn’t. The Niners gagged away the Chicago game (for myriad … Continue reading

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The Perfect Shitstorm

Wow. Just wow. I’ve heard of a Cleveland Steamer, but this game was a Chicago spewage-fest all of its own. The perfect shitstorm of penalties, turnovers, and shitty coaching. The 49ers, after stumbling and bumbling  their way to a 17-0 first half … Continue reading

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Da Bearssss da Bearssss da Bearssss . . .

Here we are at the muchly anticipated home opener at the house that Satan built, if you believe the Candlestick 49er fans that didn’t quite get the temp difference between east SF and the South Bay. Can you say 30 … Continue reading

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OK, Back to Football . . . Alice in Not-So-Wonderland

Enough about the seamy underbelly of the game we love so much. Pay no attention to the owner in the bathroom taking selfies of a BJ . . . Anyhow, game one of the 2014 season was a rousing success. … Continue reading

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