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Moral Victory #2 (Or Revenge of the Zebras)

Saw Mad Max with the kids the other day, and Road Warriors (0-5)  these guys aren’t. In a familiar turn though, the home 49er defense was stingy and tough as it rattled and shook (and was hosed by a shit … Continue reading

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Playing Out The String

time to see who’s staying and who’s going. Player wise. The front office and coaching staff should be jettisoned come Jan 5th.

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Back to Football . . . (hisssssssssss)

Yeah, I know. Back to the trainwreck, back to reality. The front office is playing the rest of the season trying to minimize the extent of the losses, it seems. This of course is based on the fact that the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the, uh . . . Go Warriors!!!

Apropos of nothing, just thought I’d interrupt the hurricane of doom following the 49ers to bring y’all the news that the Golden State Warriors are poised on breaking the record for most consecutive wins to start a season. They are … Continue reading

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And the Whip Comes Down

Well, there you have it. Chris Meyers said during the game yesterday that a front office person told Chris that Colin Kaepernick ‘left 20 touchdowns on the field this year.’ Whatever that means. Granted, the announcers did make a point … Continue reading

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Game Day! Or, the Winter of My Discontent

Well, here we are at yet another crossroad, with Seattle in the headlights. The team, in my estimation, has done everything wrong, what with the latest news that Colin Kaepernick is on the shelf for the rest of the season, … Continue reading

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Good News (?)

Well, maybe. Depending on how you want the season to go. Me, I’m of a mind to play this shit out and see where we go. The news is that both Carlos Hyde and Anquan Boldin both practiced today and … Continue reading

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