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3 Days to Ecstasy, uh, Camp

Hats off to Supertramp for that. Rookies report to 4949 Centennial Blvd today! Huzzah!! There was much rejoicing!!! Or, then again, there wasn’t. The prevailing sentiment is the Niners are circling the shitter ready to take the downward spiral to the … Continue reading

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Five Days and Counting

Well, the wait is (almost) finally over. the new-look streamlined 49ers open camp on August 1st at 7:00 pm pacific time. In these days of truncated preseasons and quick turnaround times, we have out first exhibition game on August 15th … Continue reading

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Good, Bad, Indifferent, or Armageddon?

Here we sit on the eve of training camp, and the blogosphere is abuzz with the impeding doom of the San Francisco 49ers. The national media has gone from laughing and pointing to basically laughing at every next domino that … Continue reading

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Is This The Longest Offseason Ever?

What’s funny is I remember saying this last year amidst the trade rumors around our head coach, the talk that the GM and HC hadn’t spoken in months, and the innuendo around the Jim Harbaugh insanity whirlwind hyperbole generation machine. … Continue reading

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Speaking of the offense

Yeah I know. Another national writer looking for a free meal, but here’s Daniel Jeremiah with  a look at our offensive weapons.

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A New Dawn — A New Defense?

Super Bowl bound! 4-12? Shit, who am I kidding. I have no clue how this season turns out. Despite the naysayers and those that laugh and predict doom for jettisoning St. Jim the Wolverine, the team still has talent and the … Continue reading

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Too Much Time On My Hands

Well, the full doldrums have set in. At least in the football world. I tell ya though this is a pretty golden time to be a Bay Area sports fan. The Giants are reigning World Champs, having won 3 of … Continue reading

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